What Can You Do In Sydney For Free?

What Can You Do In Sydney For Free

Do you want to go out and do something fun but don’t have any money to spend? If you are in Sydney, where Clean Group headquarters are, you might find it hard to think of activities to do without breaking the bank. However, there are various things that you can still do there for free.

You can even take a family member, your partner or friends to go and enjoy yourself with you. These activities will provide you with a thrilling experience even without spending any of your cash.

We’ve put down a list of things that you can do in Sydney for free below.

1. Take a Free Guided Tour

Like most cities worldwide, there are some excellent places where you can find a free walking tour in Sydney. This walking tour will present a good chance for you to learn more about the city’s history and get more insider secrets from a local. For you to enjoy this, you should hook up with an organized group for the walk.

Meet at a given point, then make a couple of rounds while taking some breaks. This walk comes at no cost. Remember to wear good walking shoes before embarking on this tour. Since the pandemic has hit the City of Sydney make sure to take your masks when going outside and ensure to sanitise your hands.

2. Take a Walk Around Inside the Queen Victoria Building

This building was built in 1898, and over the years, it has evolved into many different things. It has a concert hall, a city library and also the city council’s office. You can take a walk in the building and have coffee at one of the many restaurants there.

Afterwards, you can go upstairs where you can have a chance to see the two clocks that chime every hour. This clock represents the Great Australian Clock which shows the scenes of the English royalty.

3. Walk Through the Royal Botanical Garden

Taking a walk in the stunning garden and enjoying the smell of the flowers is one of the best things you can do in Sydney for free. This garden has the best views of Sydney harbour. If you are into plants, you can take a free guided or self-guided tour through the park enjoying the garden and the city’s view. Remember to check their schedule because they have different opening times every season.

4. Taking Part in the Coogee to Bondi walk

This walk follows the coastline from Coogee to Bondi, where you explore the hiking trails with the cool winds around the city. The hike you shouldn’t miss is the Coogee to Bondi hike. It is a 6-kilometre hike connecting the most famous beaches in Sydney.

Here you have epic views, pretty parklands and sandy beaches where you can swim. This hike starts from Bondi beach to Maroubra, or you can choose to do it the other way. Make sure you carry enough water to quench your thirst during this hike.

5. Walkthrough at the Oldest Park

Hyde Park is the oldest park and is situated in the city’s heart with over 40 acres of beautiful green fields. You can enjoy time at the park for free. It is surrounded by some great attractions, including the St Mary’s Cathedral, and it also has an Archibald Fountain at the centre of the park. You can join many locals who always chill out there during their lunch breaks just relaxing or feeding the birds.

You can enjoy the country’s incredible art galleries without spending a dime. Start by checking out the Art Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art. No fee is required to get in. The art gallery in these places is unique and highly fascinating for everyone.

Even if you don’t love art, you will be surprised with the art you see there, as they are fascinating. The art gallery has a collection of indigenous and modern art displayed in a classical style.

7. Having a Picnic in the Bicentennial park

Once you are in Sydney, you need to try and have a picnic for free. Bicentennial Park is the place for this activity. It has beautiful sceneries, from the gently rolling hills to the mangrove wetlands to lakeside meadows.

You will enjoy the experience you get there. You have all the facilities you need such as playgrounds, picnic shelters, public toilets and many more. Among the best things you can do in Sydney for free is picnicking at the Bicentennial park, as it will give you fresh air and no disturbances from the city’s activities.

The park has many walkways and even stairs for you to get to the treillage tower. The tower presents a more splendid view of the city skyline. If you need some coffee and snacks, you can take a break and take them from the cafes.

8. Visit the Rocks Discovery Centre and learn some history

If you want to learn about the history of the tales from the Rocks, dating from the pre-European days, then the Rocks Discovery Centre is the place to visit and what are the reasons why you should visit Sydney, Australia. This place is trendy and has the best restaurants and bars in the country for you to enjoy.

At the centre, you will learn many things about the history of the rocks for free. The improved audio system and touch screens have been included in some sections to bring the past alive. It is a place worth spending your time in.

9. Walk on the Sydney Harbor bridge

You can walk across this bridge at any time as it costs nothing. The Sydney harbour bridge is one of the biggest icons of Sydney. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the bridge while walking on either side of it.

This bridge has eight motor traffic lanes and two railway lines joining the Sydney Central Business District and the North Shore. It is enjoyable to walk across its arch-based design, which took 1400 men at the cost of 4.2 million dollars to build in eight years.

10. Take a walk to the Sydney Opera House

Lastly, you can walk around the Sydney Opera house, which is a famous landmark in Sydney. A walk around this establishment is free, and you have an epic view over the Harbor bridge. This house is also one of the famous halls for performance worldwide.

More than 1.3 million people attend concerts, theatre shows, and plays at the venue annually. It is worth getting this incredible experience without spending a dime.

It is always good to take a walk and explore the city after a long day at work. With the economy bombing the way it is now, you will have a tight budget, so the above ideas make sense.

Make the best out of them and find unique experiences. You can also take your family with you to spend time together if you are not the type of person that likes being alone.

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