Man vs Woman Cleaning – Who Is The Better Office Cleaners

Man vs Woman Cleaning

This article is not to compare what men can do better than that of women. Cleaning has nothing to do about gender. In whatever fields, men and women are given equal opportunities. We cannot generalize every aspect by concluding which gender does it better. It is an inaccurate and pointless debate over gender.

In the cleaning industry, the only truth that prevails is that there are good and bad office cleaners. As plain and simple as that. Bad cleaners cannot mean that it was done by women the same as good cleaner being generalized as men.

Are men better cleaner than women?

There is no statistical evidence that will show numbers to prove this claim. The gender divide should not be an issue when it comes to the cleaning business.

What matters most is that the commercial cleaning company was able to find a good cleaner regardless of its gender. Bad cleaners are all over the place. They can be male and females alike. Being a cleaner all comes down to the individual’s attitude.

Here is some research-based study on who really does the cleaning better. Here are some fun facts about it:

  • 58% of the men population claims to pretend not hearing when they are told to do the washing up by the women of their home.
  • 45% of women population said that they are cleaning the household because society dictates that it is their duty.
  • 50% of women do household chores on an average day.
  • 40% of women clean because they can burn calories

Men as Office Cleaners

No male cleaners, we only want female cleaners. You have heard of this before.

It is politically incorrect not to want a man to come to clean your business. Now, we have to go back and ask a couple of questions about that.

Is it this particular man, or is it all men in general? We need to ask these questions because there are women who have had some horrible experiences with men, and they do not want men inside their office or business, for whatever reason.

Some customers do not feel safe, it makes them uncomfortable, whatever. We have to honour that because these are our customers. It would be akin to a female doing tough cleaning jobs like cleaning the water tanks or climbing high rooves.

Now, there is nothing to say a woman cannot do these, but that is not the traditional, standard stereotype. If you see a woman in the office, it might make you uncomfortable, because you will think about the woman’s well being that she might fall or whatnot. You may also start thinking that she is in her childbearing years and all these things.

There are a lot of weird reasons that we do not understand why a woman may not want a man in her business or office, and it might just be a particular man.

We do know that there is a real thing about meeting somebody and not connecting with that person. If you were not able to connect to this person, you would have issues.

Both genders can also dislike the opposite gender.

The situation will change if a particular customer will not want a man to do a cleaning in general. We have to look at the conversation a little differently. We do not wish the other cleaners to feel inferior and that they are not good enough to go and clean a premise.

A friend of mine who happens to own a cleaning business loves hiring male cleaners, and she is far from stereotypes. Her decision about hiring male cleaners are just based on her experiences. She mentioned to me that the male cleaners outperform the female cleaners. Here are the reasons why:

  • Male cleaners do not have PMS
  • Male cleaners do not get emotionally attached to items and objects, and they can focus while they are cleaning.
  • Male cleaners get in, get the job done, and go out again.
  • They work on time, are efficient, consistent, and thorough.

Some customers will not welcome female or male cleaners because of a variety of different politically incorrect opinions. It could be religion, race, and whatever. There is a variety of reasons why a person will not work with some particular person, religion, background, upbringing, and ethnicity.

It is a weird situation, but you have to address it because it is very real. There are a lot of females who had had experience who had terrible experiences with men, and they do not want to do anything with a man involved for whatever reason.

In choosing a cleaner, you need to look at their ability, attitude, and aptitude and not the cleaner’s gender. We are curious to hear your thoughts on this. Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us start a conversation.

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