Appropriate Disinfection of Places of Worship During Covid 19

Appropriate Disinfection of Places of Worship During Covid 19

Today, we will talk about how to clean and disinfection of places of worship parishes, churches, and other religious congregations between masses and gatherings during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Churches receive high traffic and can therefore be the source of spread of the virus if not sanitised and churches cleaning properly. We will also tell you what cleaning chemicals and PPE are appropriate for these cleaning requirements.

What Do You Need When Disinfecting Surfaces Inside the Church?

  • Bigfoot sprayer – for huge areas.
  • Hand-held sprayer – medium to a small area

Disinfecting Pews

You can load any of these sprayers with ready to use antibacterial disinfectant. You have to dilute the disinfectant with water. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s label for proper dilution.

Disinfectant demands adequate contact time for it to work. You have to let the product sit after spraying it from the surface.

There are also special sprayers available in the market. The container has a different partition where you need to pour in the water, and another portion to click in the concentrated disinfectant. You can spray these disinfectants directly to surfaces.

  • Microfibre Wipe – we need to use a disposable wipe. You may use these after spraying the chemicals. Make sure to follow the proper contact time before wiping the surface. Fold the microfibre wipe in a way that will use all eight sides of it.

You can start spraying pews when your chemical and equipment are ready. Use the proper PPE before beginning the process.

Disinfecting Kneelers

Commercial cleaners can also use church cleaning process when disinfecting kneelers. You need to make sure that all high-touch points are wet with disinfectant.

Once the disinfectant has remained wet within the proper contact time, wipe all surfaces with microfibre wipes. We also suggest the use of dry mop with microfibre head.

You can also use the same mop in mopping the floor between the pews and kneelers.

Disinfecting High Touchpoints

Spray the disinfectant on a microfibre wipe or cloth when disinfecting high touchpoints. Same as with pews and kneelers, you need to give your disinfectant the proper contact time before drying it with another cloth or wipe.

Disinfecting the Restroom

Spray all the exposed surfaces inside the restroom. You can use the contact time to do other cleaning tasks inside the toilet.

Wipe all the sprayed surfaces with a microfibre cloth or wipe after achieving the proper contact time. Allow the surface to air dry.

Disinfecting the Altar

Same as with the other areas, spray the disinfectant directly to the surface of the altar. Leave it to achieve the proper contact time. Wipe it with a cloth or a wipe after the whole process.

One of the liturgy considerations is how to places of worship clean where any of the ministers are working at the parish. As we come up to the altar, we need to think about electronics and books.

The person coming up should have used their hand sanitiser ahead of time. You have to place the hand sanitisers strategically to where people can have easy access to it.

We do not suggest wiping or spraying disinfectant directly to books as it can destroy it over time.

Disinfecting Electronics

Take a small amount of alcohol and cotton balls. Apply the proper amount of alcohol to the cotton ball enough to get it wet. Dab your microphone with the cotton ball and work your way downwards.

You can also use the same process with wireless microphones. These mics are susceptible so please be gentle and lightly dab the mic surfaces.

One of the ideas presented regarding the lectionary and the mass readings would be to make photocopies of the transcript. You can discard these copies after the mass.

These are the necessary steps and procedures disinfection of places of worship and churches cleaning that we had compiled during the pandemic. Now that we are slowly opening the churches, we must protect the churchgoers from the virus.

Please share with us on how your cleaning business manages to churches and religious organisation cleaning around Australia. Let us share helpful tips and advice to promote a safer environment for everyone.


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