How to Disinfected Equipment for Covid-19 [Beginner’s Guide]

How to Disinfected Equipment for Covid-19 [Beginner’s Guide]

It’s not a good idea to share your toothbrush with someone else. But what about your phone? Your shoes? Your car seats? If you think those are all safe, think again.

You can catch COVID-19 from any of these items that have been in contact with Covid-19 cleaning company Sydney. So, it’s not as simple as washing them down and letting the sun dry them out.

This blog post will learn how to disinfect your household items to kill all the COVID-19 viruses. Like always, if you have any questions or comments about this guide, feel free to leave us a comment on the blog.

Why Should You Disinfect Your Equipment?

Before we get into this guide, let’s explain why it is so important to disinfect your equipment. The number one reason you should caution before sharing an item with someone else is that COVID-19 has a latency period of up to eight hours.

Members of the national electrical manufacturer’s association receive questions regarding the risk of COVID-19 infection from the use and exchange of household equipment. The electrical equipment industry warns that it is safe to use these appliances once they are disinfected.

However, if you share an item with any other person or use it immediately after someone else without disinfecting it first, the COVID-19 virus could enter your system.

Cleaning and disinfecting electrical equipment are the only way you can ensure that your equipment isn’t contaminated with COVID- 19.

How to Disinfect Household Items – Guide

To avoid catching COVID-19:

  • 1. Place each of these items in a plastic bag before disinfecting them.
  • 2. Wear protective gloves when handling any household items.
  • 3. Take extra precautions to avoid meeting any bodily fluids.

Disinfecting Surfaces

Cleaning all common household surfaces with a 1:1 mixture of water and bleach should do the trick. However, avoid using too much bleach when cleaning surfaces because it can irritate your respiratory system if you inhale it.

Lightly wipe down all surfaces and give them enough time to dry before use. Any surface that has been in contact with your skin should be wiped with 1:1 bleach water.

The 1:1 ratio is important because too much bleach can adversely affect the surface you are cleaning. If you clean any surfaces or items with sensitive colours, use less than one part of bleach to one part of water to not ruin your material.

Use Disinfectant Solutions

After you’ve cleaned all common surfaces around your home, it’s time to disinfect your appliances. First, mix the 1:1 ratio of water and bleach you used for cleaning with a large bowl of clean water.

Now, quickly dip one end of the sponge in the solution before wringing out any excess water. Next, wipe down all equipment surfaces with this damp sponge, then dry it with a clean cloth.

Clean Visibly Dirty Surfaces

After disinfecting dirty surfaces, you’ll want to clean other household surfaces. Again, use the 1:1 ratio of water and bleach for all cleaning needs.

You can also use disinfecting wipes for smaller or more sensitive furniture surfaces. Dispose of any cleaning solution after use and store your disinfectant-soaked clothes in a plastic bag until you need them again.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

It would be best if you never cleaned or disinfected your household equipment without protective gloves on. It is also recommended that you wear a mask to avoid breathing in any harsh chemical fumes when disinfecting surfaces with bleach.

If you want to disinfect and sanitise electrical equipment, you need to wear protective goggles to keep chemicals from getting into your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Household Items Should I Clean and Disinfect?

Before you use any other appliances, we recommend that you disinfect them as well. Other common household items that should be cleaned and disinfected include:

Telephones, keyboards, Computers, Lamps, TV remotes, Toothbrush holders, Showerheads, Toilet seats, etc.

How Long Do I Need to Wait Before Using Any Disinfected Equipment?

We recommend waiting at least eight hours before using your appliances. It may take longer if the surface you are cleaning is visibly dirty or stained.

Is It Safe to Use Disinfected Appliances That Are Visibly Dirty?

Yes, we still recommend cleaning and disinfecting all household items even if they already appear clean. The water and bleach solution acts as a safety measure against catching COVID-19 from an appliance that may be contaminated anyway. But, again, you need to wait at least eight hours before using the appliances after they’ve been cleaned and disinfected.

What If I Can’t Clean or Disinfect an Item Right Away?

If you don’t have time to clean and disinfect your equipment immediately, you should place them in a plastic bag until you’re ready.

How Long Do I Need to Wait Before Cleaning and Disinfecting My Equipment If I Already Have Covid-19?

If you’ve been exposed to a contaminated area, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours before cleaning and disinfecting your equipment.

It would be best if you also avoided public areas until then. If you are unsure when you were exposed, play it safe and clean and disinfect your items after 48 hours.

What If I’m Not Sure What Type of Covid-19 Contamination I Have?

If you’re unsure, it’s best to assume that you were exposed to the Covid-19 strain and clean and disinfect your equipment accordingly. If you know for a fact that you were exposed to another contaminate, then adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly.

Last Thoughts

The best way to avoid COVID-19 is by taking a few simple precautions. Disinfecting your household items and the equipment you use at home might seem like an annoyance or a chore, but it can go a long way in preventing this nasty virus from spreading further.

Remember that even if you don’t have any symptoms of COVID-19 currently if you were exposed, it’s important to take measures now so as not to pass on the illness again later on down the line!

Keep yourself healthy and protect those around you with these easy steps for Covid-19 cleaning and disinfection. What do you think? How often do you disinfect your kitchenware or other household items? Let us know what kind of tips we could add here in the comments!

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