Law Workplace Cleaning : Services and Cleaners Skills Required in Melbourne

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The image of your office equates to the quality of the service or product you provide. Clean Group has been setting unprecedented records in cleaning commercial spaces. In this article, we will show you how we were able to keep and maintain our customers in the legal sector.

This only goes to show that we prioritize our customer’s trust in what we can do.

Do not go to the road of embarrassment, especially when you can embrace effortless maintenance by hiring a reliable law office cleaning company. Clean Group Melbourne will be there for you every step of the way, offering all possible cleaning solutions for your business.

We provide legal office cleaning to its highest standards. All of our law office cleaners are quality driven and live by the purpose of cleaning. Clean Group cleaners are highly trained and knowledgeable in this field.

They are just merely remarkable with what they are doing. There is No need for you to fret or worry about these little things because we offer a one-stop solution to all of your cleaning needs.

Clean Group understands that your professional image is the reflection of your business. We know how to keep your office exceptionally clean. We do cleaning above and beyond.

Law Office Cleaning Services, Clean Group Offers in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning for Law Office

Apart from the routine law office cleaning, Clean Group offers carpet cleaning. We know that working in the Law Office is not easy, and we want to eliminate as much burden on your shoulders. Cleaning should not be one of your problems. Make the right decision by hiring Clean Group, and we will have it all covered for you.

Furniture and Textile Care for Lawyer Office

This involves office partitions, chairs, couches, and pretty much every piece of furniture that has textile in it. Being in the cleaning industry for over two decades, Clean Group knows that improper use of chemicals and equipment can create severe damage to your assets.

This cleaning service ensures to increases the lifetime of your furniture, removes allergens, reduces or eliminates marks and stains, and reduces drying time.

Here are the types of textile that we can clean Law Office regularly:

  • Wallcoverings
  • Lobby reception and furniture
  • Couches
  • Office partitions
  • Drapes
  • Office chairs
  • The conference room’s furniture

Hardwood Floor Care and Metal Surfaces Care

Mistreating this type of floor material can cost you an enormous amount of money for restoration and repair. The law office cleaning company that you need to hire is someone who knows how to handle these types of materials. It is difficult to find a craftsman or a cleaning company who does the work as they claim it.

Always remember that the risk of trusting the wrong company can damage this expensive investment that you put in your building or office. It is just right that you take good care of your assets with proper floor maintenance care.

Routine Cleaning for Law Offices

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne can take care of your day-in, and day-out cleaning needs. We are a one-stop shop that offers both routine and specialized cleaning. We do:

  • Maintenance of common areas like kitchens, foyers, balconies, and lobbies
  • Cleaning and monitoring of restroom and the supplies needed inside the toilet
  • Rubbish collection and cleaning of bins
  • Vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping
  • Dusting fixtures and frames

Sanitized and Disinfects Touchpoints in Law Offices

One of the common issues with public or shared areas is the touchpoints. Most of the germs and bacteria manifest and breed on buttons or any surfaces that get touched often. Wherever you may be, offices, hospitals, schools, or just by being outside, you become a target for bacteria and allergens.

With Clean Group, we don’t clean the surface. We understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting as bright as day. We do not use the typical bleach type based cleaning chemicals.

Unlike the ideal law office cleaning company, Clean Group only uses the most effective and the safest cleaning and disinfecting agents available in the market.

Secrets of Law Office Cleaners You Must Know

Clean Group Melbourne believes that being organized and having a clean workspace helps with your employee’s ability to get things done and be more productive. The more cluttered we feel, the more disorganized our brain will be. Working in a clean office helps your mind to work better.

We will teach you how to be more efficient and effective in cleaning.

Keep your cleaning tools close

One of the easiest ways to waste time when you are cleaning is to run around looking for tools and different cleaning products. In the professional cleaning world, we collect everything ahead of time and prepare all of our products and tools.

We assess the room first before starting to clean. We think about what we need to clean the room. Products, tools, and techniques that we will apply in cleaning.

Have a system

Professional cleaners have a planned action. They know exactly what they need to do when they enter the room. Having a system will tell you precisely what you need to do every time you get into a place that needs cleaning.

Amongst these techniques are working clockwise and cleaning from top to bottom. This is the most efficient way to clean a space. We do not want to waste time as professional cleaners. We do not spend time because time is money.

Identify the most critical area

We have this habit of thinking about jobs holistically, which is why we are overwhelmed sometimes. There can be so many things to accomplish in office cleaning.

Law office cleaning does not need to be complicated. Professional cleaners can identify the most critical part of the office and focus on it. Clean Group calls this pattern the task rotation.

An example of this is, that some cleaning businesses might say that they will not clean your baseboards every visit, but they will do it every fortnight. That way, you know that your baseboards are being attended to every two weeks.

We do this because we know that baseboards are not that important in an office setup. This will change if the customer calls in and specifically say that they need their baseboards clean every visit.

Learn how to multitask

This applies to the cleaning procedures that can be done while waiting for your chemicals and cleaning products to do their magic. You must allow your cleaning product to sit based on the time specified on each label.

While waiting, you can clean other areas and save time. Cleaning products need time to work. Clean Group works smart. We leave the product sitting on a surface for five or ten minutes for you to get the optimum results out of it.

Keep it sample

Do not complicate cleaning. Use necessary cleaning products without compromising safety and effectiveness.

Practice Safety First

Always use the proper tool, product, and technique to avoid accidents and issues while cleaning. Sometimes, rectifying issues can be expensive and can create permanent damage to a customer’s property.

Make sure to read the product label to understand where it can be used on. Also, make sure that you are using the appropriate tool to avoid scratching or damaging surfaces. Apart from this, a professional cleaner also has to take good care of himself when cleaning.

He needs to use proper protective goggles and gloves and other protection while cleaning.

The use of the 3-wave system

  • Wave 1 – In the law office set-up, cleaners need to start with tidying and organizing. The cleaner begins at the starting point of the room with a garbage bag. Anything that he finds along the way can be tossed in the garbage or be put back to where it needs to be. We work our way from top to bottom, section to section. Anything that we see that does not belong has to be put back to where it needs to go.
  • Wave 2 – This is where the actual cleaning takes place. Clean Group Melbourne has always been efficient because we get rid of the clutter first for us to see the full area that needs cleaning. We are trying to get rid of dust and dirt. We are aiming for all surfaces to be steak-free and disinfected when required.
  • Wave 3 – Get yourself back to the starting point in the room. If your cleaner is vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, we always want them to start at the opposite corner to the entry point of the room. If they need to use an extension cord, they can plug it in from the outside door.

The 3-wave system will guarantee to cut the cleaning time more effectively. In the cleaning business, time translates to money.

Detailed Cleaning Checklist for Law Office

The checklist outlines the cleaning requirements that are needed to be performed by our professional cleaner. These were agreed between the customers and us.

Usually, these items are identified during the initial meeting when our Sales Managers go to the premise and offer a quotation.

The cleaning checklist had made us successful and has proven its effectivity.

Daily Task

Reception and Common Area

  • Collect and pick up clutter
  • Remove visible cobwebs
  • Dust and wipe all desks
  • Empty all bins and replace liners if necessary
  • Wipe and disinfect door handles

Office Area

  • Wipe and dust all desks
  • Vacuum all floors including mats
  • Wipe and disinfect phones

Toilet Area

  • Wash and disinfect floor
  • Clean and brush toilet bowls and sinks including taps
  • Clean and sanitize toilet seats, cisterns, and exterior part of the bowl
  • Wipe mirrors
  • Refill all toiletries

Kitchen Area

Weekly and Monthly Tasks

  • Dust all surfaces (desks, horizontal and vertical surfaces, light fixtures, frames, skirting boards, cabinets, window sills, and frames)
  • Wipe walls and painted surfaces

What Skills Do You Need For A Law Office Cleaner

Here are the relevant skills if you aspire to be a law office cleaner:

Careful and dedicated – Clean Group cleaners treat your office as if we own the place. We take extra care in handling all the equipment and gadgets that we may be exposed to when cleaning.

An eye for detail – our cleaners do not need to be reminded of what is required to be done. They know how to deal with it the moment they see it.

Able to work in a physically demanding environment – cleaning requires pushing and lifting. Our cleaners are all healthy enough to endure a full day shift cleaning.

Adaptable to change – they are trainable and is not afraid to try new techniques.

Honest and discreet – law firms deal with client’s sensitive information. We make sure that the cleaner does not touch-sensitive files and read and tell what is written on them.

Values integrity – they do what is right every time.

Pleasing personality – they work well in a team and can maintain a harmonious relationship with co-workers and customers

Possess a current driver’s license – they need to drive their way to their workplaces.

This is a comprehensive article that will guide you through cleaning law firms. If you feel like something needs to be added to this list, please feel free to comment down below.

Ask us a question or let us hear your opinion. You can also share your best practices on how you keep your law office cleaning business a success.

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