Showroom Cleaning Guide – Complete Cleaning Guide For Showrooms.

Showroom Cleaning Services By Professional Office Cleaners in Sydney
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In this blog, we are going to share with you showroom cleaning services provided by professional office cleaners in Sydney – Clean Group.

Showroom – it can be for cars or expensive pieces of furniture. A showroom is generally a wide, open floor, surrounded by glass. The vast expense displays luxury. It only deserves the finest showroom cleaning quality possible.

Not all commercial cleaning companies are equipped to deliver this kind of showroom cleaning service with such ease. In this article, we will share with you standard practices on how we became successful in managing the most critical parts of the showroom, which are the glasses and the floors.

Showroom Floor Cleaning Service Set-Up

Most of the showrooms that we encountered have invested in hardwood floors. Why? Because it is expensive and classy. In this section of the article, we will tell you about how we manage hardwood floor cleaning.

Being around in the office cleaning business for more than two decades, we have done research and tried different techniques. Some various products and mops are appropriate for hardwood floors. Our office cleaners in Sydney are trained and equipped to provide the best cleaning service.

Not all hardwood floors are the same. They are manufactured differently, and they have dedicated proper care procedures. It all depends on their size, texture, and colour. There is no one right solution for hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are finished in a couple of different ways. Test them first before you start showroom cleaning. For you to check what kind of finish your hardwood floor has, drop a bit of water onto the floor and see if it beads.

If it does, then that means it is coated. If the moisture was absorbed, it means your hardwood floors are unfinished, and you cannot put more water on them because it will destroy your base.

Here are the everyday things you need in caring for and cleaning for hardwood showroom floors:

  • cleaning vinegar
  • dishwashing soap
  • wringer bucket
  • microfiber mop
  • microfiber cloth
  • rubbing alcohol

Vinegar is best for tough stains and is an excellent disinfectant. It also can cut grease and does not leave streaks behind. Put a small amount of vinegar and mix with dishwashing liquid in hot water.

Soak the mop head for a few minutes. You want your mop to absorb the cleaning solution thoroughly for effective cleaning. Wring it well. Make sure that the mop head is almost dry before you start mopping the hardwood floor.

Start in one corner and do the S-pattern. Move your way to the other corner. This ensures that all surface of the floor is clean from top to bottom, left to right.

Always keep your mop bucket behind you. Crouch down and look at the floor, it should be almost dry. You can be extra diligent and wipe it with a microfibre cloth.

Keep in mind that on top of this, we are vacuuming and mopping a couple of times a week if you can bear it or as often as required. The mopping of floors has to be done at least once a week. Make it mirror shiny, and your customers and visitors will notice. It will pay off the extra effort.

Showroom Glass Cleaning

The trade of window cleaning in showrooms is almost 99 per cent labour and 1 per cent equipment. Amazingly, this 1 per cent for the right window cleaning tools can reduce the amount of time it takes for you to clean the window efficiently.

To learn the proper care of windows, we need to understand what is wrong with using spray bottles and rags. When you leave moisture on a piece of glass, it can be absorbed into the surface. If you look under a microscope, drinks are made of jagged surfaces.

All these edges have reflective qualities. As you start to dry one area, the rags slowly get wet. Each site of the glass receives a different amount of moisture and chemical.

Sometimes, these may not be visible in low-light areas, especially if you look at them from the inside. However, if you look at it from under direct sunlight, where the light is very bright, it will show up as a very smeared window. It is impossible to have a constant reflection on glass under direct sunlight using spray bottles and rags.

A good squeegee has a sharp and soft rubber edge that absorbs nothing. When used correctly, it cuts through water evenly off the glass, leaving a beautiful reflection.

For more expansive windows, you will need to prepare a bucket that can both be used inside and out.

The Right Window Cleaning Solution for Showrooms

Most professional window cleaners typically use dishwashing liquid as a cleaning solution. We need to use that can cut through grease and grime. Dishwashing liquid can be sudsy, and we do not want foam in our solution.

Our main goal is to break the dirt and dust from the glass. The right proper solution will help the squeegee glide through the surface, but we do not want to see it on the glass when we make a mistake. We also do not want to see a cloudy film around the edges.

Choosing the Right Window Washer for Showroom Cleaning Services

There are three types of window washers that you can use in cleaning the wide and tall glasses of your showroom. One washer can be used for both internal and external glass cleaning.

Another type of window washer is more absorbent than the others. This can hold more cleaning solutions compared to your typical washer.

The last type has a unique scrubber that can be used without scratching the glass surface. All these washing techniques are followed by a professional window washer and for that, you need to hire a window washer for your showroom.

When you are using a washer with a pole, you can use a swivel pole which will allow you to reach the hard-to-reach edges of high windows easily. This washer will enable you to wash the glass from one standing position reaching up to the top and down without bending.

You have to wet the window well enough. Use your squeegee while the window is still wet with the solution. Smears will appear if there is not enough solution on the window surface.

A small speck of dirt on the floor and glass can ruin the overall appearance of your showroom. Please drop your comment below if you have other suggestions on how you do your Showroom Cleaning Services.

Let us know how you are able to close showroom contracts. Also, you can leave suggestions on what topics you want to cover

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