How to Disinfect Treatment Rooms for Covid 19? (Step by Step Guide)

How to DisinfectTreatment Rooms for Covid 19

This blog post is for anyone who has been tasked with disinfecting a treatment room. It will provide guidelines for the best way to do this and some of the most common mistakes that people make when doing so.

You’ll also find some important precautions you should take before starting your work.

For example, it’s crucial to wear gloves and eye protection during the process because there are chemicals in these Covid-19 deep cleaning services products that can cause serious harm if they encounter unprotected skin or eyes.
Let’s begin!

Why Should You Clean Treatment Rooms for Covid 19?

Treatment rooms are places where someone receives dental treatment, so they’re full of bacteria.

The problem is that if you don’t properly disinfect the room after every patient, some bacteria will remain behind and multiply. If another patient comes in later for treatment, then it’s possible that those germs could cause harm, especially to a child or an older adult.

People who handle the treatment cleaning service products and equipment should wear gloves and eye protection at all times to ensure their safety. Also, it’s a good idea to leave everything as you found it for future patients.

How to Disinfect Treatment Rooms for Covid 19?

You’ll need disinfectants, latex or plastic gloves, disposable face masks, paper towels or hand-wipes and protective eyewear, such as goggles.

It would be best to open the windows to let fresh air circulate in the room and minimize exposure to patients and staff members.

Once you’ve prepared everything, start by removing all trash from the room. Next, use paper towels to wipe the surfaces that the patient touched with disinfectants.

Also, it’s important to thoroughly clean those surfaces again before your next patient comes in for precautionary measures.

In addition, you must also disinfect everything from cabinets to dental equipment, so you should remove all of it from the room. Once everything is removed, disinfectants need to be used on all surfaces and objects that go back where they came from.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

It’s vital to wear latex-free or plastic gloves and protective eye wear, such as goggles. Also, you must throw all the protective gear away after disinfecting every treatment room because they can only be used once.

Healthcare facilities use a different disposable type of glove for each clinical task, including the care and cleaning of patients.

It’s also advisable to wear a face mask, so you do not breathe in any poisonous fumes from the disinfectants. However, this part is optional as long as you keep your distance from those chemicals with your breathing apparatus removed.

Clean The Light Switches

Many people neglect to clean the switches because they don’t realize how important it is. However, germs can accumulate on there and spread easily if you don’t remove them.

Furthermore, if you let bacteria multiply, then it can cause infections for your patients, so you must never ignore this part of the process.

How Long Should You Leave The Room Alone After Wiping It Down?

You must wait at least an hour after wiping down the treatment rooms so that all of the disinfectants have enough time to do their job. Also, if you’re using a chemical disinfectant, then you need to leave it in place for a while before going back inside.

For example, if you use a bleach-based cleaner, then you should let it sit for about ten minutes before returning to the room. However, if you’re using alcohol- or phenol-based products, then you only need to wait about one minute.

Extra Safety Tips: Never allow anyone else in while wearing the same gloves and face masks you used to clean the room. Also, it’s a good idea to leave those protective items outside of the treatment area for your next patient.

Remember that cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining a proper dental practice because you must always ensure that your patients receive quality care.

Ensure workers follow the steps properly and thoroughly, so patients can feel confident in their surroundings. If someone tested positive for an infection on their hands, then they won’t be allowed to work in the dental practice.

Last Thoughts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that healthcare providers disinfect all treatment spaces, including rooms or areas where a patient with COVID-19 is seen.

Remember to use the following steps when you’re disinfecting your room: 1) wet surfaces down; 2) apply an EPA registered hospital disinfectant product according to label instructions; 3) let it work 5 minutes before wiping off excess liquid from surface of equipment or furniture that can’t be submerged in water; 4) rinse with clean water as needed, such as if there’s blood on the floor.

If any questions arise about how this process should go, please contact one of our experts!

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