COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting? (How to Disinfect Workplace Surfaces)

COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting

COVID (Coronavirus Disease) is a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus or commonly known as the coronavirus. As many studies have suggested, the coronavirus can land on and spread through surfaces. Disinfection is one of the effective and TGA-recommended ways to get rid of the coronavirus from surfaces and objects and limit the spread of infection in commercial premises.

Businesses looking to safeguard their premises against the virus must seek professional help from an expert COVID cleaning company Sydney.

How Does the Coronavirus Spread?

The COVID-19 virus can reach surfaces like door handles, knobs, light switches and others through an infected person. From there, it can transfer to other people if they touch a contaminated surface and then touch their nose, mouth, or eyes, through which the virus can enter the body.

COVID Cleaning & Disinfecting?

COVID cleaning refers to the process of cleaning with the purpose to reduce germs, including the coronavirus. Disinfecting is a cleaning method that is found to be the most effective for virus removal, given the right disinfectant is used for the job.
Disinfecting is a cleaning method that is found to be the most effective for virus removal

COVID Disinfection Cleaning is recommended in the following cases:

  • When a confirmed COVID case is found on the property
  • When someone is sick
  • Regular disinfection as a precautionary step to safeguard against COVID infection

Cleaning Vs. Disinfecting for Covid-19

Cleaning is the basic way to reduce germs on surfaces in a commercial facility. Basic cleaning, washing or wet mopping using a detergent solution or soap water is good enough to take care of germs that are normally found in a property. However, this only works for places where there are no confirmed or suspected COVID cases found yet.

For commercial facilities where someone is sick or found infected by the coronavirus, disinfection cleaning is usually the best approach.

Disinfecting can kill up to 99.99% of germs on surfaces, depending on the disinfectants used and the disinfection process. This helps reduce the risk of spreading infection and is the best way to maintain a healthy workplace.

Disinfecting is also recommended for places with high-traffic areas such as malls, departmental stores, public places, etc.

Areas and premises where the probability of COVID transmission is high and/or the vaccination rate is lower are also advised to go through routine disinfecting.

For places where a sick or COVID-infected person has been reported, both cleaning AND disinfecting are compulsory before the area could be used again.

How to Disinfect Surfaces in an Office?

For the cleaning of surfaces and high-traffic areas in a workplace, use a TGA-approved disinfectant from this list.

The use of a sprayer machine along with an approved disinfectant is ideal for small spaces. For large spaces, a professional COVID disinfection service is recommended.

Before starting to disinfect, properly clean the surface to remove any dust and dirt from it. Basic cleaning methods such as vacuuming, wiping, and mopping are generally good enough.

Soft surfaces such as fabric, blinds, rugs must be vacuumed first and then disinfected using a product that is safe for such surfaces. If needed, clean or wash the surface using a detergent or soap-water solution.

All electronics, including computer monitors, mouse, keyboards, tablets, phones, remote controls, and ATM machines must be routinely cleaned and disinfected as these are highly vulnerable objects. For disinfection of electronic surfaces, use either disinfectant wipes or a disinfectant solution along with a basic sprayer. Gently spray the solution on the surface and then wipe it down using a clean cloth, or let it stay (according to the instructions provided on the package).

The next step is disinfecting other frequently touched areas inside and outside the property. These include water faucets, lift buttons, light switches, door handles & knobs, window sills, tabletops, desks, kitchen counters, toilets, sink, etc. Spray the disinfectant solution on the surface and wipe it down using a clean or microfiber cloth.

When handling a disinfectant solution, always wear disposable gloves and mask, and discard them immediately after use. Cleaners must thoroughly wash their hands using water & soap after cleaning.

Electrostatic Disinfection Technology is the best, certified method for commercial disinfection. It is even more effective than disinfectant fogging and can kill up to 99.99% of germs, including the coronavirus. Contact Clean Group for details.

Disinfecting a Facility with a Confirmed or Suspected Covid Case

Extra care must be taken when cleaning and/or disinfecting a place where someone is sick or a confirmed COVID case has been reported.

The entire area or spaces the infected person occupied must be closed for the general public. This will help limit the spread of the infection. Do not use or let anyone use these spaces until they have been cleaned and disinfected. The person must be immediately quarantined or sent to a hospital. Wait for a few hours before starting to clean and disinfect the place.

When cleaning the area, make sure to maintain proper air circulation by keeping windows and doors open and using fans.

Use a TGA-approved disinfectant solution to carefully disinfect all touchpoints, frequently used areas/objects, and high traffic places. When using a disinfectant, always follow the instructions provided on the product package.

For professional disinfecting cleaners, it is recommended to use a PPE kit while cleaning. For regular people, wearing a mask and gloves is the best way to avoid cross-contamination.

Properly clean and disinfect all the areas that the sick person occupied and/or used in the last 24 hours or so.

Either discard or thoroughly wash the dirty laundry of the infected person. Do not use it without washing.

Studies suggest that the coronavirus automatically dies on surfaces after a few days. So, in case if a couple of days have passed since the person was reported sick, only cleaning should be sufficient and no disinfection is needed. However, in commercial premises, where the traffic is high and the area needs to be used immediately or within a few hours, thorough cleaning and disinfection are a must.

In offices and workplaces where a confirmed COVID case is reported, the entire property must be cleaned and disinfected to avoid cross-contamination, before the place could be used again.

DIY vs. Professional COVID Disinfection

Disinfection is a cleaning type that involves the use of harsh chemicals that can be harmful to skin, eyes, and other body parts if not handled carefully. Special care must be taken when handling disinfectants and appropriate gear including Personal protective equipment (PPE), masks, and gloves must be used by cleaners while disinfecting. All this may not always be possible for regular or inexperienced cleaners. This is why it is strongly recommended to outsource professional COVID cleaners for disinfecting of commercial premises.

There are many benefits of hiring a professional COVID disinfecting service. An expert cleaning company will have all the resources and tools needed for an efficient disinfecting job. Moreover, their cleaners will have the experience and training required to safely and efficiently disinfect commercial properties without risking the safety of the people around them. They will know about and can disinfect all frequently touched points, areas & objects.

An experienced COVID cleaning company like Clean Group will use TGA-approved chemicals along with the best disinfection method to effectively remove up to 99.99% of germs, including the coronavirus from workplaces. Moreover, it is easier to trust a professional than a regular cleaner with no disinfecting experience.

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