How to Deep Clean to Protect Against Covid (& Other Germs) in Workroom Premises

How to Deep Clean to Protect Against Covid (& Other Germs) in Commercial Premises
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One thing that the covid-19 pandemic has taught us all is the importance of deep cleaning on commercial premises.

Deep commercial cleaning is different from routine office cleaning and is much more involved. It’s a kind of obsessive cleaning project, where the cleaner will practically hunt for and remove dust, dirt, germs, bacteria, and viruses from all visible and non-visible areas in a property, including behind and under furniture, under the carpets and rugs, windowsills, vents, floors, tiles, toilets, ceilings, and more. The goal is to make the place not only look clean but also free of germs.

With covid-19 around, commercial cleaning of business facilities is now more crucial than ever. Here’s everything you need to know about deep cleaning to protect against covid.

What Is Covid Deep Cleaning?

The ultimate goal of a covid deep clean is to remove most of, if not all, traces of the covid-19 virus through in-depth cleaning of a place, including all visible and hidden areas, reachable and unreachable surfaces, ceiling, walls, and frequently touched points.

A covid cleaning job will involve the use of specialised commercial cleaning equipment to find and kill the virus responsible for the covid-19 disease.

At Clean Group, our covid deep cleaning process involves the following steps:

  1. Routine cleaning
  2. Deep cleaning
  3. Disinfection

Why Covid Cleaning Is Important for Commercial Premises

Deep cleaning against the covid virus will help reduce the risk of exposure to covid-19 in your workplace.

As you may already know, the covid-19 virus can spread through direct contact with an infected person, item or surface. And it is difficult to detect because the virus can take up to 24-48 hours to show effects once inside the human body.

The virus from an infected person can reach another person or surface through respiratory actions like sneezing, coughing and talking. When an infected person, having the virus on their hand, touches another person or surface, the virus gets transmitted to that person/surface.

It has been found in studies that the coronavirus can survive on different surfaces for up to 7 days or more. From the surface, it can easily transfer to a person who comes in direct contact with it.

It has also been found that disinfecting and sanitising can easily kill the virus, given the right, TGA-approved disinfectant is used for the job.

Regular cleaning of your workplace, followed by disinfection of high contact surfaces and points, will help minimise the occurrences of the virus within your facility, thus reducing the risk of infection and ensuring a higher level of safety for your people from covid-19.

The best way to keep your workers and staff safe from covid-19 is to follow the right covid deep cleaning strategy for your facility. Selecting the right disinfecting product and following the right cleaning strategy is the key to minimising infection risk in workplaces.

Deep Cleaning for Viruses and Bacteria

Deep cleaning of a commercial facility is important not only to remove germs and viruses but also to keep the property well-maintained and remove clutter and dust from areas that are otherwise ignored in routine cleaning.

Commercial cleaning can also help increase the life and maintain the value of your real estate.

Traditionally, deep cleaning of business facilities once a month or so was considered enough for the basic maintenance of the property and to ensure it doesn’t lose a lot of value over time.

However, in the present scenario, when business owners also have to think about the risk of coronavirus infection on their premises, regular deep cleaning is much more crucial.

Commercial cleaning companies providing in-depth cleaning services will often recommend a monthly or bi-monthly frequency for deep commercial cleaning.

This is in addition to routine (ideally daily) basic cleaning of workplaces. The job will involve in-depth cleaning and tasks that are often not included in basic cleaning but are equally important.

These include deep carpet cleaning, window cleaning, external windows and glass cleaning, grout removal, floors, and tiles scrubbing, vents cleaning, dusting under furniture, vacuuming and cleaning upholstery, blinds, etc., cleaning and sanitising trash cans, cleaning the ceiling, walls, ceiling fans, bulbs, lampshades, window frames, door frames, etc., cleaning and sanitising toilets, dusting or wiping light fixtures, picture frames and other decorations, cleaning shower areas to remove soap scum, mould, and other crap, removing marks and stains from walls, floors, etc. through gentle scrubbing, and more.

Additional steps may be required for the removal of germs and bacteria in a workplace.

For deep commercial cleaning to remove viruses and bacteria, sanitising and disinfecting is the best-proven approach. This will involve routine disinfection of all areas where germs might be found and other high-touch surfaces.

Our commercial cleaners will disinfect knobs, wastebaskets, garbage bins, kitchen appliances, switches, door handles, water taps, toilet seats, phone receivers, desks, and other high-traffic areas in your office.

Should you do it yourself?

In a word, the answer is NO.

Unlike regular commercial office cleaning that involves the use of basic cleaning material and tools, covid sanitising is a specialised job and may involve the use of harsh chemicals or products that can cause harm if not handled carefully.

Also, it takes special training and expertise to perform a covid cleaning job efficiently and achieve the desired results. Our trained covid commercial cleaners know which disinfectant to use, when and how to get the best results and minimise the risk of covid infection.

A lot can go wrong when cleaning a commercial facility for covid-19, which is why the job must be handled only by professional cleaners.

Commercial cleaning itself is a skill-based job that requires certain experience and knowledge in the industry. Without these, it may not be possible for the cleaner to achieve satisfactory results. To hire experienced and trained commercial covid cleaners, contact Clean Group today.

How Clean Group Provides Specialised Covid Cleaning Services and What It Includes

As one of the leading and highly experienced covid commercial cleaning companies in the Sydney, NSW area, Clean Group is considered a trusted authority for taking the best approach to commercial cleaning a workplace. Our covid-focused commercial cleaning services are driven by quality and results.

We let customers hire commercial cleaners who use world-class commercial cleaning equipment for business and domestic cleaning. A commercial cleaner is a trained professional who provides commercial cleaning services on behalf of a commercial cleaning company like Clean Group.

Our team uses high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners, including the cutting-edge i-Mop floor scrubber, and cleaning methods that are proven effective against the coronavirus.

Besides covid cleaning service, we offer a complete suite of commercial cleaning services, including cleaning of medical facilities, gym cleaning, school cleaning, carpet cleaning, and all kinds of commercial property cleaning services for business premises in and around Sydney, Australia.

All cleaning services are provided by our in house team of professional cleaners who are also trained in covid cleaning. We use cutting-edge cleaning equipment such as pressure washers, industrial floor scrubbers and others for powerful cleaning results with a clean environment in your workplace.

As a locally-owned and operated company, we understand the importance of workplace cleanliness and know how to meet the specific cleaning needs of local small businesses in the area.

We have 20+ years of experience in the cleaning industry, a friendly team of trained cleaners, and cost-effective services, including deep cleans and covid cleans, provided on a weekly basis or as per your preferred schedule. You can also contact us for advice on your cleaning project.

We at Clean Group provide cleaning services to all types of businesses. offices and shop owners. We only use non-toxic chemicals and eco-friendly cleaning products that are sustainable and safe.

Having decades of experience in the industry, we can easily offer you tailored solutions to meet your specific cleaning requirements using the best-in-class cleaning equipment and machines not yet offered by any other cleaning company.

Covid cleaning services – how to hire an expert covid cleaner in Sydney

Clean Group offers the most advanced and quality-driven covid cleaning services in Sydney. Based on your specific requirements, we can offer a basic covid clean or deep clean in your budget. Our covid cleaning service price is the lowest in the industry, and we offer a 100% satisfaction rate.

Our trained covid commercial cleaners in Sydney use the most popular and effective electrostatic disinfection technique for up to 99.99% covid-19 virus removal in commercial premises.

This method of disinfection is effective in all kinds of business premises, small and large. Moreover, we follow a meticulous cleaning approach, including scheduled disinfection of high contact surfaces, to minimise virus traces and reduce the overall risk of infection in a workplace.

For the best hygiene and cleanliness of your office in Sydney, call Clean Group for a covid clean. We carry all essential cleaning supplies and equipment so you don’t have to worry about anything.

For health and safety reasons, we are providing covid cleaning quotes on call only for the time being. Feel free to call us to request a deep covid cleaning quote.

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