The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Dyson Filter

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Dyson Filter

Dyson vacuums are often regarded as the greatest floor cleaning machines due to their powerful suction and versatility. However, even the most well-built machinery requires routine maintenance to guarantee that they operate at peak performance.

Furthermore, cleaning their filters will ensure that they pick up debris and dirt properly. If you are a first-time user and have never cleaned your Dyson filter before, here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you do this.

Why Is It Important to Clean Vacuum Filters?

When your filters are clogged, it doesn’t just reduce your vacuum’s ability to suction, but it also puts strain on the machine’s motor, which can reduce its lifespan. Always check your filter if you notice a change in the machine’s performance.

New Dyson motors can be costly, so to ensure that your vacuum gives you a lengthy run, be sure to clean your filters regularly.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dyson Filter?

You now know why it is essential to clean your filters regularly, but how often is “regularly?” Dyson advises cleaning your Dyson filter at least once per month to guarantee maximum efficiency. However, this is merely the manufacturer’s basic recommendation. The frequency with which you should clean the filter is determined mainly by how often you use the vacuum.

Pet owners may also need to clean their filters more regularly, as pet dander can clog the filter, lowering the performance of your vacuum. You can use the Dyson filter light as an indication of when your filter needs to be cleaned.

A Step-by-step Guide to Cleaning Your Dyson Filter

Follow these simple steps to clean your Dyson filter.

Turn the Vacuum Off and Unplug It

Before you begin cleaning your filter, make sure it’s turned off, and the motor is discharged. If you have a corded Dyson vacuum, you must first detach it from the power source before attempting to clean the Dyson filter. This is to prevent the risk of electrocution yourself when removing the filter from the vacuum. 

Remove Your Dyson Filter from the Machine

Be sure to check your user manual to determine whether you have more than one filter. The truth is that many Dyson vacuums contain more than one filter. To ensure that your machine is running at its finest, you must clean them all. Most Dyson filters are purple, making them easy to see and typically positioned near the cyclone.

Cleaning the Dyson V6 and V7 filters should be fairly simple. These machines have two filters, a pre-filter, and a post-filter. Removing the filters from these models is easy because they’re cordless devices. You can find the filters on these two Dyson models near the machine’s handles.

If you are still in doubt about where your vacuum’s filters are and how to remove them, it is always advisable to check the user manual. 

Remove the Dust

Before running the filter underwater, it is essential to tap the filter upside down gently to remove any debris or dust. You can do this by gently tapping the filter against the side of your sink or dustbin.

Clean the Filter with Water

Once you have removed any loose dust or debris, you can clean your filter in water. Start by placing the filter under cold running water and using your fingers to remove any dirt gently.

To give it a final clean, fill the filter with water and cover both ends with your hands before giving the filter a few firms shakes to dislodge any dirt. Remove the excess water and give your filter a final rinse under running water. Repeat this process with all the filters until the water runs clear.

It is essential not to use hot water or detergents to clean your Dyson filter, as this may cause damage.

Allow Your Filter to Dry Completely

The manufacturer recommends allowing your filter to dry for 24 hours before putting it back into your vacuum. To dry the filter, you can place it in an area where there is airflow, such as near an open window or a fan. 

Your filter must be entirely dry before being reinserted into the unit, or you risk damaging the motor. Before you reinstall your clean filter, conduct a thorough inspection for moisture using a touch test.

Never attempt to speed up the process by placing your filter in a tumble dryer, oven, microwave, or near a naked flame. This could cause irreversible damage. 

Don’t Forget the Dust Cup!

When using a Dyson vacuum, it is important to empty the dust cup every time you use it, or more frequently if the debris has reached its maximum fill line. Allowing the dust to accumulate above that line can cause the vacuum to work poorly.

The way a Dyson dust cup is emptied is intended to reduce the amount of debris that gets everywhere. The easiest approach that keeps dirt from landing on surfaces is to put a waste bag around the opening as you are emptying the dust cup. Dyson portable vacuums have a mechanism that drives the dirt out of the bin to make this process more efficient.

When emptying the dust cup, hit the red button on the bin’s runner to release it from the unit. Only a moist cloth must be used to clean out the dust cup. After wiping the interior of the dust cup, let it dry completely before clicking it back into position.

It’s as Easy as That!

Cleaning a Dyson filter is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. It is imperative that you check and clean your filters regularly to ensure that your vacuum lasts for a long time and operates at peak performance.

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