Workplace Cleaning Services: How Much Does It Cost To Have Worksite Windows Cleaned?

Office Cleaning Services How Much Does It Cost To Have Office Windows Cleaned
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High-end office window cleaning companies offer exceptional window cleaning services. Usually, they ensure every surface of windows is inch-perfectly cleaned to give your office an extravagant ambience that your Staff could not possibly achieve hotspots for office germs.

Therefore, before you hire a company, it would be best to understand the charges for early preparations.

How Much It Costs To Have Office Windows Cleaned

Conventionally, Australia’s average office window cleaning cost is around $180, with hourly charges starting from $35. However, payments can be slightly lower if your office windows require light cleaning touches. Or, for more detailed office window cleaning, the charges could be marginally higher, going up to $40 per hour.

The charges also increase with the task’s difficulty index. The costs are typically high for multifarious windows in low-level office buildings and usually start from $45 per hour.

Prices for high-rise commercial window cleaning are generally higher than low-level buildings, usually starting from $90 per hour.

Some companies charge per pane cleaned. However, this can be costly, especially if your office has many window panes to clean. Nonetheless, customary charges for medium-sized to bigger panes are usually charged between $2 and $7.

Why Do You Need to Hire Professional Window Cleaners?

Professional window cleaners are highly trained to offer high-end cleaning services, leaving your windows all shiny and glittery. In addition, they’re suited to maneuver lofty heights that your office staff couldn’t withstand, leaving every inch of your office windows clean.

Besides, professional window cleaning companies have sophisticated infrastructure and equipment for their services. This equipment is handled by trained professionals, reducing the risks of occupational injuries.

You also get the best value for your money in the shortest possible time to let you pull complete focus in your business.

Your business’s image is also essential. Since first impressions matter a lot, you need to convince potential partners and investors that you handle your business operations professionally and competently.

Cost of Commercial Window Cleaning per Australian State

The general cost of window cleaning per Australian state is almost similar, but charges vary according to your preferred service quality. The average price of window cleaning per hour in all States is $35, but it usually changes from one cleaning company to another.

Window cleaning services in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales are charged at $35 per hour. However, the charges are slightly lower in Western Australia, costing approximately $30 per hour.

How to Reduce Your Window Cleaning Cost

Reducing your office window cleaning costs is possible. Companies charge more if the office’s windows are hard to clean, so you might want to make it easy for them to counter potential high costs.

In addition, inaccessibility to the windows can impede their cleaning efficiency, forcing them to work extra hard to clean every inch of the windows. Consider doing the following before your office’s window cleaning regimen.

Inform Staff of the Cleaning Beforehand

Alerting staff about a likely window cleaning schedule prepares them to receive and direct the cleaning professionals to windows requiring cleaning. It can be cost-effective, especially if these companies make charges per hour because they will be done quickly. Maneuvering through obstacles kills time, and you are likely to pay more.

Make a Good Timing of the Weather

Bad weather makes cleaning inconvenient and time-consuming. It inflates charges and increases cleaning time, making you pay more for what could have been done for less in perfect weather.

If a window cleaning company charges their services per hour, you might want to hire them when it’s ideal for cleaning. Choose sunny weather over stormy conditions for efficient service delivery and for shorter time coverage.

Remove Curtains and Drapes

If your office window has drapes and curtains, removing them is prudent to reduce the time spent by the cleaning professionals in removing them. This prior preparation is good, significantly if the company charges per hour as it will cut operation time.

Why Professional Window Cleaning Is Worth the Cost

Increase the Lifespan of Your Office Windows

Professional office window cleaners have the right equipment, detergents, and skills, unlike your office cleaning staff. This professionalism increases your office windows lifespan, and you won’t have to replace them any time soon.

Perfect, Flawless Cleaning

Cleaning companies offer expert services that leave your office windows impeccably clean to make an excellent first impression on office visitors. Since it’s their specialty, they are more skilled and understand how to handle the cleaning better than your office staff.

Timely and Fast

You need guaranteed results in the shortest time possible, and professional window cleaners will exactly offer you that. Assigning your staff may inconvenience them in other cleaning operations, including interior floor cleaning or dusting, among other essential office cleaning operations.

This exemption lifts the burden off their shoulder and gives professional window cleaners the chance to make the cleaning faster for you.

Important Things to Consider Before Hiring a Window Cleaning Company

The costs for hiring a window cleaning company are also dependent on several things, including insurance coverage and the period of doing business. Key things to consider before hiring a company include:


Cheap companies or local window cleaners may lack insurance covers, and any risks encountered during operations may weigh down on you.

Hiring a certified window cleaning company will lift that burden to insurers if any dangers to life or health are encountered. However, if the budget isn’t suitable for you, you can hire them to clean your office windows.

Period of Business Operation

If the company you propose to hire has been in business for a long time – say 20 years or more – you are likely to pay slightly more than amateur cleaning companies.

However, working with a company with experienced personnel will guarantee quality results at the lowest risk and shortest time possible.


Although this is not directly related to the cost of service, the availability of the window cleaning company will enable you to schedule cleaning regimens conveniently.

Besides, this will also allow you to plan for cleaning routines during suitable weather and therefore reduces extra costs of hardship incurred during unfavorable weather.

Besides, you are ensured of making excellent first impressions due to high-end window cleaning services offered by qualified professionals.

However, if you only need a few subtle touches on your office windows, or if there aren’t too many of them to clean, you can assign your staff to do it. Window cleaning companies are available all over Australia, and you can make a simple call to schedule a cleaning regimen.

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