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Covid-19 Disinfecting Safety Tips and How to Disinfect a Workplace

The viruses that cause COVID-19 are constantly changing through mutation, and new forms of the virus are expected to emerge. Not all types are long-lived, some simply emerge and disappear but others remain here for a long time, spreading rapidly, and making survival difficult.

Health organizations and health care experts have suggested that keeping the hands clean by washing them with warm, soapy water, and not touching the face is the best defense against the virus. Along with other steps disinfect, cleaning, and sanitizing are also essential against Covid-19. In this article Disinfecting for COVID-19, we are talking about the process of disinfection, its benefits, and surfaces that need disinfecting.

Before diving deep into the main topic let’s learn about the difference between cleaning and disinfecting first.

Disinfecting V/s Cleaning

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cleaning is the process when soap and water are used to remove germs, impurities, and dirt from a surface. This process does not kill germs, but it does reduce their population from the surface. Whereas, disinfecting is when chemicals are used to kill the germs (viruses, bacteria, fungus) on a surface.

Thus, cleaning is meant to reduce their population, and disinfection is to kill them. To make the surface completely germ-free, it is best to clean household surfaces first to remove as many germs as possible, and then continue to disinfect to kill any germs remaining. Cleaning and disinfecting on a daily basis is a great step during this pandemic period.

Best Disinfectants Against Covid-19

A disinfectant is a chemical liquid (substance or compound) used to destroy microorganisms, including viruses, germs, and bacteria, on dormant surfaces. Sterilization is a more effective process than disinfectants, sterilizing is an extreme physical or chemical process that kills all forms of life.

Not all disinfectants are effective against the COVID-19 virus, for an effective solution use the disinfectant product from EPA List N. The disinfectants listed in the list are found to be highly effective against COVID-19. If one cannot find a product from the list in a local area, use a homemade bleach solution or a solution with at least 70% alcohol.

Surfaces That Need Regular Disinfecting for Covid-19

Surfaces that are touched several times throughout the day and are located in common areas need to be disinfected regularly. Commercial places such as offices, malls, cafes, restaurants, etc are full of such surfaces. Examples of high-touch surfaces include common, telephones, pens, light switches, Tablets, counters, computer tables, shopping carts, tables, doorknobs, handles, stair rails, keyboards, mouse, elevator buttons, Remote controls, desks, chairs with backs, toilets, water dispenser, Window hardware, coffee making machines, faucets, and sinks.

Make Your Commercial Places Germ Free

Properly and regularly disinfecting for COVID-19 is a much-needed measure these days to keep employees, guests, and almost everyone in your office or business spaces safe. If you determine that regular disinfection may be needed then ask your cleaners to follow the process given below.

  • If you are cleaner than before doing anything make sure to wear disposable gloves, choose a disinfectant product from the EPA List N as those found effective against COVID-19.
  • If you failed to find a disinfectant product from the EPA List N, use a homemade bleach solution or alcohol solution with at least 70% alcohol.
  • Check product labels to see what PPE (such as gloves, goggles, or goggles) is required based on potential hazards.
  • Keep doors and windows open, ensure adequate ventilation,
  • If your disinfectant product label does not specify that it can be used for both cleaning and disinfection, you need to clean all the surfaces prior to disinfection.
  • Start cleaning from less dirty areas and then move towards dirtier areas. To clean all the surfaces, use soap/detergent with water and clean visibly soiled surfaces. You can use hot water instead of normal for better results.
  • Use only the amount recommended on the label, and if indicated to dilute with water, use water at room temperature.
  • All indoor areas such as entrances, escalators, elevators, corridors, and stairs, security guard booths, meeting rooms, office rooms, restrooms, cafeterias should be disinfected with 1% sodium hypochlorite or phenolic disinfectant.
  • Use a sprayer, fog machine, or wipes to disinfect all the surfaces, especially highly-touched surfaces.
    Repeat the process a few times daily.
  • Remove your gloves carefully and wash your hands immediately after cleaning and disinfecting the client’s commercial place.

For more details about the process of disinfecting specifically for COVID-19, you can check the official website of the CDC. However, if you are looking for a professional commercial cleaning company for disinfecting services for COVID-19, Clean Group is here for you.

Why Choose Professional Cleaners for Disinfecting Your Premises?

Sometimes DIY products and makeshifts fail to deliver the results you want, increasing the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Some local products also lack the effectiveness and compounds that are necessary for fighting against such deadly viruses. Local cleaners lack the appropriate equipment and experience to handle this responsibility.

A professional cleaning company with years of experience can handle this responsibility very easily. They have a team of trained cleaners who know the proper art of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. They already have a range of cleaning tools, equipment, and products that will make cleaning and disinfecting easy.

Additionally, with their knowledge of this field, they will choose the most effective disinfectant product and also take the proper quantity to provide the best possible result. Additionally, outsourcing a professional commercial cleaning company will be cheaper than hiring locals, additionally, you don’t have to provide the tools, equipment, and products.

Thus, to provide your staff and customer a germ-free environment, hiring a professional cleaner is essential these days.

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