How to Clean a Clear Phone Case and Remove Yellow Stains

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case and Remove Yellow Stains

Clear phone cases are fun to use until they get dirty. Since they get thrown into purses and slid into back pockets all the time, they get stained from finger oil and debris, leading them to turn yellow.

However, you can prevent that from happening with regular household commercial cleaners. Dish soap works well for routine maintenance, but baking soda and rubbing alcohol can take on tough stains.

Whether the case is rubber, plastic, or silicone, you can learn how to clean a clear phone case to prevent discolouration. Let’s get started!

Soap and Water

Mix about 1 cup of warm water with two to three drops of mild dish soap. You can use whatever you’ve got on hand, but mild soap works well. They can’t cut through any heavy grease stains, but they also have no strong scent. Stir the soap and water together until it’s frothy.

Next, you should dip a toothbrush into your soapy water and scrub the case gently. Remove your phone first, and then brush off the case, especially where you see stains. Use a circular motion and make sure to get into those smaller spots, such as around the charge port opening and camera area.

Rinse your case in some clean water. You can probably hold it under the faucet, and make sure to get rid of the soap. If there’s still debris, scrub it again with more soapy water as necessary.

Dry your case with a microfibre towel. Shake off any moisture, wiping the case from the front to the back. Remove as much moisture as you can so that it dries faster.

Let the case sit on your countertop for about one hour to dry. You don’t want to put your phone back in immediately because there’s bound to be moisture left. Otherwise, you end up getting moisture in your phone, which can do significant damage!

How Often to Clean Your Case

It’s best to wash your phone case once a week to prevent stains from showing. It comes into contact with tons of debris, so a frequent cleaning schedule is great. Plus, it prevents the yellowing of the material. Spending the time now to maintain it ensures that it lasts longer and looks good.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Stubborn stains may require you to use rubbing alcohol. Remove your phone from its case, and dip a microfibre cloth into some rubbing alcohol. You only need a small amount, so make sure to wring out extra moisture before cleaning the case.

Isopropyl alcohol is great against some stains that don’t get removed with soapy water. Plus, it kills any bacteria. However, it might discolour some cases, so check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning before you use it. Then, you may still want to test a spot first. Only use it if needed, and don’t soak the case in rubbing alcohol.

Wipe your case in small circles, putting in more effort for the tough stains you see. Get into those hard-to-reach areas, such as openings and corners.

You could use a spray bottle to put the rubbing alcohol on your case. Just don’t soak it! Another option is to use cleaning wipes soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Take a second clean cloth and wipe off the case, removing the rubbing alcohol completely. The rest of the dirt and dust should come away, too.

Let your phone case air dry for one hour before putting your phone back in. While rubbing alcohol dries faster than water, it’s best to avoid moisture damage to your phone!

Baking Soda

If you’re worried about using rubbing alcohol or the manufacturer advises against it, you can use baking soda to clean your phone case’s stubborn stains.

Remove your phone from the case. Put the case on a clean towel so that you can see the stains, and they’re face-up. Cover the entire surface with a dusting of baking soda, making sure that you can’t see the stains any longer.

Take an old, clean toothbrush and wet it slightly with water. Move it in small circles over your clear case. Ensure that you’re getting into tough-to-reach spots, such as edges. Continue to dampen the toothbrush with water as needed.

Rinse your phone case in warm water. You can use the toothbrush to knock away the remaining debris. Make sure you continue scrubbing and rinsing until the baking soda is gone completely.

Then, you should shake off the extra moisture from the case and dry it with a microfibre cloth. Let it air-dry for about one hour before putting your phone back into it.

After it’s dry, you should check for any remaining stains. From there, you may want to use the dish-soap method talked about earlier to ensure that the baking soda is gone.

A Few More Tips

People use various strategies to clean their clear phone cases and remove yellowing stains. However, they may not all be effective. For example, bleaching doesn’t work and could permanently ruin the case.

Generally, it’s impossible to restore a clear case back to its original colour once the yellowing process starts. It’s best to use these preventative measures to keep it from turning yellow. Regular cleanings are ideal here!

If the case is yellow and looks unpleasant, you may have to replace it. Generally, clear phone cases are inexpensive, so it shouldn’t hurt your budget that much. Once you get a new phone case, it’s easy to maintain it and prevent it from turning yellow.


Everyone should use a phone case to protect their smartphones from getting broken or damaged. It’s easy for it to slip out of the fingers, and the case sometimes makes it easier to grasp and hold.

While it protects your phone, your case is likely to get dirty. It’s crucial to keep it clean so that it stays clear and doesn’t take on that yellow hue.

Today, you learned how to clean a clear phone case, with many strategies to try or consider. While soapy water is the best choice, you may need rubbing alcohol or baking soda for tough stains. Keep your phone case looking great for many years to come with these tips!

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