6 Hotspots for Workplace Germs

Hotspots for Office Germs
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If you are like most managers or entrepreneurs, you want your office cleaning in Sydney to stay clean throughout to impress your customers and visitors. This also keeps employees motivated, reduces sick days, and enhances the company’s reputation and brand. However, office hygiene isn’t just about a beautiful-looking workspace. You also have to ensure the area is germ-free and cleaned thoroughly.

To accomplish this, you need to know the key areas where dirt and germs hide since the lesser-known hotspots are the most dangerous. Office restroom cleaning is often overlooked, especially if dedicated and experienced cleaners don’t clean an office. Thus Clean Group will help you to share the top germ hotspots that are often neglected while cleaning and why you should start paying attention to them.

Microwave and Coffee Maker

Your office microwave is most likely one of the most used kitchen appliances in an office. Most of the staff members use it to warm different kinds of foods and beverages, and often, these get spilled.

In some instances, food explosions may occur, and if the unit isn’t cleaned right away, it is left with funky smells, Remove bad smells from hardwood flooring.

All this can lead to infections, so be sure to prioritize cleaning both the inside and outside parts every week to remove dirt, grime, food odours, and any form of germs. If you don’t have professional cleaners, you can ask the staff to clean them.

Create a rotating cleaning schedule to avoid conflict. Another appliance you shouldn’t forget is the coffee maker or tea kettle. Consider using a descaling agent to get rid of limescale buildup.

Behind Office Equipment

Almost everyone in the office uses equipment like printers and copiers. While cleaning the office, most people focus on cleaning the visible parts, forgetting other equipment areas. Often particles of dirt and dust accumulate under, around, and behind the machine, creating a dusty space.

Also, if you leave streaks on the glass, the copied documents will appear dirty and unprofessional. Choosing to move the machinery periodically to remove the dirt and dust under or around the equipment will improve air quality, boost the unit’s effectiveness, and increase its longevity. Remember to be cautious when moving the machinery to avoid causing damage, and use a microfiber cloth when wiping it clean.

Blinds and Curtains

You probably clean your office windows weekly to ensure they do not accumulate dust and grime. But, how often do you remember to clean the blinds and curtains? These window treatments collect dust and dirt easily, just like the windows, so they will look dull and become so hard to clean if they aren’t wiped often. To make matters worse, the dust will be spread around the office, causing allergies and other respiratory issues.

A good rule of thumb is to clean or dust the window treatments as often as the windows. You may opt to send them to a dry cleaner, vacuum them, or go for steam cleaning. Another option is dusting aluminium and vinyl blinds with a feather regularly or deep cleaning them in a dish soap solution.

Fans and Light Fixtures

If you prefer using fans over an AC, you will have several ceiling, wall, or standalone fans in your office space. Although fans help make the work environment more conducive, they aren’t cleaned often even though they accumulate dirt fast.

When you take too long to wipe the fan, the dust and grime will gather on the blades in layers and keep spreading dust all over the office. This will contaminate the air and transfer a thick dust coat on the furniture surfaces. Cleaning the fan blades whenever you spot some dust will help prevent all these issues.

If you only use the AC, you will have to clean the ductwork and vents occasionally to get quality air. Experts recommend cleaning the ducts before the summer sets in because you will need the unit more when it gets hot. The vents and baseboards will need vacuuming, while the covers will need to be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water solution.

Neglected light fittings also accumulate grime fast, which leads to dimmer lights. When the work area is poorly lit, the employees will struggle to work. Over time you will realize nighttime staff is not as productive as those who work during the day.

The only reliable and affordable solution is to remember to clean the light fixtures inside out regularly and replace the outer covers if they are blocking the light. Our workplace cleaning guide got info on everything you need to know about office cleaning.


In a contemporary work setting, furniture plays a significant role in enhancing the workplace ambience, providing a comfortable feeling to all office occupants, and giving a safe atmosphere. While you cannot overlook their usefulness, most office furniture goes without being cleaned for a long time.

This causes the formation of dirt ad stains, especially on the upholstery, and over time dust, mites and germs may invade the furniture. When allergens from mould, mites, and mildew build up, they will spread all over the furniture, and the upholstery gets damaged.

Cleaning furniture regularly will remove the dirt and other substances that accumulated on the upholstery. The quality of air will improve while reducing the spread of germs and other contaminants. Don’t forget to focus on desk chairs, lobby seats, employee lounge furniture, and anything that’s made of fabric.

Walls, Pictures, and Artwork

Have you ever run your hand across the wall while walking in your office only to realize that your palm or fingertips are extremely dirty? Many people always forget about cleaning walls, and that’s why they accumulate fingerprints, stains, marks, dust, and other forms of grime.

These elements can change the appearance of the wall, and no matter how clean your office is, customers and visitors will notice the dirty walls. You can use a non-abrasive sponge and detergent to remove the dirt and stains or vacuum the walls often. Also, don’t forget to clean the artwork or pictures on the wall with a microfiber cloth to collect dust and dander.

Such companies visit the office to determine your cleaning needs and create a customized plan that suits your budget. Then, they use their quality cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure the office is cleaned as per the schedule. This will boost the sanitation in the office and allow your team to focus more on serving the customers.

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