The Ultimate Commercial School Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Commercial School Cleaning Checklist

Schools harbour various types of disease-causing germs, which make regular cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing important. Learners can’t learn effectively when the school environment is unkempt and dirty. Therefore, clean your school thoroughly today to make sure everything is in accordance with the code for students’ and teachers’ safety. Here’s a handy school cleaning checklist from professionals at Clean Group for efficiency in cleaning.

Importance of School Cleaning

A school is a learning entity where students socialize and learn new skills that will help them in the future. The institution must be cleaned to make it a safe environment for everyone. Therefore, the importance of cleaning can never be overlooked. Here are some reasons why school cleaning is paramount:

Safe Environment for Learning

Regular cleaning removes dirt and grime that can cause allergic reactions or germs that make anyone sick. When exposed to a dirty environment, the percentage of absentee students or teachers will rise due to constant health problems. Additionally, an unkempt or dirt school can have a negative impact on the overall learning experience of students.

When everything is tidy, students can focus on the tasks at hand. To effectively curb issues like pest infestation, irritant accumulations, and allergen build-ups, use a school cleaning checklist to clean all areas of your school deeply.

A Clean School Environment Shows Care

Just like the way you’d feel good when your home environment is clean and safe, the same applies to your school. It shows that people care for their place of learning. When your school is tidy, you take pride in the school. This pride is reflected by the attitudes of the staff, which shift directly towards the students.

The simple process helps the school fraternity to have a unified sense of pride. When everyone is proud of the school they belong to; the resultant effects are higher test scores and student success. Teachers also get a suitable environment that helps them outline their skills in the best way possible.

Instils Good Habits

Kids often mirror what they see. If they see a clean school, they’ll grow up respecting cleanliness and incorporating it into their lives. It’s a ripple effect, so when they see a messy, disorganized classroom, it can cause sloppiness, laziness, and distraction.

Students exposed to a dirty school environment will not see the need for cleanliness. More often than not, you’ll find these students don’t clean their rooms since they don’t see its importance.

If you intend to further instil good habits in your students, you can involve them in the cleaning process. It, however, shouldn’t involve harsh chemicals and products. A good way to instil cleaning rituals in students is by getting them to organize their lockers and desks and clean up after a project.

School Cleaning Checklist

The right time to conduct a thorough clean-up is during the summer when there are fewer disruptions and obstacles. Let’s get started on the tips for deep cleaning your school:

Make a Plan

Before any cleaning commences, it’s wise to create a plan that will outline what you intend to do. The plan should have all areas you must clean to know what needs to get done effectively.

If you’re a team, you can divide cleaning duties amongst yourselves. You’ll also write down all the materials and cleaning products you’ll need for this process.

Floor Cleaning

The first place you should prioritize cleaning is the floors in a school setting. They’re walked regularly, building up dust and grime over time: sweep and mop wood, tile, and vinyl floors.

You’ll also have to strip tile floors to remove debris and old wax. After stripping, you can apply a fresh layer of wax to the floors to give them a shiny and brand-new look.

Carpets must also go through a deep cleaning process because they harbour debris. You may opt for hot water extraction than ordinary vacuum cleaning since it offers a deeper cleaning outcome. The method involves spraying disinfectant and hot water to pull out all unwanted debris on the carpet.


Cleaning the restroom is another area you must prioritise on your cleaning checklist. It’s among those areas that most kids mess up. You’re more likely to see toilet paper in an area where it shouldn’t be. To clean your school bathroom effectively, you must scrub the floors and sanitise all surfaces.

Clean the toilets, urinals, mirrors, walls, sinks, and door stalls. Be on the lookout for repairs while ensuring the drains and lighting function properly. Check if there are any loose bolts on the door and also handles.

Walls and Windows

Walls and windows are usually left out of the regular school cleaning routine. Over time, these places can harbour dirt, grime, and graffiti on walls. To clean these areas, you’ll incorporate a microfibre cloth or an all-purpose cleaner to wash windows and walls.

The process can easily eliminate all year’s dirt harbouring in such places. Wipe the cubbies and lockers with an all-purpose cleaner. Cleaning windows and walls can easily give such areas a new shine from their dull appearance.

Recreational Equipment

All recreational equipment should be thoroughly clean. If you’re cleaning an outside playground, you’ll first sweep the area to remove fallen leaves on the surface. Spray the area, and then use a low-pressure washer to remove stains and debris on the playground. Power washing at high pressure can damage its surface.

Clean all indoor equipment with an all-purpose cleaner. Wipe clean all frequently used athletic gears like balls to remove any germs harbouring there.

Exterior Cleaning

Basically, cleaning the external part of the school includes removing litter and dirt in the school’s surroundings. Washing the exterior part of your school involves different techniques, from soft washes to pressure washing. The process removes moulds and lichens on the walls and other living organisms that have made the building appear older than it really is.

Exterior washing will improve the curb appeal of the building. You, however, need high-quality equipment to clean out high-risk areas of the building successfully. While cleaning your school windows, you’ll require vehicle-mounted purified water systems that can leave the windows streak-free, plus clear of any runoff from the cleaning process.

Additionally, it’s wise to inspect the exterior lighting of the building to see which ones are not working and replace them immediately.

Interior Lighting

Inspect all lighting fixtures in the school from the hallway, classrooms, and the office. Remove the shade on the fixtures to wipe them clean from dust and debris. All light fixtures must have bulbs that are working. If you find spoiled ones, you can replace them.

Cleaning with Proficient Experts

School cleaning has never been easy. It can turn out to be a daunting task for your regular school janitors. Therefore, hiring professionals who have the experience and expertise to clean the whole school at a stipulated timeline is paramount. Clean Group has a team of professionals knowledgeable with ever-changing smart cleaning techniques that will help in providing quality services.

Additionally, we have the best equipment to help our contractors clean on time. The products we use for cleaning are eco-friendly. You’ll not have to worry about the chemicals having a negative effect on the environment. Reach out to us today at 1300-141-946 for this and other related services.

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