How to Clean the Bathroom – a Step-By-Step Guide

How to Clean the Bathroom – a Step-By-Step Guide

Most homeowners and renters dislike cleaning the bathroom. Though some might be bored or dread the work, others just don’t know how to clean the bathroom the right way. While it’s easy to wipe down surfaces here and there, it should only take you about an hour to completely clean the bathroom from top to bottom.

Don’t you think it is better to do a little work now and have the relaxation and comfort of using a bathroom that’s clean and sanitised for you? Here are the steps you must take for a good routine commercial cleaning that’s done once a week:

1. Vacuum Bathmats and Remove Towels

Vacuum the bathmats and rugs you have in the area to get rid of extra dirt and dust. Then, take all the towels and mats to the laundry room so that they can be machine-washed and dried. You want to put fresh linens back into the clean bathroom, and the floors should be bare while you clean.

2. Dust and Vacuum Everything

Grab a duster or a microfibre rag (dry) to start dusting everything at the topmost level of the bathroom. This includes the light fixtures, countertops, outside of your toilet, and your baseboards.

If you can vacuum instead, that’s great! This can apply to the outside of your toilet, the baseboards, the floors, and anything else the vacuum can reach.

3. Clean the Mirrors and Glass

Lightly mist the glass shower enclosure and mirror with window cleaner if needed. Wipe it with a lint-free cloth, such as a coffee filter, old T-shirt, or microfibre cloth. Then, switch sides to buff it to a dry shine. You may also use a squeegee here to reduce the risk of streaks.

4. Shine the Fixtures and Faucets

The next step is to shine the faucets. Use the glass-cleaning rag from step two with some more glass cleaner, and wipe down the tub/shower fixtures and the sink fixtures. You may try an all-purpose cleaner for this part, as well.

Use a scrub brush to get dirt from the fixture seams, wiping those areas clean, too.

5. Clean the Countertop Items

You’ve already dusted the countertop and all the items on it. Now, you’re wet-cleaning them. Spray some all-purpose cleaner on the soap dispensers and other things and use a rag to wipe everything down that’s on the counter. This includes vases and jewellery dishes.

6. Clean the Counter

Once you’ve wiped down all the items, consider removing them to the side. That way, you can wipe the counter down. If you’ve got granite, you should use a granite cleaner so that they look their best.

Otherwise, an all-purpose cleaner is great here. Make sure you do this before you clean the sink because you’re likely to knock dust and dirt into the sink while wiping the countertops down.

7. Scrub Sinks and Showers/Tubs

Sprinkle some baking soda into the tub and sink if you want. Then, moisten a non-abrasive scrubber tool to scour the tub and sink, including the rims. It’s best to start at the outer edge, working your way toward your drain.

Use a scrub brush along the edges of your drain plug and drain, too. Rinse everything thoroughly to get rid of the cleaning product residue and any remaining dirt.

8. Clean the Toilet

It’s best to give your toilet a last dry wipe-down. Then, spray the outside with some cleaner and wipe it from the top to the bottom. You should work your way to the dirtiest parts of the toilet.

Once you’re done with the outside, open your toilet lid, spraying the inside of that area and the top/bottom of your seat. Don’t forget to spray the sides and rim of the top.

Then, you can sprinkle baking soda into the toilet water or use a commercial toilet cleaner if you prefer. Grab your toilet brush and clean the entire inside of the bowl. Sandwich your brush between the seat and seat rim with the lid open to allow the brush to drip dry into the toilet.

When it’s dry enough, put it back, flush your toilet, and get rid of the soapy residue!

9. Clean the Floors

Start at the baseboards, wiping them down quickly. Then, wipe the floors. You may use an all-purpose cleaner and a rag to do this step, but some people prefer to mop it. Regardless, make sure you get around and behind the toilet base, where dirt and dust often collect.

10. Disinfect as Needed

You should disinfect the space once it is cleaned. Use a disinfectant spray or some wipes and use them on the spots that are really dirty or high-tough areas. These include the toilet seat, doorknobs, faucet handles, and cabinet handles. Disinfecting wipes work well for floor over splash or walls around the toilet.

11. Finishing Touches

To finish your cleaning session of the bathroom, make sure to empty the trash can. If it’s one with a lid, wipe that down, as well.

Refill the soap dispensers so that everyone using the bathroom can wash their hands after going.

You should also check the stocks of toilet paper and other necessities, refilling those as needed, as well. Then, replace the washed/dried bath mats and hang some fresh towels.

Deep Cleaning Tips

Though the above checklist should tackle weekly cleaning needs, you may want to do a deep cleaning each month or every few months. They include:

  • Washing liners and shower curtains
  • Scrubbing grout and tile
  • Descaling the shower heads
  • Cleaning under the toilet’s hinges
  • Removing soap scum


No one likes having to clean the bathroom, but it’s much better to do it each week than waiting until it gets grimy and gross.

Often, you can tackle the steps listed earlier in less than one hour. That’s not too much time to have a relaxing place to perform ablutions each day. Everyone can find an hour to clean the bathroom, and you only have to do it once per week.

Then, a few times a year, you may want to do a deep clean, and the tips talked about today can help you tackle those areas of the bathroom, as well.

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