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How to Remove Limescale and Keep it Away

Limescale is a hard off-white substance with a chalky consistency, mainly consisting of calcium carbonate, which builds up near places where hard water has evaporated. It is usually found in hot water boilers, washing machines, inside kettles, pipes, and plumbing fixtures. In bathrooms, it can be found in showerheads, taps, and plugs. Limescale removal can […]

How to Remove Stubborn Stains in Sydney

You’ve been clumsy with a bottle of ketchup and poof, there’s a big old stain on your T-shirt. So how do you get stubborn stains out? There are two basic methods for stain removal. They include interacting with the stain chemically or physically loosening the stain to remove it from a surface. Many hard-to-remove stains […]

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Cleaning Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is the solution for property owners who wish to give their rooms a luxurious look without spending their entire fortune. This floor can last for decades as long as it’s cared for and maintained properly to retain its shine.  Laminate flooring maintenance is slightly different from hardwood, so if you don’t apply the […]

7 Tips When It Comes To Cleaning Shared Spaces

With people working in packed places and sharing offices, desks, and equipment, it makes their shared space quite inviting for viruses and bacteria to pass from one person to another. And with COVID-19, it became even more dangerous to work in closely packed areas. When it comes to offices, people share desks, kitchen areas, and […]

How To Remove Bad Smells From Hardwood Flooring

Although hardwood flooring is an attractive feature to install in your home, it can be a serious issue if it starts to smell. Unlike rugs or carpets, it is costly to replace a hardwood floor. A few reasons why your hardwood flooring might smell include spilled food or drinks and pet urine. Water damage and […]

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Cleaning Tips

Even during a pandemic, people will find ways to celebrate Christmas and Holiday Season all over the world. Employees will soon be planning or maybe partying in small groups. Family members will definitely set up their Christmas tree to feel the spirit of the holiday. So, let us practice a few Christmas cleaning tips as […]

Cleaning Tricks for Every Occasion

It is a universal truth that if your office is dirty and messy, employees will find it hard to do a good job and perform well. Many studies had shown that cleanliness in workspaces affects the employee’s behaviour towards their job. In this article, we will be sharing with you 12 brilliant tricks that many […]

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