What Is Sanitisation and Why Is It So Important?

What Is Sanitisation and Why Is It So Important

Whether it is an office, manufacturing plant, home, or even health care center, maintaining a higher standard of cleaning has become essential these days. There is not a fixed way to clean a premise, it all depends on requirements, size of the area, time allotted for train cleaning and expertise of cleaners. However, there are many types of cleaning ranging from regular cleaning to sanitization and disinfection.

Today sanitization is more important than anything else. Correct…!. From individuals to business houses, everyone is looking for sanitizers or sanitizing service providers to keep them safe and secure from the deadly virus. However, if you are still not aware of why Sanitization is so important! This article is for you.

What is Sanitization?

Sanitation is the process of cleaning a particular area or surface in such a way that it is made bacteria-free and fundamentally cleans all kinds of germs and viruses that can infect the human body and cause various kinds of diseases.

In other words, it is a process of removing harmful microbes by using chemical solutions that do not harm the human body. Chemicals are used in measured amounts and diluted with water or other diluting agents; the final product is called sanitizers. It can also be done with the help of heat and some other methods but it cannot be applied in every context. There are two ways people are using sanitizers.

Hand Sanitization: It is a process of COVID-19 cleaning the body part especially the hands that can be infected easily by any germs or viruses when the hand touches any surface, animals, or humans that have germs on it.
Surface Sanitization: It is a process of eliminating microorganisms from any kind of surface including tabletop, clothing, fruits and vegetables, and any other type of hard surface.

Types of Sanitization Available in the Market

There are many processes and many types of chemical compounds available in the market as sanitization products. Some popular sanitization methods are :

  • Antimicrobial sanitization
  • Chemical sanitization
  • Foam cleaning sanitization
  • Thermal sanitization that normally performed using either steam or hot water
  • Pressure cleaning sanitization, that is done with the strong pressure of water.

The choice of method depends on the nature of the surface that needs to be cleaned and the environment where the surface is located.

Now other than methods, there are also various options available in terms of the main chemical or product in sanitation. Some of the most well-known choices are:

  • Alcohol-based products
  • Iodine sanitizers
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Peracetic Acid
  • Iodophors
  • Peroxyacetic Acid
  • Formaldehyde
  • Quaternary ammonium
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • Phenolics
  • Chlorine-based cleaners

As sanitization is a process that can be done in many different ways and by using a large number of products and chemicals, choosing the most relevant product is the responsibility of an expert. And that’s why normally businesses hire a professional cleaning company for all the cleaning and sanitation tasks.

Why Is Sanitizing So Important?

We are all facing one of the most terrible pandemics in history. Coronavirus has badly affected all of us; More on the less fortunate community. If you put aside earning for a living, the constant fear of the possibility of contracting the virus has made it so difficult to step out of our homes.

Taking precautions is the best defense against this disease. These precautions along with proper cleaning. sanitizing and our habits can create a barricade between us and viruses. While cleaning is the process of sweeping, mopping, wiping the dirt & impurity off from surfaces, it can’t eliminate the germs. Whereas, sanitizing will eliminate or inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Proper sanitation will effectively eliminate pathogens, although these sanitizers should contain 70% to 90% alcohol as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Regular cleaning and sanitation are necessary to keep people, whether family members or staff, safe from the Coronavirus and many other viruses, germs, and bad bacterias. It is helping to contain the spread of viruses.

That’s why sanitation becomes one of the most essential steps as part of the cleaning process in commercial, industrial, and residential places. Especially in the health care sector workers are using it to stay protected as well as to keep others safe.

How to Reduce the Risk of Contracting the Covid-19?

There are many methods and processes that can be used to sanitize your premise but the most effective one is engraved below:

  • Wear gloves, a PPE kit, or other protective gear.
  • Inspect the complete premise.
  • Collect all the pickable stuff, vacuum all the surfaces.
  • Use hot water and detergent/soap or other cleaning products to clean dirt and debris from the area.
  • Sweep or mop to extra clean the surface and make it dry.
  • Use sanitizer in a spray machine or fogging machine to spray the sanitizers to each and every surface and corner.
  • Use disposable sanitizer towels to clean and sanitize all the high-touch surfaces like door handles, telephones, keyboards, tabletops, etc.
  • Clean the washroom and disinfect each and every corner.
  • Let all surfaces dry, for better results.

These tasks may seem easy while reading but they are actually not. To perform these tasks on a regular basis and effectively, business houses will need the help of professionals. Professional cleaners and cleaning companies will make sure that they follow all the safety guidelines, using the only govt. approved sanitizing products and quality tools to make sure that the customer’s premises remain virus-free for a longer duration.

Choosing a quality cleaner is essential to get the best results during this pandemic period. If anyone is looking for a good and reputed cleaning company then they should contact Clean Group Sydney first.

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