How Much To Pay For Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne?

How Much To Pay For Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Carpet is one of the most expensive investments of a business. It gives a beautiful and sophisticated finish on the floor. It needs special care to increase the life of the carpet. The material offers a home to dust, germs, and bacteria. How much do you think it would cost you to have the entire carpet in your office cleaned? Carpet cleaners in Melbourne have different ways of quoting for the needed job.

Same as special and routine cleaning, carpet cleaning in Melbourne can also be quoted based on the cleaning duration or the square footage of the space that needs this type of cleaning.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Melbourne?

Commercial or carpet cleaners will quote based on the size of the area. Sales Managers will also consider the condition of the carpet. Expect that the cost may be a little higher if your carpet is soiled or dirty.

Carpet cleaners in Melbourne also offer special fabric treatment for an additional cost. The average rate for carpet cleaning service is based on the most uncomplicated carpet cleaning procedure. Rate and prices may also differ depending on location and the cleaning method that is required in the process.

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning ensures that the material will dry quicker as compared to the other cleaning methods. The cleaning chemical is applied directly to the carpet. After that, a rotation buffer with an absorbent pad will be moved across the carpet. A stain removal solution is used for stubborn stains.

Dry cleaning is recommended for light to the moderately soiled carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is an effective way of getting rid of heavily embedded dust, dirt, and other contaminants. This is the carpet cleaning method that will give you the best value for your money.

Steam carpet cleaning involves the use of a hot cleaning solution. This cleaning agent is sprayed on the carpet directly. Afterward, the specialized vacuum cleaner will suck out the solution along with the dirt and dust that are seated at the bottom part of your carpet.

The steam cleaning machine also uses an agitating device to ensure that the cleaning solution will work intensely on the carpet.

Carpet Sanitizing

This process kills bacteria that live in the carpet. Germs and contaminants are sources of bad odor. This process can be treated as an add-on to steam cleaning and dry cleaning. For the best result, you can ask your carpet cleaning provider if they offer this particular chemical. It can cost a little extra, but you can rest assured that your carpet is germ-free for a long time.

Carpet Protection

Carpet protection is available for an additional price. You can ask your carpet cleaning company to apply this particular chemical after they had cleaned your carpet thoroughly. The chemical is designed to work as a shield on top of the carpet. It is excellent protection against spillage, stains, and soil sticking to the fiber.

Rug Cleaning

The rug functions almost the same as the carpet. You may be surprised to know what kind of build-up a rug can develop over time. Dust, dirt, gums, soil, hair, and all other debris can go deep into the rug. Regular vacuuming will not promise to keep your rugs clean at all times.

Some rugs are made out of expensive and delicate materials. Ask your carpet cleaning provider if they clean this type of rug before booking in.

Upholstery Cleaning

We can find two types of upholstery cleaning in the market. It can be through dry cleaning or steam cleaning. The concept is the same as how the carpets are being serviced. The tricky part is knowing the proper cleaning solution and the equipment to use to complete the job. Your cleaning team will consider:

  • if the upholstery were cleaned in the past
  • will the fabric shrink
  • will the color fade

Upholstery cleaning can remove all dirt and stains. You can also choose to add fabric protection after the cleaning is completed. This process will ensure that your upholstery will stay clean for an extended time.

Carpet Shampoo

This process is one of the traditional methods of carpet cleaning. The shampoo is directly applied to the carpet and is agitated by the rotating machine to create foam. Shampoo Carpet Cleaning is economical because it only requires shampoo and a vacuum cleaner. Doing this cleaning method increases the lifespan of your carpet.

Importance of Carpet Cleaning in Australia

Apart from the aesthetic benefits of a clean carpet, there are numerous benefits why you should keep your carpet neat and tidy at all times.

Say Goodbye to Allergens and Bacteria

Regular carpet cleaning can give you the best health benefits. We all know that carpet is a home for germs, viruses, and bacteria. Dust, dirt, and other dangerous pollutants can make their way in between the carpet’s fibers. With regular cleaning, we can have these unwelcome visitors at bay.


We all know that carpet is an expensive investment. Spending a few dollars to clean your carpet correctly will ensure that it will go a long way. You do not have to pay another exorbitant amount of money to have another carpet installed. Always remember that it is easier to pay for carpet cleaning services instead of buying a new one.

Maintain the “Clean Look”

An office will not clean if the carpets are not clean. There is no going around with that. Your carpet can only look clean or dirty. Vacuuming will do its job, but regular deep cleaning is suggested.

Regular vacuuming will not be able to pick up all the dirt and dust that are deeply seated at the bottom of the carpet. Your employees, customers, and visitors will appreciate the look and feel of a freshly cleaned carpet.

Say “No” to Smelly Carpet

Obviously, carpet develops smell over time. Periodic carpet cleaning is an excellent option to keep a fresh smelling carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Facts

  • Your carpet cleaning provider in Melbourne should do a thorough pre-vacuum before they start the job. Dust, dirt, and soil will turn into mud when exposed to moisture. Obviously, mud is more difficult to remove compared to dry dirt. Remember to vacuum the area thoroughly to achieve the best result.
  • You need to deal with stains separately. Some stains may require special stain removal treatment. Set your expectation straight that most of the stains cannot be eliminated with steam and dry carpet cleaning.
  • Almost all of the cleaning chemicals are based on alkaline. We need to use an acidic conditioning rinse to balance out the cleaning product.
  • The outcome of the carpet cleaning services strongly depends on the skill of the cleaner who does the job. Not all Melbourne commercial cleaning companies that offer the service are the same. Results of cleaning also depend on the time taken and the chemicals and equipment used to complete the job.
  • Same as the other branches of the cleaning industry, carpet cleaning in Melbourne is not regulated. It is wise to look for a cleaning provider that can present certificates of insurances and bonds for broader coverage should an emergency arise.
  • The “Wet-dog” smell will go away as soon as the carpet dries. This is normal with a mat made out of wool. This type of carpet material has natural sulfur that emits the smell when it gets wet.
  • Carpet cleaning will not remove or eliminate the stain protection applied to carpets by the manufacturer or the last cleaner who attended your carpets. Stain carpet protection breaks down because of wear and tear. We recommend using stain carpet protection in high traffic areas only.
  • Carpets need grooming after the deep cleaning. The process will ensure that the carpet dries out quickly and that piles sit in the same direction.
  • Carpet cleaning companies promise the quality of the service. If you are not happy with the result, speak up and call the company that provided the service.
  • Carpets that are cleaned regularly last longer and look better.

Now that you read all the things that we know about carpet cleaning in Melburne, do you still consider venturing into this industry? If yes, please read through and follow these helpful tips.

Tips for Starting A Carpet Cleaning Business

Carpet cleaning in Melbourne can be challenging. It is not the ideal start if you would like to be part of the cleaning industry. For you to get the best profit from this business, you need to invest in quality equipment and a strong marketing strategy to win your competition.

Take Smart Primary Steps

  • Get Trained – do your research and study how the business works. You can also secure certification for better leverage. You can get basic courses to learn about the proper chemicals and equipment.
  • Save Money and Resources – business needs capital, and that is a fact. You will need money to invest in marketing, equipment, gas, and other overhead expenses.

Buy the Essential Equipment

There are several ways on how you can purchase a piece of equipment. You can start with low-cost, second-hand equipment but also consider the fact that this can limit your ability and performance. You can also consider applying for a business loan.

Winning Your First Customer

You need to be famous in this niche. People need to associate the service you provide when they hear your brand. Combine traditional and modern marketing strategies and know your market. Build a helpful list of repeat customers that will help you with word-of-mouth and referrals.

Once you know your trade and ready to expand, consider these four basic strategies:

  • sell supporting products and consumables to your customers like toilet paper and hand towel
  • add more services like window cleaning and pressure washing
  • expand your geographical market
  • give incentives and gifts to customers who will refer you to new clients.

Manage Your Profit

Create an easy and effective way to communicate with your customers and employees. Encourage your customers to share their satisfaction with their peers and family members. Establish a reliable system from marketing to customer support.

Pretty comprehensive! Do you find this article helpful? Please write your comment down below and let the world know how you run your carpet cleaning business in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. There are a lot of aspiring business owners who read this page. Let us guide them by sharing our best practices and what pitfalls to avoid in order to be successful in this chosen niche.

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