How Much Does It Cost to Have an Workplace Cleaned?

How Much Does It Cost to Have an Office Cleaned
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It’s a question we get asked again and again and again. Just how much does commercial cleaning in Sydney really cost?

The trouble is that the answer to this question isn’t quite as straightforward as you might first think. Pricing professional cleaning services requires a lot of different itemised consideration as well as other factors.

We’re going to explain what goes into pricing an office cleaning job in Sydney through this post. Once you’ve read through it, you should have a better idea of what goes into the pricing of commercial cleaning costs.

The Price of Office Cleaning in Sydney Isn’t a Fixed Price

The fact we’ll need to get out of the way first concerns the nature of pricing cleaning jobs.

Every single commercial cleaning project that’s undertaken is completely different. There are different considerations to take into account, which we’ll go into detail on below. 

But this fact means that there is never a single fixed price that companies should expect to pay for office cleaning. If you’re ever communicating with the office cleaning that offers a fixed price for an office clean, you should steer clear.

It’s an obvious example of a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing. An experienced, professional commercial cleaning company will always inspect the property before committing to a price. A price quotation will then be provided based on what the company found during this inspection.

This initial inspection is the only way to ensure all the factors below are taken into consideration. If you take a fixed price before anyone inspect your property, chances are they’re going to do a poor job of the clean.

As we know, a bad cleaning job isn’t a cleaning job at all; it’ll need cleaning again.

Make sure you’re always working with a cleaning company that’s transparent about the need to inspect and price up individual jobs. Now that we’ve gotten the lack of a fixed price out of the way, let’s go into some of the factors that impact the price of an office clean. Our workplace cleaning guide got info on everything you need to know about office cleaning.

The Size of the Property

Perhaps the most important aspect to bear in mind in regards to cleaning prices is the size of an office or commercial property.

This seems fairly self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many people get confused by this fact. The reality is that it’ll take more cleaners or a longer period of time to clean a larger office compared with a smaller one.

This is why there can never really be a fixed price for a cleaning job. Property size has a number of caveats that also need to be considered.

For example, you may have a large office, but one that only spans a single room. If you have a large office with a lot of segmentation, this may take longer to clean. This is because attention will need to be given to each room in the office itself.

You should also consider what type of rooms are on your property. Meeting rooms, for example, will usually need to be more presentable because you may be hosting board members or significant customers. If the cleaning job involves toilets or a kitchen, these are entirely different cleaning approaches.

Whereas if you just have offices with desk space, there are less diverse cleaning methods to consider. When performing an inspection a cleaning company will likely size up your property in square feet.

This will then be one of the key factors in determining the total price of the job itself.

Interior and Exterior

Another factor that’s sometimes forgotten is whether or not a cleaning job includes any exterior cleaning.

Your office exterior can sometimes be vital to ensuring that you continue to attract business. It provides the first impression of your business for a lot of people, meaning it has to look its best. 

But a commercial cleaning job that also involves exterior cleaning will also likely cost extra overall. This is because this is an entirely additional area of the property that requires extra attention.

We would always encourage exterior cleaning integration for offices where their exteriors are prominently featured. It’s rarely a good idea to look great on the inside but look ghastly on the outside.

But there are additional cleaning methods that are involved. These include bearing in mind any seasonal maintenance, as well as potential pressure washing walls.

These are all jobs that aren’t always required; it depends on the nature of your office property. This is why the exterior of your property can be just as important of a factor as its interior.

If you don’t have any exterior, and your office is in a larger complex, then you may be looking at a lower price overall by comparison.

Office Flooring

Now we come onto one of the tricky topics of office cleaning jobs; your office flooring.

Office flooring comes in all shapes and sizes. You might have hardwood flooring, which requires mopping and shining regularly.

Or, you might have carpets, which can be a more challenging beast for a cleaning company to vanquish. Carpet cleaning can add an additional amount of time to the total time required for a clean of your office.

This can then impact the overall price. This can make some office owners wary.

But the truth is that, if you have carpet, you need to get it professionally cleaned regularly. Carpets are an area of your property that can house harmful bacteria and allergens.

These can then infect your employees, causing them to get ill. Carpets can also be quite challenging because there are different variations in terms of material and design.

That means there are several different approaches that need to be taken for your carpet, depending on its nature. All of this will be assessed by a professional cleaning company during an initial inspection.

Hardwood flooring is usually easier to clean than carpets, but this can come with its own caveats. That means it’s essential to ensure a cleaning company inspects your flooring before providing a cost estimation.

Extra Cleaning Requirements

We touched on this a little bit in the section above when we mentioned kitchens and bathrooms.

Sometimes, offices have extra items that might need particular attention. If there is a kitchen, this will likely include a microwave and other kitchen facilities. It may even include an oven, which will need deep cleaning periodically.

Toilets require their own unique approaches to ensure they remain sanitary for all employees. This will usually including mopping, bleaching and other methods.

But there are additional items found within offices that some business owners tend to forget. These can include things like an office coffee machine, or a water dispenser.

These are machines that your employees are using every single day, regularly. They naturally get dirty and can spread bacteria and other infections if not cleaned.

Some of these machines however have their own extensive methods of cleaning. Some of them may require taking apart, or the use of special chemicals that aren’t used in traditional cleaning.

When performing an inspection, a cleaning company will ask you whether you need these extra items cleaning, and how often. They will then create an itemised list for you, which they will use to tally up the total costs of the job overall.

This itemisation is the best way of pricing and is used by companies engaging in only the best commercial cleaning in Sydney. It’s a proven way of ensuring you know what every cleaning job entails before you agree to a price.

The Location of Your Office

The location of your office will also likely factor into the total cost of any cleaning project.

This is because the cleaning companies in your particular area may charge more if you’re in a more affluent area. This is why you must always search for commercial cleaning near me if you’re looking for a local company.

It’s usually better to hire a local company, as they won’t have to travel as far to get to your property. Sometimes, a long drive will need to factor into the total cost of a cleaning job.

This is because of petrol costs as well as the time it’ll take a company to get to and from your office location. There are usually cleaning companies who are specialists in your particular area, particularly if you’re living in a city.

If you’re looking for commercial cleaning in Sydney or office cleaning in Sydney, you’re already in the right place.

Equipment, Chemicals and Team Members 

Certain cleaning equipment or chemicals will be required for specific office jobs.

Sometimes, this may be equipment that only a certain number of employees know how to operate. Or, these may be chemicals that aren’t usually used in office cleaning jobs.

This can then become a factor that impacts the total cost of a project overall. When itemising, a professional cleaning company will assess what chemicals and equipment will likely be needed for a particular job.

This will be based on specific rooms, exterior space and any unique equipment. The reality is that chemicals cost, so if you need an expensive chemical to be used, the price of your cleaning job will likely increase.

Another factor that’s usually based more on the size of a property is how many cleaners will be needed. If you need a cleaning job completed in a certain amount of time, a company may need to dedicate more cleaners to make this a reality.

The more cleaners there are on a job, the more salaries need paying. That means that the overall cost of the office cleaning job is likely to go up as a result.

A reliable commercial cleaning company will only ever charge you what is necessary, however. Make sure to find out how many cleaners will be needed, and what chemicals, if you’re unsure.

Office Cleaning Costs Depend on Your Needs

The final point to bear in mind is the fact that commercial cleaning costs will always depend on your needs.

An experienced cleaning company will be able to work with you based on your personal budget. But you need to ensure transparency in what you require, and you must allow for an initial inspection.

Another aspect of your needs that can impact the cost is the regularity of cleaning jobs. Some office owners may want offices cleaning a couple of times a week.

Whereas others may request that a professional clean is only handled once a more. As a general rule, the more regular the cleaning is, the slightly lower the price will be.

This is because you’re creating repeating custom for the cleaning company.

Make sure you’re always communicating these needs to a cleaning company during an initial consultation. Because ultimately, the final agreed-on price for a cleaning job will depend on you.

An experienced commercial cleaning company will know their overheads and the prices they need to charge for any given job. The hard part for you is finding a company that’s experienced, transparent and trustworthy in office cleaning.

Luckily for you, if you’re in the Sydney area, you’re already on the website you need.

How Much Do Clean Group Charge for Office Cleaning Jobs?

Here at Clean Group, we price all of our cleaning jobs based on our itemised reports from an initial inspection. We’re always fair and transparent in communicating what needs cleaning to our customers at all times.

We work with you, to ensure you get a quoted price for commercial cleaning in Sydney that’s affordable and reasonable for the amount of work we’re putting in.

To find out more about office cleaning in Sydney, or to book an initial consultation, please make sure to contact our team directly today.

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