Definitive Gym Cleaning Checklist for Fitness Center Cleaning

Definitive Gym Cleaning Checklist for Fitness Center Cleaning

Pandemic has taught us anything about Gym cleaning, it’s that the surface level shine should never be confused with the premises’ health and safety. Viruses and other dangerous microorganisms that are highly communicable tend to gather in damp environments.

Therefore, as a gym owner, you’re surely aware that, with all the sweat that people leave behind, your facility will be moisture-prone. Even if they are considerate enough to wipe down each piece of equipment when they are finished, they will still be leaving a lot of germs out in the open.

Your gym members stay loyal because you provide excellent customer service, welcoming facilities, and cutting-edge equipment. Overall, you put a lot of effort into every detail that contributes to the success of your fitness club.

Keeping everything fresh and clean when you’re doing the heavy lifting with in-house staff can be a real struggle. You should examine your fitness cleaning checklist regularly and think about hiring a cleaning service if you want a more thorough deep clean of your gym. These suggestions are based on our years of experience as one of Australia’s top gym cleaning companies.

Checklist for Cleaning Your Gym

Your fitness centre, like any other business, may profit from attractive, well-kept interiors. Put these eight key areas on your fitness cleaning checklist to ensure that every member has the best possible training experience.

Welcome Entrance

With bright entrances that welcome everyone to your gym, you can make a good first impression and keep current members coming back. Keep floor mats free of debris and tripping hazards by dusting furniture and fixtures. At least once a week, clean the windows, shine the doors, and polish the fixtures.

Workout Areas

Multiple times a day, do simple cleaning routines in these important areas. As for maximum interior brightness, pay special attention to wall mirrors and keep light fixtures and windows clean of dust and streaks. The pride you have in your facility is reflected in the inviting workout rooms.

Clean Equipment

As one person after another uses the gym equipment, it becomes a magnet for bacteria and filth. When you consider that gyms are typically warm spaces, it’s simple to see why germs are so common. Members will come into contact with less hazardous microorganisms, including viruses like SARS-CoV-2 if the equipment is sanitised regularly.

You should sanitise facility equipment using disinfectant gym equipment cleaning wipes several times every day. These gym clean-up wipes will help to remove bacteria, filth, and sweat that facility users have left on the machines.

When it comes to keeping the gym clean, wet wipes are only half the battle. Make use of gym disinfecting sprays, electrostatic or atomizing sprayers, and disinfectant solutions for your cleaning crew. Follow the disinfection solution label’s instructions, and apply it to the equipment often. Spray bottles, disinfecting wet wipes, paper towels, and hand sanitiser should all be kept near popular machines.

Fresh Gym Mats

The exercise mat is a piece of equipment that gets very personal and up-close. It’s also made of soft vinyl that absorbs sweat, stains, dirt, and bacteria. Mats will quickly become filthy, and your facility will lose its professional, spotless, and “as new” aspect.

Additionally, the sponges, rags, and mops used for wrestling and other exercise mat cleaning must be used exclusively for this purpose. Using them for other cleaning activities could transmit infectious diseases or skin disorders outside of the fitness club.

Locker Rooms and Showers

As members of the fitness facility enter the locker room from the parking lots and training areas, germs and dirt will be carried in from the outside, as well as the exercise and pool sections. With their perspiration, humidity, and moisture, the locker room is a great breeding ground for mould, germs, viruses, and odours to thrive.

The presence of water in the form of damp towels, exercise clothes, and wet flooring creates conditions conducive to the formation of these contaminants. As a result, the locker room provides an ideal environment for the spread of germs such as athlete’s foot, staph infections, and various fungi and bacteria. Slipping and falling are also a possibility.

Remember that your members are also accountable for cleaning the fitness centre, particularly the locker rooms. Keep signs up and encourage them to follow procedures as needed to instil positive habits that will help everyone have a good time.


There are no surprises here. Unless you take proper care of it, there will be a lot of germs waiting to make every area their breeding habitat. After a certain number of hours of use, you should disinfect everything from your doorknob to your flush handles, soap dispenser buttons, toilet basins, and so on. A cleaning service will simply develop the right frequencies to carry out this task for you.


Encourage your sales representative to keep the table neat and tidy and to clean up as needed. Disinfect and sterilise any stationery that is likely to be used by several people in this area.

Floor Cleaning

The importance of floors in making a good first impression cannot be overstated. Because wood floors in fitness centres are inherently porous and absorb moisture, as the humidity in your centre rises, your wood floor will absorb the moisture and swell. Your flooring will release moisture when the humidity drops, causing it to shrink.

In addition to expansion joints integrated into the floor surface, many wood floor systems feature expansion voids around the perimeter and floor inserts. These elements allow for regular, natural expansion and contraction of the floor without causing damage to it.

If there is too much moisture, your floor will expand abnormally, causing cupping or buckling. When the weather is unusually dry, the wood contracts, resulting in gaps between the flooring strips.

What Does Fitness Centre Cleaning Include?

Cleaning a gym should include:

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • Sanitising


Cleaning surfaces or items removes filth, bacteria, and impurities. Additionally, cleaning involves physically scrubbing away germs from surfaces using detergents. This technique does not necessarily kill bacteria, but it does reduce the quantity and the danger of infection spread by eliminating them.


Disinfecting surfaces or objects destroys microorganisms. Chemicals are used to kill microorganisms on surfaces or items during disinfecting. This method does not necessarily clean filthy surfaces or eradicate germs, but it can reduce the risk of infection by killing microorganisms on a surface after cleaning.


Sanitizing reduces the number of germs on surfaces or objects to an acceptable level, as determined by public health guidelines. To reduce the danger of infection, this method involves disinfecting or cleaning items and surfaces.

Gym Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning should be done routinely at your gym. Setting up an hourly cleaning schedule with easy-to-find cleaning materials will assist in achieving this goal. It’s important to have wipes and sanitisers in a variety of easily accessible locations. Therefore, your employees will be more willing to help with the cleaning, and your gym members will appreciate the opportunity to clean the areas where they trained.

Final Words

Hiring a professional cleaning crew to come in and clean your gym on a regular basis is a simple method to keep it spotless. Let us take care of the cleaning. Contact us at 0291607469.

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