How to Clean Your Office Air Purifier Professionally [Best Cleaning Tips]

How to Clean Your Office Air Purifier Professionally [Best Cleaning Tips]

The demand for air purifiers increased during the height of the pandemic. Air purifiers help maintain safe and healthy air circulating a room or an office. On average, employees spend time in the office for eight hours. It is only critical to ensure clean and pollutant air for them to breathe in.

In this article, we will talk about how commercial cleaners perform cleaning air purifiers professionally. We want to share our best practices with you and include cleaning air purifiers in your cleaning scope.

Will An Air Purifier Help Sanitize Your Office?

Most of the air purifiers available in the market right now have an indicator to let your commercial cleaners know when it is time to clean your filter. The indicator can show you if the filter is up for replacement as an added feature too.

Commercial cleaning companies make sure that the equipment is turned off and unplugged before starting on the job as part of the safety hazard.

Best Tips For Cleaning Air Purifiers At Office

We want to share our best practices with you and include cleaning air purifiers in your cleaning scope. 

Start from the Outside

The exterior filter traps dirt and pollutants as the air travels inside the equipment. Our cleaners use a damp cloth to wipe over the outer filter.

You may also use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment that is appropriate for the filters. The vacuum cleaner will pick up dust, dirt, and hair that were trapped on it. 

Dismantle the Cover

Most of the air purifiers have cover at the back. This cover secures the compartment of the air filters. Newer versions have latches, while the older versions will require you to use a screwdriver. In any case that you cannot find where the cover is, please refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

The Air Filter 

Once the cover is lifted or removed, you will have a precise gauge on the condition of the filter itself. Do not be surprised if you see dust and other particles in there.

It only speaks of the air quality that revolves in your office. Be thankful if you see it dirty. That means you were able to inhale a cleaner, more purified version of air inside your office. 

Commercial cleaners have an extra bag ready as they access the filter. Carefully remove the filter as it can emit pollutants in the air if you do not handle it with care. 

Clean the filter with running water and let it dry.

Dispose of the collected debris and dirt in your recycling bins. 

New Filter

Once dry, you can return the clean filter to the air purifier. Be mindful of the arrow marks. Most of the time, there are markings in the air filter, which will give you instructions on how it should be placed. If this is not present, you can easily refer to the manufacturer’s manual. 

Run the Machine

Turn on the air purifier and see if it will work properly. These smart machines will show you indicators if you missed something or if you misplaced a part. If the device alerts you, you have to follow its lead. 

We all know the nature of Covid 19. Studies have proven that it is airborne. Innovations like air purifiers are a significant advancement. I can say that it is a good investment for you to have. 

Why Choose Clean Group for Office Air Purifier Cleaning

Talking about investing in these machines, we do not want you to worry about taking the proper care of them. We have professional cleaners for air purifiers in Australia who are knowledgeable and competitive in this field. All you have to do is call your Sydney cleaning service provider and ask.

Now It’s Your Turn

I want to hear from you too? Have you experienced professionally office air purifier cleaning? Do you think that it helps to improve the air quality? Please drop us a comment below and share with us your first-hand experience in cleaning air purifiers. 


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