How to Clean Microwave with Lemon

How to Clean Microwave with Lemon

A messy microwave is a nightmare for the family. We all use it, but no one is keen on cleaning it. Having in mind that all the dirt and food leftovers are invisible behind the closed microwave door, we often postpone the commercial cleaning and always leave it for tomorrow. 

Day by day, the microwave gets messier, and most people act like it’s going to magically clean itself, but that’s not going to happen. 

Microwave cleaning involves a lot of chemicals, at least two destroyed sponges, a lot of time, and most likely a poorly done job in the end. 

We’ve all been there, and it’s extremely frustrating to spend the entire Sunday morning scrubbing the stubborn food leftovers and still have to see them after two hours of work. Does this sound familiar? It’s something we all experience!

Have you ever thought about the toxic effect of all the chemicals we use to clean a microwave? Think about it…it’s where we heat our food, and then we pour dozens of toxic detergents to clean it; it kind of doesn’t make sense, right? 

If you’re having similar doubts like many other people around the world who are worried about their health and wanting a flawlessly clean microwave, then we are here to help you improve your cleaning skills.

We want to introduce you to some natural ingredients that you all have at home at any time that will become your best allies for microwave cleaning. 

Cleaning with Natural Ingredients

People always avoid listening to the advice coming from the grandparents who are right for so many things, although they didn’t grow up in the internet era and didn’t have a plethora of products to choose from when it comes to cleaning. 

Our folks were practical, wise, and had a simple solution to any issue that we find back-breaking today. 

The lack of chemical products and the toxicity of the existing ones led to a genius solution: cleaning kitchen surfaces with lemon juice. It’s disinfecting, whitening, and smells great!

Over time, some of us have accepted that natural ingredients are the cheapest and the best for doing kitchen chores. 

Let’s make it clear, you probably wouldn’t clean the entire kitchen floor with lemon juice nowadays, but you can definitely use this superb technique to clean the microwave. 

The main goal here is to make sure no chemicals get in touch with our most-used kitchen tool and keep it fresh and clean for a prolonged time. 

Cleaning your microwave with lemon is not as difficult as you think, and it actually saves you tons of time and money. 

How to Clean Microwave with Lemon 

First of all, let’s talk about the ‘equipment’ you need for this simple kitchen task. 

  • One lemon 
  • A microwave-resisting bowl 
  • Clean towel 
  • Water 

After preparing the necessary stuff, you are ready to start your microwave cleaning quest that will change your life forever. 

  • Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the bowl. 
  • Add a cup of water to the bowl and place it in the middle of the turning plate. 
  • Set the microwave timer for three minutes or until the water and the lemon juice start boiling. 
  • After the boiling, let the bowl sit inside the microwave for additional five minutes, which will allow all the lemon steam to fill up the inside. 
  • After five minutes, you can open the door of the microwave, remove the bowl, remove the turning plate (if removable) and clean it separately. 
  • Get the clean towels and wipe the inside, starting from the ceiling, then pushing the food leftovers to the sides, and cleaning your way through the bottom. 
  • All the food stains and leftovers should come off easily thanks to the lemon juice vapor. 
  • If you still see some stubborn dirt around, soak the towel in the lemon juice from the bowl and start scraping softly. 
  • All the sticky dirt should be out now. Wipe the entire inside once again, and in the end, clean up the door. 

Now you have a flawlessly clean microwave with a pleasant citric aroma, ready to use and get messy again. 

That’s how easy peasy it is to clean a microwave with lemon, and it won’t take you more than 10 minutes. 

How Often Can I Do This? 

It’s really up to you how often you want to clean your microwave. However, this is a harmless process, for your health as well as for the microwave, so if you need to repeat this cleaning procedure twice a week, then you can do so. Plus, it takes minimal effort and almost no time to do it, so keep it clean. 

Does Vinegar Work the Same? 

If for any reason you are out of lemons, then that’s not a problem at all as long as you have white vinegar lying around. 

You can do exactly the same cleaning process and replace the lemon juice with white vinegar. 

To be honest, it’s not going to smell the same, but your microwave is going to shine clean the same as with the lemon trick. 

Don’t hesitate to try both versions and let us know how it came out. Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent just like the lemon, and it has super disinfecting and bacteria-eliminating properties. 

Also, you can mix lemon and vinegar together and try that way too. Get the best out of the two ingredients and enjoy your spick and span microwave, free of germs, microbes, and chemicals. 

Final Word

There’s no doubt that cleaning with natural ingredients is one of the best solutions when it comes to kitchen surfaces and supplies. You can apply the same cleaning process for your fridge and any other kitchen element that gets in touch with food. 

Health is a number one priority especially nowadays, so we must be careful on how we keep our surroundings clean and try to avoid harmful chemicals as much as possible. 

Don’t let your food absorb any toxic fumes, and from now on clean your microwave with lemon and water.

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