How to Pressure Wash a Workplace Building?

How to Pressure Wash a Commercial Building
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Washing a commercial building exterior is much work and typically takes days to complete.

The extensive office cleaning includes power washing, scrubbing with chemicals, blowing debris away from the surface, pressure washing again to remove loosened dirt from cracks in the concrete, and then waxing.

It’s important that you hire professionals for this job as they know what needs to be done and how best to do it.

Read on for more information about why hiring professionals is necessary for pressure power washing a commercial building exterior and how to do it yourself.

What is Commercial Pressure Washing?

Commercial pressure washing is one of the most popular methods of washing the exterior and interior walls of a commercial place like an office building. It involves the use of a pressure machine to expel water-detergent mixture on target areas like building walls, parking lots, and sidewalks in order to remove all kinds of dirt.

The high pressure will help remove even the deeply stuck dirt, dust, and stains without damaging the quality or appeal of the walls. Since this method involves the use of specialised machines and cleaning products, it is recommended to use professional commercial cleaning services for the best results.

Why is Commercial Pressure Washing a Commercial Building Exterior Necessary?

Pressure power washing is an essential part of making sure that your commercial building exterior looks its best. However, the longer the dirt and grime are left on the walls, the more likely it will attract insects and other pests to your property. Eventually, this can lead to rodents like mice or rats and a buildup of bacteria and mould.

When your commercial building exterior is clean, it gives the impression that you take good care of the interior and office space. This will contribute to keeping “interested” clients involved in doing business with you, which is good for your profits.

How to Pressure Wash a Commercial Building

It’s possible to pressure wash a commercial building exterior independently, but it requires some patience.

Cover Everything with Plastic.

To start with, you need to cover any items close to the structure, including cars, walkways, and plants. Once this is done, work from the top-down on one section of the wall at a time.

You want to make sure that you don’t accidentally damage any of the components of your commercial building like doors, windows, concrete, or steel with the high-pressure water stream.

Work in small areas at a time and then move to another section once it’s finished. Try also to use a graffiti removal solution to help with stains that are difficult to remove.

Clean The Parking Lots.

Parking lots are another area that requires attention when it comes to pressure washing. While you can’t cover up the asphalt, you need to avoid damaging the ground while using your high-pressure hose. Wet any asphalt or cement spots beforehand to avoid causing cracks in the hard surface.

Generally, the building’s exterior will be the only part that needs to be pressure washed. However, it is also good to make sure that your commercial building exterior has enough time to dry before starting business again. Otherwise, the dirt you washed off will come back due to the humid environment.

And Always Remember.

Remember to take your time and use caution when it comes to power washing a commercial building exterior. Please take advantage of the services offered by professionals in this field to ensure that your facility can look its best for a long time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I pressure wash my commercial building exterior?

The frequency of cleaning your commercial building exterior will depend on how much traffic it gets and the weather conditions in your area. Typically, if you use turpentine to clean office space, you can do it once every month or two.

Can I Use High-Pressure Water to Clean My Parking Lot?

Yes, you can use high-pressure water to wash the asphalt in your parking lot. However, damage can occur if heavy equipment is used on the asphalt, so be careful about this as well.

Can I Pressure Wash a Commercial Building Exterior Myself?

You can easily do it yourself and save money by cleaning an entire commercial building exterior yourself. However, remember that safety must come first because accidents can easily happen when using such powerful equipment. For best results with less risk of hurting yourself or others, consider hiring outside professionals to do the work for you.

What Are Some Other Ways to Keep My Commercial Building Exterior Clean?

Many things should be done to maintain the cleanliness of a commercial building exterior, including sweeping sidewalks and driveways, collecting debris, repainting if necessary, and keeping gutters clean of leaves, and other buildups.

What Precautions Should Be Taken When Pressure Washing a Commercial Building Exterior?

Typically, you want to cover items close to the building with plastic to avoid them from being damaged.

Can I Use Bleach to Clean Stains Off of My Commercial Building Exterior?

Using bleach on stained parts of your commercial building is not recommended because you might accidentally damage the surface of the walls. If any mould or mildew grows on an outside wall, you should consider hiring professionals to prevent further damage.

How Much Does It Cost to Pressure Wash a Commercial Building?

The cost of pressure washing a commercial building exterior depends on the size, location, and how much work needs to be done. In most cases, an hourly rate will be applied to the job.

What Are the Advantages of Using Power Washing Services?

If you need to clean a specific area, it will be easier and more cost-effective to hire experts. They can also provide you with more options when dealing with stubborn stains on commercial building exteriors.

Last Thoughts

A clean exterior is a healthy, safe, and inviting environment. So when people see your building’s facade, they should feel that you care about more than just the inside of your property.

Your business has invested in creating an attractive storefront for customers to enjoy from the outside.

Pressure washing commercial buildings are good for keeping them looking fresh and helps control harmful mould or mildew growth on surfaces such as concrete slabs and stone walls.

If you have been neglecting this critical step in maintenance, it may be time to call a professional company like ours!

We offer services including power washing at affordable prices. Contact us today before it starts costing more money down the road with costly repairs due to water damage or pest infestations caused by a buildup of mould and mildew.

Do You Need to Hire Commercial Pressure Washing Services or Power Washing Services?

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