How to Clean Your Workplace, Kitchen Fridge? (A Complete Guide)

How to Clean Your Office Kitchen Fridge
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We’ve all been there; the office kitchen fridge has gone from zero to disaster in just a few days. We’re not talking about dirty dishes or leftovers that have expired, but rather an accumulation of food spills and general messiness.

Whether it’s your responsibility to clean out the fridge or you are being asked by someone else to do so, this post will provide some helpful tips on how best to go about office cleaning up this messy situation.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Fridge?

Even though it’s not always seen, there can be many bacteria and harmful germs building up in the fridge. These will usually cause food poisoning from expired or spoiled food, with symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

A messy office kitchen fridge can also cause many health issues when it comes to food storage.

The smell from the spills and messiness in your fridge will also affect how the rest of the office feels. Office fridge cleaning is important so that everyone can be happy with their working environment. If there’s a bad smell lingering in the air, you’ll know it.

These are all things you should take into consideration when planning how to clean your office kitchen fridge. It’s one of the most important parts of keeping a healthy work environment for everyone.

What Will You Need?

The first step is to figure out what you will need to make your refrigerator cleaning process successful. Most of these products can be bought from a grocery store as they are readily available for use.

You will need the following:

– Kitchen towel(s)

– White vinegar

– Washing up liquid

– Bleach

– Rubber gloves, face mask, and eye protection (if using bleach or other strong cleaning products)

– Baking soda

– Soapy Water

If you don’t have any baking soda at your office space, you can always pick some up from the grocery store. It’s also an excellent ingredient to have at hand when cleaning your fridge because it absorbs bad odors and smells in general. This means that your fridge will smell fresh and clean – not like it smells bad!

How to Clean Your Office, Kitchen Fridge?

Now that you know what you will need to buy, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of cleaning.

Safety First

It is important to start any cleaning process with the appropriate equipment, effective cleaning supplies, and all necessary personal protective equipment. Gloves and goggles are essential while completing any cleaning job as they protect you from any kind of dirt, grime, and debris. 

Goggles are especially helpful when you’re working with disinfecting vertical surfaces such as office kitchen fridge door and inner parts, or are using chemical sprays, goggles will avoid any splashback.

Office kitchen fridges normally don’t get proper attention thus proper safety gear will keep you safe from any sharp edges, germs, and pests as well. Thus, before starting the cleaning job wear all the available protection gear.

Wipe Down

You will want to start by giving your fridge a good wipe down with one of the kitchen towels (it doesn’t matter which side). If there are any particularly stubborn stains or spillages, then you may want to use some dishwashing liquid as well.

Don’t forget to wipe down the insides of the shelves and drawers, as this is where food often falls over or spills from.

Scrape Off Food Scraps

Next, you will want to remove all leftover food from inside your fridge. This should be simple enough if you have already been putting your rubbish in the bin. If you haven’t started yet, then do it right away!

Most food scraps can be scraped into your kitchen bin with a rubber spatula or scraper. However, it would be best to wipe down all of the surfaces that food scraps have touched to ensure they are clean again.

Clean Your Shelves

Cleaning your fridge shelves is a very important part of office kitchen fridge cleaning.

Ideally, it would be best to use a dedicated shelf cleaner to clean each one or a specialized kitchen tool designed for the task. If you’re going to use a chemical-based product, make sure it’s safe for plastics and people with sensitive skin as some chemicals can damage these materials.

If you don’t have any specialized products to hand, you can try out some baking soda with vinegar at the very least. Just mix the two ingredients in a small bowl and use it as a paste on your shelves. You should leave this mixture on for an hour or two at most before scrubbing off with a sponge.


If you have particularly stubborn stains or smells on your shelves, then you may want to consider using household bleach instead of baking soda and vinegar.

First, mix one-part bleach with three parts water and pour it into a spray bottle to get the mixture ready. Next, spray directly onto any surfaces that need cleaning and let them soak for 5 minutes or so. Then, scrub with some kitchen towel to remove the stains and smells.

Clean The Refrigerator Door

After your shelves are clean, you can move on to the inside of your fridge door. There are usually many handles and buttons here for different compartments, so take extra care not to miss any!

It would help if you were wiping down with warm water only because you don’t want any chemicals or strong cleaning products dripping onto the food kept in your fridge.

You can also use baking soda if you have some to hand, as this will absorb bad odors too. As with your shelves, leave it for an hour or so before scrubbing the mixture off with a sponge or kitchen towel.

Cleaning The Refrigerator Exterior

While you’re cleaning the office kitchen fridge, don’t forget to pay some attention to the exterior too. Use warm water and a sponge for this part of the job, as chemicals can interfere with any decals or stickers on your refrigerator.

Your office refrigerator should now have a fresh and clean scent, as well as be free of stains and spills. Don’t forget to put the food back in!

As the office manager, you need to know how your office kitchen is being used and ensure it is kept in tip-top condition. A simple weekly cleaning routine with a proper cleaner will do the trick.

Last Thoughts

The office kitchen fridge cleaning is probably the most trafficked part of your office when you think about it. It’s where people find lunch and snacks throughout the day, so it makes sense that a clean refrigerator will help keep things sanitary for everyone who uses it.

Cleaning up after yourself can also minimize potential odours from spoiled food items or expired drinks in your fridge! Of course, keeping an eye on what foods are going bad before they spoil will make cleaning easier.

We’re here if you need any more tips on maintaining a healthy work environment- just let us know!

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