What Are the Typical Workplace Cleaning Procedures?

What Are the Typical Office Cleaning Procedures
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An office is a place where people work and spend their time. It goes without saying that it should be as clean as possible, to avoid the spread of germs and infections.

However, office cleaning can take up a lot of time and money which could otherwise be spent on other things. That’s why many companies decide to hire experts in this area. They need someone who knows exactly what needs to be done when it comes to keeping the workplace safe for employees.

This article will provide you with information about how often offices should be cleaned. As well as some tricks for maintaining hygiene at your company, and more!

Whenever you’re ready to learn more about office cleaning services in Sydney and industrial cleaning, keep reading.

Office Cleaning Preparation

Before any cleaning in the office, preparation is necessary. In general, preparing an office for cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming is subject to performance. This prevents a build-up of dust or dirt in the air, which causes allergies to flare up in some people.

Cleaners should take care not to leave any surfaces behind. These can cause the spread of germs from one area to another when they are touched by someone who is infected with something like a cold or flu virus.

To clean an office space thoroughly, all items need to be removed from desks first. Do this before dusting so that nothing gets disturbed while cleaning other areas in the workspace.

The carpets should also be vacuumed until they look spotless. This way there will less chance of picking up new stains later on and having them set into place permanently because of how old they are.

Next, the windows should be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected. This will help to prevent bacteria or fungi from building upon them while they’re open. This could lead to a more serious health problem if not addressed quickly enough.

The walls should also be dusted off before being wiped down with an anti-bacterial solution. This is so any germs can’t cling onto them for too long.


It’s important to make sure that all surfaces around the space have been properly sanitized. It’s really easy for things like airborne illnesses to spread throughout the office environment.

Closed for cleaning signs are subject to placement on each door to let people know that the room is not available for use at this time. Next, all of the cleaning supplies must be gathered allies need to be set out in order of usage so that the proper materials are always close at hand. This saves time and makes it easier for those who have been assigned janitorial duties to do their jobs more effectively

The office environment should also stay clean by maintaining a good supply of cleaning supplies on-site. It’s important not only to purchase these items but also to store them properly, preferably away from sources of heat, light, or moisture so that they don’t go bad prematurely!

Mop buckets can fill up quickly with dirty water over time which is why it’s recommended that you use squeegees instead – this will reduce waste since there won’t be any standing puddles around your workspace.

And on that note, it’s important to use a cleaning solution that will kill many of the germs and bacteria on your floor. Commercial office cleaning in Sydney is no easy task, but the outcome is always fruitful.

Daily Cleaning Procedures

Daily, cleaning is to be performed. Every day at the office the end of the day, make sure you clean your workstation and desk area.

This includes sweeping up any crumbs or dust that may have accumulated on surfaces like desks and keyboards as well as wiping down all hard surfaces in need of it with a wet cloth – counters, tops, tabletops, etc.

Cleaning tasks in every corner of the office to keep things looking spick-and-span! Take care not to mix cleaning supplies when using them; this can cause damage or leaks inside containers which is both hazardous and wasteful.

Make use of garbage cans throughout your workplace to dispose of waste without making too much mess around your workspace.

After each task completion thoroughly (always check over cleaned areas), go back over the area with a dry cloth to ensure that all particles are gone. Be sure not to leave wet tissues lying around – they will start absorbing environmental moisture and become soggy, making them useless for cleaning surfaces!

The result? A cleaner office space which we can help you maintain by routinely conducting these procedures every day to keep things neat and tidy.

Weekly Cleaning Procedures

Every week, the cleaning company will vacuum all carpets and rugs in the office, clean windows from top to bottom, and dust furniture and light fixtures.

We will also wipe down any desks or shelves with a microfiber cloth soaked in an antibacterial solution that is safe for use around sensitive surfaces such as computer screens.

The cleaning company will typically do daily tasks every day of the week: they’ll empty trash cans regularly (we recommend at least twice a day), sweep and mop floors, and wash walls using our specialized products designed to leave your space smelling fresh without irritating allergies or sensitivities.

They will perform deep cleaning duties that include thorough steam cleaning of carpets or rugs with our truck-mounted equipment as well as sanitizing all surfaces in the workspace from top to bottom.

This includes eradicating any mould growth on tile walls or floors, removing dirt and grime buildup around faucet areas, polishing woodwork until it glistens like polished gold–you get the point! We want to offer services that take care of every detail so you can focus on running your business.

Monthly Cleaning Procedures

Every month, the cleaning company will be a little more dedicated to cleaning with heavy-duty procedures. They will use a disinfectant spray or wipe on-wall-mounted units such as paper towel dispensers and hand dryers.

Afterwards, pay attention to fixtures like toilets by using an all-purpose cleaner with warm water for wiping down vertical surfaces in the restroom followed up with disposable wipes when necessary.

A big part of being good custodians is making sure that restrooms are kept nice and tidy so they’re safe for anyone who needs them! For example: Cleaning any toilet seats before someone uses them goes without saying.

But there should be no need because after cleaning thoroughly you can put out disposable wipes if needed; ensuring that each surface has been wiped off.

To make your floors shine, use our spray buff and burnish procedures. Spray buffs use a low-speed floor buffer which is great for hard surface floors as well as carpets to remove dirt from deep down in those tough-to-reach places.

Burnishes are best utilized by using high-speed machines. A high-speed burnisher that can quickly restore old surfaces or scrape off heavy soiling should be used. Especially without damaging delicate finishes on wood, tile, or other similar materials while also restoring their natural lustre!

Polish desks, tables, and chairs with furniture polish to maintain a professional shine. Dust vents overhead circular fans and behind hard-to-reach areas like tabletops. Clean windows by using an all-purpose cleaner for removing any marks or fingerprints left on the glass surface.

Semi-Annual Cleaning Procedures

The best way to maintain a tiled floor is by stripping and recoating it. This will remove any scuff marks or imperfections in the finish. But also create a high shine on your tiles for long periods of time with an extended life span. Making it long before needing another strip and re-coat the finishing process.

After you have stripped down your floors, spray buff or burnish them immediately so that all finishes can “pop” their maximum potential!

It’s important to institute regular maintenance programs like this one because they prolong the look at feel of those expensive hardwood floors we know everyone loves during every season.

For the best results, remove any carpeting and upholstery before you extract your carpets to get everything as clean as possible. If there are heavily soiled or traffic pattern areas on your floor, then follow our instructions for proper scrubbing of these difficult spots with a bonnet.

After Cleaning Procedures & Office Cleaning  In Sydney Tips

Immediately clean up all, and clean out mop buckets and other cleaning gear. Rinse out all the mops to hang them dry as you go about your work.

Put everything back onto the janitorial cart in its proper place after going through it for anything that may have been left behind by mistake or on accident during this process of quick cleanup.

When it comes to cleaning an office, the process is quite similar in each scenario. This means some best practices will make your cleaning experience easier.

Here’s a list of effective cleaning tips for offices:

Start by closing and covering any open windows to prevent outside dirt from entering your space.

Remove all garbage before it becomes a pest attraction with debris everywhere. Get rid of the garbage properly!

After doing so, return any moved objects or furniture to their original position. But keep maintaining safety precautions around wet floors (keep those caution/wet floor signs!)

You’ll help maintain order better if nothing is lying around. Especially where people can trip over something like an empty food wrapper on the ground

Time, Supplies, Storage, ETC

Cleaning time: make sure you have enough time for everything you need to do. Rushing will only lead to more problems such as missed areas or sloppy mistakes that are hard to correct later.

For example, a garden center might require more frequent dusting than an office that never has visitors. Conversely, a restaurant may need deep cleanings every day. But an empty house would not have as much dirt build-up from animals in-between visits

Cleaning supplies: make sure you’ve got everything before starting. This includes paper towels for drips and spills (or buckets with soapy water). As well as disinfectant wipes/spray cleaner for surfaces like desks and counters where food is eaten at. You also need a vacuum with attachments for carpet and upholstery. Scrub brushes or sponges to get into corners by appliances and baseboards are useful too.

Storage: it’s important to have designated storage space once your office is clean. This could be shelves in the break room or cubbies near filing cabinets. But also sections of cork boards across one wall.

Sanitize all surfaces using disinfectant wipes/sprays after each use. Wiping down counters where food has been prepared will help stop harmful bacteria from spreading. But also decrease the chances of getting sick!

The frequency of your cleaning schedule will largely depend on how busy you are. As well as the size of the space, and if it’s well-occupied or not. If you have a lot of people coming in and out or if space is used frequently, it’s best to schedule your cleaning for once per week.

However, if that isn’t realistic then try spacing it out so there are at least two days between cleanings.

Store any hazardous materials away from where food/drinks will be prepared – this includes items like bleach, air fresheners, etc…

Label containers clearly and store them on shelves with labels facing up. When employees come into work they should be able to easily identify what goes where.

Cleaning In Sydney

Now that you understand office cleaning in Sydney, you are that much closer to scheduling your own appointment. Not all cleaning companies operate the same, and some are better than others. 

We are proud to say we are one of the better ones, if not the best in Sydney. We provide full-scale office cleaning, so get in touch if you need help.

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