5 Must-Have Cleaning Equipment in the Office

This guide will show you exactly the 5 cleaning equipment must-have in the office by Clean Group. It’s time for the first step.

A truly reliable cleaning company supplies its clients with a complete cleaning service. This includes providing a comprehensive cleaning plan and bringing all the necessary cleaning equipment onsite. As a paying customer, it’s only right and reasonable for you to rely on your cleaning company for any cleaning concerns.

But when tiny mishaps occur such as liquid spills or smashed objects, you should be able to deal with them immediately. This will allow you to ensure your employees’ safety at all times and save you from trouble during unexpected client visits. The problem is, you cannot do this when all your office cleaning equipment are provided by your commercial cleaners and they aren’t around at the time of the incident.

To help you deal with cleaning accidents in the office at once, here are five cleaning equipment you must have in the office:

A vacuum cleaner
Keeping a vacuum cleaner handy allows you to remove dirt promptly. This is especially useful when you have unexpected office guests. A handheld vacuum cleaner will be ideal if your office has small equipment storage.

You can also opt for easy-to-use and easy-to-store vacuums such as the robot and stick vacuums.

A “wet floor” sign
This is very handy when there are liquid spills anywhere in the office. It could be a water spill from the leaking kitchen sink or in the toilet. It could also spill from beverages such as coffee or juice. Whatever it is, it’s necessary to have the sign ready to protect your staff from injuries.

A mop
Putting up a warning sign after a liquid spill isn’t enough. You or your employees must also be able to clean up the mess immediately to avoid any injuries. A quick mopping wouldn’t hurt or take too much time so you must have it readily available in the office.

Cleaning cloths
Spills don’t only happen on floors. It can also happen on desks and kitchen tables when your staff are taking their break. Your employees will also need to wipe their computer screens, monitors and other surfaces clean from time to time.

Having microfibre cleaning cloths ready will help your staff keep their surrounding clean. Learn more about the benefits of using microfibre here.

Antibacterial surface sprays
Wiping dirt off surfaces is a good cleaning habit. But it doesn’t remove and kill germs and bacteria that can cause diseases.

To ensure these nasty particles are removed together with dirt and dust, you have to use antibacterial surface sprays. It will not only keep your office clean but it will also keep your employees’ safe from diseases.

Relying on commercial cleaners for all your cleaning needs is a reasonable choice. But having your own cleaning equipment ready is sensible. It will help keep your office stay clean even when your commercial cleaners are not around.

When it comes to getting the complete basic cleaning essentials, Clean Group can help you. We provide restocking services, together with our comprehensive office cleaning services.


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