Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

This is a complete guide to the top 10 questions to ask before hiring commercial cleaning services by Clean Group in Sydney. It’s time for the first question.

With so many commercial cleaning services claiming to be genuine, it is a real challenging task to find the best commercial cleaning services that would provide the highest level of cleaning solutions. Hiring contract cleaners can be a great way to save time and money or can be a bad idea depending upon the cleaning services you partner with. If you are looking for the best commercial cleaning services, you should be looking for quality, value, and performance in a good commercial cleaning service provider. When it comes to choosing the best commercial cleaning services in Sydney, you should do it with caution and lot of consideration as it should be able to meet your cleaning requirements and add decent value to your money. Check out the below listed 10 vital questions you must ask when before hiring any commercial cleaning company for your facility.

How long has the prospective company been operating in this industry?

When you are searching for reputable commercial cleaning services, this would be the very first question you must be asking. In general, the company which has been in the industry for many years would be more reliable and trustworthy as they have to stand by their experience and reputation. At the same time, you should not totally dismiss the idea of hiring new companies as they might be offering great services along with great discounts. Also, make sure that they are not dubious and unreliable.

Is the commercial cleaning company insured and bonded?

A reliable cleaning company would provide liability insurance or job-specific insurance in event of any damage to your property. If the prospective cleaning company does not provide any type of insurance, then you would be solely responsible for the cost of your property damage.

Does the commercial cleaning company provide any kind of references for former and current customers?

The company that is really genuine would have nothing to withhold from its clients would provide a list of its former and current customers to support the claims made by them. Of course, they wouldn’t impart with you any negative reviews so better look out for such kind of complaints against the commercial company you are considering to hire.

Does the cleaning company provide its clients with equipment and supplies?

There might be many cleaning companies that will only arrive with their equipment and you are supposed to be providing the cleaning supplies. Make sure you are clear about this aspect before hiring the cleaning company as you don’t want to end up adding up to your overall bill of cleaning.

What kind of cleaning products & supplies does the company use?

There are many cleaning products in the market which are really bad for health thus, make sure you choose a company that uses safe and green products or at least give you details about how safe their cleaning products are.

How do they handle a customer’s complaint and grievances?

A reliable and reputable cleaning company would always make every effort to provide the services that are best in the industry and in event of any cleaning complaint would do their best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Moreover, they would be inclined towards giving you a refund as well as have a legal course of action for you to pursue.

Does the prospective commercial cleaning company conduct precise quality control checks on a regular basis?

When a cleaning company regularly conducts quality control checks and performance review meetings for the cleaning assignments completed by their cleaners, you can stay rest assured that their services would always match and maintain the industry cleaning standards.

Does the commercial cleaning company provide the services you need?

When you contact any commercial cleaning company, ensure that you have all the information about the services they provide and what is included in a particular service plan.

Does the commercial cleaning company you are considering conducting a background check on employees?

An office space is a place that would surely have confidential documents, high-cost equipment/devices, and many other important things and thus, you must make sure that the cleaning company that is going to have access to your facility are trustworthy. A best commercial cleaning company will pre-screen every cleaner before hiring them through an employment history and a criminal background check.

Is the prospective commercial cleaning company inclined to inform you about how they decided upon their price rates?

Many commercial cleaning companies charge based upon the cleaning project for example Strata Cleaners Sydney would charge different from Carpet Cleaners Sydney. Also, the charges depend on the number of employees and even on an hourly basis. Ask the cleaning company to give you a proper quote for your office cleaning job. The best cleaning company would give you a total quotation for every future visit depending upon your cleaning needs and the frequency of services.

Thus, ask these above-mentioned questions before hiring any commercial cleaning services for your establishment. You must dwell deep because a professional and honest commercial cleaning provider would never obscure anything from their customers. If you are looking for reliable cleaning partners in Sydney, then Sydney Clean Group is the most trusted commercial cleaning company for your unique cleaning requirements.


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