6 Telltale Signs Your Commercial Cleaners Don’t Know What They’re Doing

In this post, I am going to show you the 6 telltale signs your commercial cleaners don’t know what they’re doing by Clean Group. Keep reading.

On the internet alone, there countless cleaning companies that claim to be “the best”. When you visit their websites, you often read words that say they are the “leaders” and “experts” in commercial cleaning.

Sadly, even when you do your research – read customer reviews and contact references, there’s really no way of proving their claim until you have the first-hand experience of their service.

Business owners falling victims to this false claims is nothing new. Many hire incompetent commercial cleaners and end up frustrated with the results. If you think you just hired a team with questionable skills, here are some telltale signs you need to spot:

1) They don’t provide prompt responses
Any good service starts with good customer service. Good customer service starts the moment you reach out to a company. When your inquiry is not met with promptness, this can be a sign of incompetence and lack of commitment.

Conversely, providing prompt responses exhibits a company’s respect for their clients’ time. If they value your time, they’ll be eager to provide quick resolutions to your issues and concerns.

2) They start in the wrong spot
If a cleaning company claims to be “experts” then they should know where to start. Ideally, cleaning should start at the edges or corners of a room. Cleaners should work their way to the centre and out towards the door.

By the same token, cleaners should dust items from top to bottom. This technique is effective in preventing dust to spread back to objects that have already been dusted. If you notice your cleaners are always starting in the wrong spot, think twice about re-hiring them.

3) They use the wrong materials
Cleaners who use ordinary cloths, cotton or paper towels clearly don’t know what they’re doing. Microfibres cloths are the ultimate cleaning tool, and your “expert” cleaners should know that. Microfibres are effective in trapping dust, dirt, grease and bacteria. They are super absorbent too so you can cover larger areas with just a few amounts of cleaning products.

4) They don’t move objects when cleaning
Cleaners should move movable objects during cleanup so they can remove dirt underneath it especially in warehouses. our Dedicated warehouse cleaners sydney team will do that even without your supervision. They won’t cheat and try to take shortcuts. If you notice your commercial cleaners doing so, it’s time to switch to a new cleaning company.

5) They leave the place dirty
This one goes without saying. If your office remains unclean even after a cleanup operation, it means your commercial cleaners didn’t clean it well. There isn’t any good excuse for not getting their job right. If they really are experts as they claim to be, they should be able to get it right the first time.

6) They don’t follow-up
You can tell if a cleaning company only cares about making money when they don’t follow-up.

They don’t care to find out whether you’re satisfied with the results or not, and if you have any issues with their service. After cleaning your office and taking your money, they just move on to another client.

A cleaning company that’s committed to their customers values customer feedback. They put clients’ satisfaction at the top of their priorities.

Hence, they will want to provide quick resolutions to resolve any issue in order to keep their clients happy. This is Clean Group. We work to ensure that your commercial spaces are thoroughly sanitised with our professional office cleaners.

If your commercial cleaners do these things, you should take no hesitations in making the switch. Clean Group believes that as a paying client, you should get nothing less than the best cleaning experience.

Let us help you with your cleaning needs. Contact us and receive exceptional office care and cleaning services from our dedicated team of professional cleaners.


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