Do It Yourself: A Cleaning Guide to a Sparkling Toilet

Do It Yourself A Cleaning Guide to a Sparkling Toilet

commercial cleaning the toilet is a task that does not bring any flushing excitement, but it is an important chore that needs to be done. Having a clean toilet can keep the bacteria away, so the bathroom is not filled with it. With a little extra elbow grease, any toilet can be cleaned properly and thoroughly, leaving the bathroom with a fresh scent.

Frequent cleaning of the toilet also makes it easier to complete every time. A toilet should be cleaned once a week. This guide is going to break down the proper way to clean that toilet.

Grab the Supplies

There are a few supplies that are needed to get that toilet sparkling.

The first object is a toilet brush that is in good condition. A toilet brush allows individuals to get under the lip of the bowl, so all the grime and build-up can come off. They’re usually found in every bathroom.

Secondly, a bowl cleaner is a must-have. The best toilet bowl cleaners have bleach inside, but there are also useful alternatives without bleach if you want. Also, if you do not have the hand strength to squeeze the bottle, grab a toilet bowl cleaner that has a spray instead.

Thirdly, a surface disinfectant is needed. It is not just the inside of the toilet that needs to be cleaned but the outside as well. Additionally, remember to disinfect the toilet brush after using it, so grab a disinfectant spray that can be used for both purposes.

Lastly, anything to help wipe down the surfaces is needed. This can be either disinfectant wipes, a reusable towel, a sponge, or paper towels.

A handy tip is to buy some rubber gloves. It keeps skin protected from the cleaning chemicals and it also helps people feel more comfortable when their hands are in the toilet.

How Long Is This Going to Take?

This all depends on the brand of bowl cleaner that has been purchased. It should only take between 15 to 20 minutes to clean the toilet. Some cleaning solutions instruct the user to let it sit in the bowl for 10 minutes before scrubbing it away, so make sure to read the label.

Step 1: Reduce the Water Level

If you want the toilet bowl solution to properly work, the water level needs to be reduced in the toilet. There are many ways to complete this, but one of the fastest ways is to fill an empty bucket with a half-gallon of water. Quickly pour this water into the back of the bowl and the flushing motion can be triggered without the need to refill the bowl with new water.

Step 2: Apply the Cleaning Solution

Start at the top of the bowl under the rim and apply the solution in a circle. The cleaner should drip down the sides. If squeezing the bottle is an issue, then purchase one aerosol spray can instead to complete this task.

Step 3: Scrub

After letting the solution sit in the bowl for the allotted time, take out the toilet brush and scrub away. Firmly scrub the grime for all surfaces it can reach. Also, to reduce the chance of anything splashing back, keep the brush’s head inside the bowl; then, flush the toilet.

Step 4: Wipe Down the Outside

Grab the chosen item for wiping the outside of the toilet and begin the cleaning process. Make sure to wipe down all the exposed surfaces. Moreover, pay close attention to the areas that are touched often. Also, many people forget about the back of the toilet but ensure to clean there as well because a lot of dirt and dust can build up there.

Step 5: Disinfect the Brush

Use a disinfectant spray and spray the toilet brush. Rinse it under some hot water in the bathtub or shower. Also, spray down the toilet brush basin, so there are no lingering bacteria or germs. Remember to rinse out the basin as well, so there is no water build-up in the bottom.

Step 6 (Optional): Clean the Water Tank

Remove the lid and look inside to see if there is any crud or mineral build-up. If any is found, then pour four cups of vinegar into the water tank. Allow the vinegar to sit in the tank for an hour before flushing the toilet again with the water off. After the tank is emptied, go in with a cleaning tool like a brush or sponge, and clean the walls.

Turn the water back on and let the tank fill up. Remember to flush the toilet several times, so it properly rinses out all of the vinegar.

Avoid These Things

One of the first things to avoid is the cleaning tablets that go in the toilet bowl. Many find this solution to be easy and pain-free, but it is not good for the maintenance of a toilet. Using the tablets can result in the warranty of the toilet becoming void. The tablets have a tendency to attack the working tank trim itself.

They turn all of the water in the tank into a caustic liquid. This liquid can then warp the rubber components that are used to flush. Over time, this results in toilets leaking and occasionally preventing them from flushing entirely.

The other important thing to avoid is disposable toilet wands. They are not environmentally friendly or cost-effective. Additionally, brushes with silicone bristles are too soft to scrub well, so they are not recommended either.


Cleaning the toilet is a chore that many do not enjoy, but it is important to clean it properly and thoroughly. After cleaning it regularly, it becomes an easier task over time because the maintenance is of a high standard. It can also leave a fresh scent in the air after completing the task. Just make sure to add it into the cleaning schedule and make it a priority.

Having a clean toilet is always well received by not just the owner but any guests as well. No one wants to sit on a dirty toilet.

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