Cleaning Hacks for Gyms and Fitness Facilities

One of the easiest places to get dirty is gyms and fitness facilities. Thanks to the amount of sweat that gym goers produce as they workout. The germs that it contains can also be easily spread around because different people share the same equipment and exercise machines.

Especially during busy days, it can be hard to keep up with the amount of sweat and germs being produced and spread around your facility. But it doesn’t mean your gym has to stay dirty until closing time. Below are some simple tips you can follow to ensure your gym stays in good shape while it’s busy helping your patrons get in shape.

Encourage frequent hand washing habit

Putting up signs reminding your patrons and staff to wash their hands frequently can help promote good hygiene in the gym. It’s best practice to do so before and after using the restroom. So you have to be sure that your gym restroom is fully stocked with basic toiletries such as hand soaps and paper towels.

Most gym cleaning companies offers restocking services to help you ensure your facility will never run out of toilet hygiene products.

Have hand sanitizers and paper towels handy

You’ve done your bit in promoting hand washing habits in your facility. However, it’s not always possible for your patrons to run to the restroom and wash their hands after each exercise. To help them maintain good hygiene in your fitness facility, you can place hand sanitizers and paper towels in several locations around the gym. The ideal places to put them are at the reception area, near exercise machines, free weights area.

Having them readily available can encourage your patrons to wipe the equipment after every use and their own hands before touching or using other equipment.


man working out with barbels on both hands


Wipe each equipment often or after every use

While you can encourage your patrons, you can’t demand them to do so. Instead, you can have your own staff or regular cleaners to wipe each equipment as often as possible. Implementing the wiping habit shows your patrons that you care about your facility’s cleanliness. This will either encourage them to continue coming to your facility or to clean up after working out.

Eliminate, not just cover up, unpleasant odour

There are two ways you can deal with unpleasant odour in your gym. One is to use air fresheners and the other is to clean its source. Unpleasant odours are usually caused by germs and bacteria. Air fresheners only cover up the unpleasant odour, but not remove the bacteria causing it. As a result, the scent of the air freshener mixes with bad air causing a more unwanted odour.

The best way to deal with unpleasant gym odours is to find the source and clean it thoroughly. Then be sure to disinfect the area to kill the germs. This will remove the bad smell permanently, and your gym will smell nicely again without having to use any air freshening products.


Keeping your fitness facility clean really doesn’t require too much. It only requires a good cleaning routine and good personal hygiene. But to ensure your gym stays in its best condition, hiring gym cleaning professionals is the best way to go. These people have the right knowledge and advanced equipment to make any gyms clean, hygienic, and smelling fresh.