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Office Exteriors Cleaning (How to Keep Office Exteriors Tidy)

Office Exteriors Cleaning (How to Keep Office Exteriors Tidy)

The physical appearance of your office speaks a lot about your business – not only your brand. In a world where many things are being judged based on their physical appearance, you do not want your business to be misconstrued as not capable.

A clean, bright facade will speak so many good things about your company. Your client will have an understanding that you are proactive and presentation matters to you.

Maintaining outdoor cleaning is not as simple as cleaning the interior then you keep your office exteriors tidy. You will need to get professional help from commercial cleaners if you want to achieve the best result. ...  read more

Office Meeting Room Cleaning : How to Prepare Meeting Room for Visitors

Office Meeting Room Cleaning How to Prepare Meeting Room for Visitors

How to Prepare Your Meeting Room for Visitors

Meeting room – this is where all the ideas happen. This is where people concentrate and talk about the changes, procedures, and policies that will contribute to your company’s success. Your meeting room is your quiet witness. Your ability to concentrate and bring out your creative juices strongly depends on the state of your meeting room. I do not think you can think of something nice if you are working in a filthy space.

This is where the role of a commercial cleaner plays a vital factor how to prepare a meeting room for visitors. Employees like you will typically come and go before and after the meeting. You will not have the required energy needed to turn your meeting room spotless and shiny. ...  read more

Cleaning Equipment for Every Business: No Business Should Be Without Cleaning

Cleaning Equipment for Every Business No Business Should Be Without Cleaning

Clean Group has been the leading brand in Commercial Cleaning in Australia. We all know by now that the company provides cleaning equipment and tools for every business and if you want to venture into this niche.

If you are a start-up business and a bit tight on the budget, stick around as we will discuss only the essential tools and equipment that will help you get by.

Cleaning equipment for every business is classified as manual equipment and mechanical equipment.

Manual equipment contributes to the cleaning process by directly using it in operation, and it needs energy from the cleaner. This means that human force is required to operate these machines.

Whereas mechanical equipment is pieces of equipment that are powered by electricity. Commercial cleaners should be well-trained to operate these tools and equipment. Training and proper knowledge will make sure efficient cleaning.

Manual Equipment and Tools

Here are a few examples of cleaning equipment that professional cleaners use manually:

  1. Brushes
  2. Dry Mop
  3. Wet Mop
  4. Brooms
  5. Cloth
  6. Containers
  7. Box Sweepers


These are used for cleaning surfaces.

=&0=& They are best in removing heavy soil and litter from carpets. You can also use this for cleaning rough surfaces.

=&1=& Professional cleaners use this to remove loose soil and litter on hard, smooth surfaces. These are also designed for dusting carpets and furniture, especially those which are made out of wood.

=&2=& You will use a scrubbing brush if you need to remove heavy soil from small areas that are difficult for a scrubbing machine to reach.

Examples of scrubbing brushes are:

Toilet brush- use to clean the insides of the toilet. Some call this WC brushes, radiator brushes, and johnny mop

Bottlebrush- use to clean overflow from vents and basins.

Cloth scrub brush- these are primarily used in hotel cleaning. Cleaners use this when they need to wash linens.

Carpet brush- as the name pertains, it is used to clean and dust off carpet surfaces.

Upholstery brush- this can loosen dust embedded between fabric and fibres in upholstered chairs and sofas.

Care and Cleaning Tips

  • Tap the used brushes on a surface.
  • Avoid washing them frequently with water. The brushes may lose their stiffness in this way.
  • If you need to wash them, the final wash should be with saline water to regain their stiffness.
  • Always add disinfectant of your choice on toilet brushes after using it.
  •  ...  read more

    How to Do Emergency or Urgent Cleaning – Explained by Clean Group

    How to Do Emergency or Urgent Cleaning - Explained by Clean Group

    We all know how difficult it can be to clean your home or office after a recent party or similar event. Things can get even more complicated when you are time-bound to clean and tidy the place and make it ready for an upcoming emergency.

    This is exactly what our emergency/urgent cleaning services can help you with. In this article, Clean Group explains the best way to quickly & properly clean a place for an emergency through their own success story.

    We at Clean Group provide a complete range of commercial cleaning services, including same-day cleaning. Meeting customer’s cleaning goals and consistently delivering satisfactory results are our main objectives. This is one of many reasons why we are a trusted cleaning company for hundreds of businesses across Sydney.

    Why Hiring a Professional Service for Emergency Cleaning Sydney Is the Best Idea

    Normally, you might be able to clean your place by yourself, given that you have the time and patience for the job. But, here we are talking about emergency cleaning.

    Here, you are limited by time. That coupled with the stress of finishing the cleaning on time and with effective results can take a serious toll on anyone.

    Thankfully, we are professionals who have ample experience of working in such stressed and time-constraint situations and can guarantee results no matter the conditions.

    If you are still wondering why you shouldn’t do emergency cleaning by yourself or why it’s a good decision to hire professional help for urgent cleaning, here are a few points to help you understand.

  • Emergency cleaning can be hectic and time-consuming.
  • The place can be a serious mess after a recent party or event.
  • You may not have the right resources, equipment, etc. for effective cleaning, which a professional will have.
  • You can end up creating more mess, especially if you have zero experience in cleaning.
  • Hiring Professional emergency cleaners from Clean Group is affordable.
  •  ...  read more

    How to Keep a Reception Area Clean and Tidy [Primary and Easy Things]

    How to Keep a Reception Area Clean and Tidy [Primary and Easy Things]

    An office reception sets the initial impression of a company. It defines how professional your business is. We are all familiar with the saying that goes like, “Do not judge the book by its cover.” Having a clean and tidy reception sets the tone. How do you expect your potential clients to hire you if clutters and unwanted smells welcome them as they visit you? This article will talk to you about the primary and easy things you can do to keep your reception tidy.

    Most of the commercial cleaners who specialise in office cleaning often include reception maintenance. Office cleaners ensure that your reception is spotless, ready to receive visitors, clients, contractors, and employees the following day.

    Defining the Space

    A cramped space can be interpreted as unorganised. It will not help your visitors and potential clients relax as they sit in your reception coach. If your business has a limited space that you are using to be the waiting area, you may want to maximise what we are about to mention next.

    Remove the Clutter

    Hide the stationery inside the drawer and always keep a clean and tidy reception desk. Clutter can make your visitor’s eyes sore. They can also be distracted by the number of things that they can do in the reception area.

    Do not place your filing cabinet in the reception area if possible. You align your filing folder inside a concealed cabinet or tuck them under your desk.

    Minimise the Reading Materials

    You should know the number of people that sit in your reception every day. Get magazines that are up to date, professional, and entertain your guests as they sit in the reception area.

    As we go to these modern days, you will notice that only a few of your visitors bother to hold a magazine because most of them are busy with their mobile phones as they let their idle time pass.

    Choose your Furniture Wisely

    Consider the size of the space as you buy furniture. Do not get a couch that is too big for the room. Do not choose those with elaborate and complicated designs as it will not set the right tone for the business. Go with neutral colours that come with sleek and simple designs.

    Pay Attention to the Smell

    The reception area should not smell the same as your office. You can buy a diffuser with the scent appropriate for an office setup. In some cases, especially with those old offices, carpet can cause a stale smell. If this is the case, you can call your commercial cleaner and inquire about steam carpet cleaning. Clean group Sydney has been known for their excellent cleaning standards.

    Choosing the Right Floor Care

    The lobby or the reception area receives high foot traffic. The floor collects dust and dirt faster than any area in the office. Invest in good floor mats and door scrapers.

    You can also ask your professional cleaner to vacuum and mop the floor regularly to keep it nice, clean, and spotless. Floors are made with different materials. Hiring a professional cleaner is a wise decision because professional cleaners have the proper knowledge of each floor material.

    Make the Necessary Amenities Available

    Having a small trash bin in the reception area is a wise decision. This will encourage your visitors to dispose of their trash properly and keep a reception area clean and tidy.

    Other Things That You Need to Know

  • Keep the lobby visually clean. Always look after the cleanliness of this area. Do not leave things in the reception that will distract and give a wrong impression to your visitors.
  • Keep the reception desk neat, and do not leave the confidential paper works all over the place. Place all the documents inside the drawer, away from your visitor’s view.
  • Have a clear pathway for your customer. Do not leave things on the floor that will impose safety hazards. Make sure that the floor is dry to avoid slipping accidents.
  • Place signages to where your visitors can easily find the restrooms.
  • Having beverages like coffee or water is a plus but not required.
  • Choose the scent you will use wisely. Do not use strong-smelling scents if you are using diffusers, as some people have allergies.
  • Assign an area where your visitors can leave their outdoor coats and umbrellas.
  • Maintain adequate lighting. Not too dark and not too bright.
  • If you have a TV in the reception area, play something that will talk about your company.
  • If you choose to play music, choose something that is calming. Maintain a low volume enough for your visitors to hear one another comfortably.
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    How to Take Care of Office Indoor Plants

    How to Take Care of Office Indoor Plants

    Many studies show that nature, even indoors, helps reduce stress. In this article, we will tell you how to take care of your indoor plants.

    The Basics of Taking Care of Plants

    Assess your light condition before bringing in plants in your office. There is a light metre app that you can install on your cellphone to monitor the amount of light that comes into your office.

    • You can measure light by using light foot candles.
    • Low light plants usually need 30-foot candles.
    • Medium-light plants need 50 to 100-foot candles.
    • High light plants need 150-foot candles and up.

    Plants will still be in a safe condition if your office receives more than the required amount of light.

    Once you determine how much light you have, it is time for you to take care of office indoor plants’ needs. Choose those that require minimal maintenance.

    Good indoor plants can both take high-light and low-light and can survive in drought conditions. Some indoor plants are also considered as one of the best air-purifying plants.

    You should also consider where to put your plants. Do not choose hanging plants or place them near too much electronics. Do not choose something that will require you to use ladders.

    Choose a plant that is planted in a pot that has a drainer tool on it. It comes with a saucer to ensure that you will not spill any water on your desk.

    If you are using a pot that does not have a drainer, you need to include an aeration stone.

    We also suggest the use of sub-irrigated pots. Instead of watering the plants from the top, you will pour the water into the saucer. The plant will drink the water from below.

    The challenge is how to take care of office indoor plants long-term. If you choose the right plant and keep them in suitable light condition, you will only have to worry about watering them properly.

    Do not do blind watering, which means you are watering your plants, and you are not even sure if you are doing it way too much or too little.

    The way to identify the water requirement is by touching the soil. Engage with your plants and their environment.

    Your plants will become your stress reliever as you start appreciating them.

    Best Office Desk Plants

    Adding some greeneries to your space always helps. It helps tremendously in your mental health. In this section, we will give our recommendation on which plants are best to pick.

    ZZ Plants

    ZZ Plants do well in an office setting. It grows fast under direct light. You can find this plant almost everywhere. They are a bit expensive as compared to other indoor plants.

    Photos Plants

    Its leaves are a mix of yellow and green. These plants are also easy to find. It is leafy and Viney. They are best to be put on desks because they do not require too much humidity and light.

    They can grow even if you place them significantly away from the window. Photos and ZZ plants do not require too much watering. Make it a habit to check the soil once in a while. Water them if the soil is parched.

    Dracena Compacta

    This type of plant is so good under low light conditions. It can survive even if there is no sunlight at all. Usually, Dracena Compacta has a long stem. Same as with photos plants, Dracena Compacta does not require humidity.

    You can use a diffuser if you want to provide humidity for your plants. Aside from the incredible smell that it gives, it gives your plant a little bit of something that will help them grow and thrive indoors.

    If a diffuser is not available, you are welcome to use a spray bottle and squirt a small amount of liquid directly to the plants.

    Spider Plant

    You need to water a spider plant consistently. You have to pay more attention if you choose this plant compared to the last three plants that we mentioned.

    Plants are best at purifying the air you breathe. Having plants inside a business is excellent because office air is recycled.

    Plants That Are Not Suitable for Indoors


    They look like it will survive because it looks tough, but believe me; it won’t. It needs exposure to direct sunlight. They will die if you will let them sit on your desk. Overwatering succulent will cause them to rot.

    Prayer Plant

    Prayer plants require a lot of humidity. It does not need so much sunlight, but it needs a lot of watering, which is not practical in an office set up. You cannot leave them alone for a long time.

    Other Things You Need to Know When Bringing in Plants

    We recommend that you use ceramic pots.

    Before you go for the weekend, move your plants closer to the window if possible. This will give your plant a chance to absorb the sun. Make sure to water them enough to last at least two days as you will be out for the weekend.

    But, if all these still freaks you out, and you think that plants are too much work, you can always resort to bringing in fake plants. Get a fake one and put it in a cute pot.

    You do not need to move it around because it is designed to be stationary. Artificial plants will always be an option; no one will hate you for it.

    Natural plants will require more nourishment, and you have to take care of them. In return, it takes away your stress and purifies the air in your surroundings.

    One thing that we learned nowadays, commercial cleaners are starting to venture into little gardening. You can talk to your local commercial cleaners and check with them if this service is available.

    During the pandemic, many had resulted in the hobbies of planting. Being a “plant father” or “plant mother” is so popular these days. Indeed plants have many benefits. Its mother nature – giving us the gift of life.

    We want to hear from you. How do you feel about having greeneries in your office? Can you give us your two cents on how you can take care of your office indoor plants alive by writing a comment below?

    How to Remove Tea and Coffee Stains at Work (From Carpet, Keyboard, Floors and Furniture)

    How to Remove Tea and Coffee Stains at Work

    Employees having tea and coffee while working is usual. Many businesses offer complimentary drinks to both employees, visitors, and customers. Spilling coffee or tea while working is a familiar sight too. It can happen everywhere, and it can leave tea and coffee stains if left unattended. This article will talk to you about simple hacks and tips to eliminate bad coffee and tea stains while you are at work.

    We cannot deny the fact that a lot of people love caffeine. Coffee and tea stains will require time and effort to remove. These stains are not permanent, but you need to address them right away to avoid staining permanently.

    Removing Stains in Linen

    There is nothing more distracting aside from seeing a spot or stain from clean white linen. Accidents can happen while at work. Once the stain has dried up, apply household bleach to the affected part.

    Do not forget to use the appropriate PPE before you handle the bleach. After applying a liberal amount of bleach on the cloth, rub the fabric to ensure that bleach sets in. These works remove tea and coffee stains.

    Removing Stains in Carpet

    Ask yourself first how long the stain has been there. Fresh stains can be handled easily. Dab the carpet with cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. Do not make the mistake of rubbing the cloth on the carpet as it will only absorb the liquid more.

    It will also help if you pour a small amount of cold water into the stain. Make sure not to soak the carpet. Continue to dab until you lift all of the carpet stains.

    If the stain is already dry, you can mix vinegar with water and dishwashing soap. Pour a small amount of the mixture into the stain and dab it with a clean paper towel and cloth.

    Remove tea and coffee stains can be a challenge if it took you a while to take action on it. If the stain is already deeply seated, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and repeat the same process as mentioned above.

    Removing Stains in Cups

    If you drink coffee and tea, you get stains on both cups and teapots. The secret is to use baking soda. It is the most affordable way to address these nasty stains on cups and chinawares.

    Wet the cups with water and sprinkle them with baking soda. Scrub the stain with a sponge. Work your way from the inside to the outside. Sometimes, Tea and coffee stains can also be seen on the outside of a mug or ceramic cup.

    Removing Stains On Upholstery

    Receptions and waiting areas should be immaculate as they will create a lasting impact on your clients. Refreshments like coffee and tea are often served in these areas. Like offices, accidents can happen, and your guests can also spill their drinks to your upholstery.

    Act on the stain as soon as it hits the surface. Do the same process that we taught you in addressing carpet stains. You just have to dab the stain with a small amount of water and absorb the moisture with a clean cloth or paper towel until you completely lift the stain.

    For tough stains, you can mix vinegar with water or use baking soda and water. Scrub the surface in a circular motion using a clean brush. Flush it out with a small amount of water, and be very careful not to soak it. Pat it dry with a clean cloth and paper towel.

    Removing Stains On Floors and Furniture

    Coffee or tea rings on your desks and spillages on the floor are easy to address. You can simply wipe it clean and dry with a mop, cloth, or paper towel.

    You can mix a small amount of white vinegar with water and apply the solution on the stained surface for stubborn stain. Once the removed tea and coffee stain are gone, wipe it dry with a fresh cloth or paper towel.

    Removing Stains On Floors on Keyboards

    We are all guilty of working while having coffee. By doing so, we cannot escape the unavoidable fact that coffee and tea stains can also be present on our keyboards – but it is the least of our worries.

    Here is what you need to do if you accidentally spill your beverage on your keyboard:

  • Unplug the keyboard from the primary connection as soon as it happens. If you are using a wireless, take off the batteries.
  • Get rid of all the liquid by turning the keyboard upside down. If you think you had gotten rid of all the drinks, wipe the keyboard dry with a clean cloth. Do not use paper towels when you do this, as it can leave lines on the keyboard that can eventually destroy it.
  • Do not use the keyboard for 24 hours.
  • After the 24 hour period had passed, test your keyboard and see it is still working. Also, check if the keys are sticky.
  • If the keys are sticky, you have no other choice but to dismantle the keyboard and wash the keycaps with warm water. It will be helpful to take a photo of the keyboard before dismantling the whole thing.
  • Dry each keycap and put them back in their respective places.
  •  ...  read more

    Why is a Healthy School Environment Important for Students in Australia?

    Professional School Cleaning That You Deserve

    School and learning facilities receive high foot traffic. Traffic creates dirt, accumulate dust, and welcomes virus and bacteria that can be harmful to anyone, especially the young ones who have a weaker immune system. This is the reason why a school needs to get professional school cleaning needs.

    Clean Group offers child care, schools, training facilities, universities, and colleges cleaning.
    Our cleaning technicians are equipped with excellent training and expertise to do the following:

    • Efficient cleaning methods
    • Knowledgeable and well-trained cleaners that know how to overcome cleaning challenges
    • Routine inspections to measure customer satisfaction rates

    Apart from a competitive price, Clean Group promises security and safety. Our company is insured and bonded, which gives you an extra layer of protection.

    Our cleaning technicians are carefully selected and have undergone an extensive background check to ensure that we employ the best individual for the job.


    Due to the increasing number of Covid 19 infected individuals, Clean Group performs frequent touchpoint disinfection to the following areas:

    Common Areas

    • Water Fountains
    • Audio Visual Equipment
    • Stairs
    • Benches
    • Railings
    • Door Frames
    • Playground Equipment
    • Doors
    • Parking Lot Signages
    • Lift Buttons
    • Lockers
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Locker Handles and Locks
    • Light Switches


    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Clipboards and Pens
    • Partitions
    • Desk Bells
    • Keypads and Buttons
    • Display Cases
    • Intercom Systems


    • Sinks
    • Countertops
    • Toilet and Toilet Seats
    • Dispensers
    • Mirrors
    • Doors and Partitions


    • Chairs
    • Dispensers
    • Boards, Board Pens, and Board Erasers
    • Computer Sets
    • Stationaries like scissors, staplers, etc.
    • Phones and phone handles and keypad
    • Printers
    • Desk Drawers
    • Partitions
    • Filing Cabinets and Filing Folders


    • Chairs and Desks
    • Pens and other Stationaries
    • Counters
    • Computer Sets
    • TV Sets and Remote Controls
    • Light Switches
    • Partitions
    • Phones and Phone Handles
    • Printers and Printer Trays

    Lunchroom and Pantry

    • Chairs, Benches, and Tables
    • Coffee Makers
    • Fridge Handles
    • Lunch Trays
    • Microwave Oven

    Gym and Locker Areas

    • Bleachers and Benches
    • Display Cases
    • Locker, Locker Handles and Locks
    • Shower Areas
    • Shower Mats
    • Tables
    • Sports Equipment

    Outdoor Area

    • Benches and Tables
    • Outdoor Equipment
    • Parking Signages

    Most Important Aspects in School Cleaning

    Keeping the school clean and healthy has many benefits. Kids will get dirty during their stay. Cleaning can be a challenge to newbies because they do not know where to focus on. In this section, we will talk about the critical aspects of professional school cleaning.

    Keeping a Schedule

    Professional school cleaners keep a strict cleaning schedule. A cleaning checklist is a great help to accomplish this.

    Proper Waste Disposal

    First thing first, cleaning technicians should wear the proper PPE during the process of waste disposal. Waste should go to the designated bins to properly manage it.

    Know Your Focus Areas

    Professional cleaners know how to pay attention to areas where germs and bacteria.

    Familiarity with the Differences in Cleaning, Sanitising and Disinfecting

    The people in the cleaning industry know that these three are different from one another.
    In a nutshell, cleaning is completed by removing the visible dirt, dust and debris from the surface.
    Sanitising is reducing the number of germs to an acceptable level.
    Disinfecting is the application of disinfectant that kills germs on surfaces.

    Read the Manufacturer’s Label

    For your own safety, always read the manufacturer’s label before handling whatever cleaning chemicals or disinfectants.

    Include the Students as a Part of the Cleaning Team

    Make sure that your students understand the importance of the cleanliness of their surroundings. You can assign simple clean up tasks to them before they leave for the day.

    Hire Professional Cleaners

    You can never go wrong when you bring professionals on board. They know your needs even before you tell them what is needed. They have their cleaning equipment.

    Deep Cleaning During School Breaks

    Dirt and dust can still settle even you have a routine cleaning in place. Your businesses’ safety depends on regular deep cleaning to ensure that deep-seated dust and dirt on neglected areas will get the attention it requires.

    Regular Disinfection ...  read more

    How to Keep Your Business Healthy During the Flu Season (Flu Prevention Tips 2021)

    How to Keep Your Business Healthy During the Flu Season (Flu Prevention Tips 2021)

    Flu season is now around the corner. With the Covid 19 still not eliminated from our site, we should prioritize our health and safety even more. This article will talk about Keep Business Healthy During the Flu Season tips and practices that will make your workplace safe and sound during the flu season amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

    The flu season is typical during the change in the weather or season. It will make sense if you will prepare the office for the influx of people calling in sick because of the flu.

    Oh, one more thing, let us not forget that Covid 19 displays flu-like symptoms too. All the more reason for us to be vigilant and to stay healthy.

    Ways in Keeping Yourself Healthy During the Flu Season

    Get yourself vaccinated

    There is no better way of protecting yourself than getting a vaccine against the flu. Researches reveal that the vaccine will only take two weeks to produce antibodies that will fight the flu virus.

    Many employers cover flu shots for the welfare of their employees.

    Load Your Office with Germ-Fighting Weapons

    Make sure that your workplace has an ample supply of the following:

    1. Hand soap
    2. Hand sanitisers
    3. Hand towels
    4. All-purpose disinfectant 
    5. No-touch rubbish bins
    6. Disinfecting wipes

    Store these items in an accessible area easy for your employees to see and reach.

    Stay at Home

    Encourage your employee to stay home if they feel the symptoms of flu. By doing so, you will eliminate the possibility of spreading the germs and infecting the other employees.

    Create Flu Awareness

    Awareness is also better than cure. You can invite local health officials to conduct a talk or a seminar that will impart helpful =&1=& to your employees.

    Simple frequent handwashing is the road to a flu-free workplace. You can post posters and reminders to handwashing stations to show how to wash hands properly.

    Commercial cleaners have an essential role in preventing the spread of the flu. Frequent disinfection of high touchpoint areas will take you a step ahead of your goal.

    Promote healthy living

    Encourage your employee to exercise as it is known to boost our immune system. You can give them a full or partial membership to the gym. You can also invite a health instructor to perform easy exercises that can be performed while at work.

    Keep an Ample Supply of Healthy Foods

    I believe in the saying that you are what you eat. It is also not rocket science that we need to eat nutritious food to be healthy. You can foster a healthy diet in your office if you can stock healthy snacks like fruits, granolas, and cereals.

    Promote adequate water intake for each of your employees. Being hydrated will help you go a long way.

    Since we can now smell and feel the =&2=&, are you ready? Are your office and employee protected? Have you hired a reliable commercial cleaner that will offer a safe and healthy workplace for you and your employee?

    Please share your experience and valuable inputs on how you can combat the flu season effectively by writing a comment below.

    The Ultimate Guide to Top Cleaning Innovations for 2021

    The Ultimate Guide to Top Cleaning Innovations for 2021

    No matter which industry you focus on, businesses have to find ways to optimize their operations.

    The cleaning industry is not an exception. The technological revolution had eliminated many cleaning challenges in the past.

    Now that there are new tools and modern equipment available, we cannot deny how it eases the way we do our day-to-day top cleaning innovations tasks.

    You name it, from the chemicals used in cleaning, equipment, and even the marketing approach had changed drastically. Being aware of these innovations will bring you ahead of the game.

    This article will talk to you about these new top cleaning innovations to help you grow your cleaning business. We already know by now that the cleaning industry is on the rise.

    Maybe it is time for you to consider this innovation and be amazed at how efficiently it can help you grow your business.

    Cleaning Business Top Innovative Approaches

    Adapting to New Technology to Improve Efficiency

    The cleaning industry is one of the oldest professions. While many businesses invest in technology, the cleaning industry had remained dormant for quite a long time.

    Good news! Now, we are slowly coming into the light—one of the newest trends in cleaning tech are data-driven tools. Some even feature monitoring the supply level of your toiletries like hand soap and paper towels. It decreases the issues that you may encounter in monitoring the hygiene supplies.

    Smart tools and modern advancements are great for the cleaning business because it reduces your staff time. Tasks are completed in much less time.

    Software Tools to Boost Your Productivity

    Organizing daily operations is time-consuming.

    It is a real challenge to keep up with daily operations, tracking lead generations, conversions, administration, etc.

    Different software tools are now available in the market. The following are some of the few that will help you a great deal.
    You can now track your cleaner’s location and the hours spent in an area with this tool. It also has a scheduling feature that will allow you to create an ongoing cleaning schedule easily.

    It will serve as your eye to monitor your staff if they have been reporting for work late or have finished the job too soon.
    Getting a consistent amount of good leads is crucial for a business. With this software, you will have a seamless ability to send sales campaigns and easily schedule follow up with your clients.

    It is a challenge to keep track of and record all of your customer’s details. CRM tools make it possible to compile all the critical messages and customer’s data in one system.

    With this in place, you can also take advantage of automation capabilities such as knowledge bases, forward ticketing, and chatbots.

    Green Cleaning

    Almost everyone is going green. Why? Because it is safer for the environment. We need to be responsible.

    In the cleaning industry, green cleaning is being practised from the cleaning equipment, products, and consumables.

    Green cleaning is often associated with healthy cleaning.

    Maximize Social Media Marketing

    Everyone is on mobile. Unlike all other marketing approaches, social media marketing can be free. It is a great help in growing your business.

    The cleaning business has heavily relied on face to face interactions with its customers in the past. Now that social media has changed the trend, you can cover your after-sales relationship with your clients via social media.

    Social media is beneficial if you want to put your brand in a spot where your potential customers look.

    Invest in Training

    As we have mentioned earlier, 80 per cent of your business still relies on face-to-face interaction. Some customers will require the cleaners to go during working hours.

    Train them well and make sure that their knowledge is up-to-date. Professionalism and excellent quality will take you a long way if you want to go far in the cleaning industry.

    Overcoming Turn Over

    The cleaning industry is notorious for having a high turn-over rate in the past.

    Now that this revolution is happening, management is now paying more attention to valuing their employees. They are now making sure that their people are happy, content, and equipped with the proper training before being on board.

    Top cleaning innovations will help the cleaning industry go a long way, and it is here to stay. We want to know which of these innovations have you taken so far. Let us know which one works and which does not by writing a message down in the comment section.

    Implementing these innovations in the right way will help your business to stay competitive. Please join us in our next article.