Tips To Keep Your Office Clean During the Holidays in Australia

In this post, I am going to show you the tips to keep your office clean during the holidays. Holidays and observances in Australia in 2020 and 3 easy steps to find a good office cleaner in Australia. Now it’s time to show you the same.

Holidays and Observances in Australia in 2020

Everyone is excited and festive. The holiday season is just around the corner. People are getting time off, and some fewer people stay in the office.

As we are almost near the end of 2019. We can thank this year for all the good and bad things that it brings. It is also time for us to move on and welcome another fresh start for 2020.

Here are the public holidays and observances in New South Wales:

2020 Public Holidays in Australia

Date Day Holidays
1 Jan Wed New Year’s Day
27 Jan Mon Australia Day Holiday
10 Apr Fri Good Friday
11 Apr Sat The day following Good Friday
12 Apr Sun Easter Sunday
13 Apr Mon Easter Monday
25 Apr Sat Anzac Day
8 Jun Mon Queen’s Birthday
5 Oct Mon Labour Day
25 Dec Fri Christmas Day
26 Dec Sat Boxing Day
28 Dec Mon Boxing Day Holiday

Tips to Keep Your Office Clean During the Holidays in Australia

Many businesses take advantage of this moment to have a deep cleaning in their workspaces. Go with me as I write some tips that will help you understand what are the critical things that you need to accomplish during this holiday season to make your office cleaning bearable and manageable.

We have been talking so much about finding balance lately. That could be truer when you are finding your time out for the holiday season.

I am so excited about the holidays because I can get to do fun things while working. You need to identify your wants and needs when you are putting your to-do-list together. List all the things that you need to do first.

Start with your desk, declutter, and organize your office. Get rid of the notes that are no longer important. File all those loose paper works to their appropriate binders. Encourage your staff to clean their workspaces before they go on time off. A small wiping will make a difference to the overall facade of the office.

It is time for you to hire a professional office cleaner to do a deep clean. You can call office cleaning Sydney and book for a schedule. This is a perfect time for your office to freshen up. The cleaning will not be disruptive because there are no employees around. Do not forget this to be part of your list before you go on break.

Otherwise, your office will feel stale, and there will be a thick pile of dust all over the place if you leave the office for a longer time.

The next thing for you to do is call office cleaning providers and get a quote on how much will it be for a complete fridge clean-out. Sometimes the fridge gets neglected. A lot of employees put their food and drinks in it and forget about it.

Give your fridge a break by calling a professional cleaner who will clean it inside out and will throw all those soiled food and drinks that may be kept inside it. This forgotten food and beverages inside the fridge make it smell.

The moist inside the refrigerator and the food bacteria makes it a perfect breeding ground for germs and molds. Remind your office cleaning provider to use a mild disinfectant when they are done cleaning the fridge.

Tell your office cleaning provider if you are having a Christmas party or a year-end party in your office ahead of schedule.

After party cleaning is a handful, and they have to prepare for it ahead of time. In most cases, Office Cleaning Sydney will need to submit a different quote for this as some of the cleaning requirements are not part of the routine cleaning.

After party cleaning may include steam carpet cleaning to get rid of the spills and dirt from the carpet. It is also suggested that you have your couches and office partition steamed clean too. Steam cleaning is best done during this period because it will give the carpet and the furniture enough time to dry.

Turn off the power for rooms and equipment that will not be used during this season. This will help your company save too. Switch off monitor screens that are not being used. Unplug power cords that are not needed during this holiday break.

Just leave the main power on in case a few employees decide to come in during this season.

Most of the businesses also hire Office Cleaning Sydney for specialty cleaning requirements. This is the perfect time for you to have internal and external window cleaning, floor pressure washing, floor restoration jobs, and a whole lot more. These are crucial periodic cleaning that is perfect during this season.

Pest control is also something important that you may want to consider being done during this season. Since there are lesser to no people coming in, it reduces the risk of people getting exposed to insecticides. This is the best way for you to get rid of carpet mites, cockroaches, and ants.

Before your party, your way out, advise your security company who are the authorized people to access your premises during this season. Your security should be your number one priority.

If you are hiring office cleaning providers during this season, make sure that their access is activated before you go on vacation so that the cleaning that you anticipate will happen during your off. Our guide for workplace cleaning will help you with all your questions about office cleaning.

3 Easy Steps to Find a Good Cleaner in Australia

Good cleaners are indeed challenging to find. There’s a lot of commercial cleaning companies out there, but only a handful deliver an excellent quality service. The big question is, what are the indicators that you had found your perfect match for the quality cleaning that you have been looking for.

Here are the traits that are evident to good cleaners:

  • Dependable – no matter what circumstance there is, they will be there for you. There will never be a missed schedule. They always show up when they are expected. All chores listed in their cleaning sheet are met and done satisfactorily
  • Trustworthy – let us all admit it. Our office house numbers of expensive equipment, tools, and gadgets that can be tempting to some. We must employ the right people who will be around these items. We do not want missing items here and there.
  • Quality Service – let us all admit it, we want value for the price we are paying. We are paying for the service because we want to experience a superb, excellent cleaning. A good cleaning company will know what this means.

Clean Group has these traits and other useful traits that are expected for perfect commercial cleaners. Why settle for a company that cannot give you all these? Think about it! You do not have to stress yourself for finding one good company when you knew all along that Clean Group has it all for you.

On A Final Note

So you see, the holiday season should be stress-free. You can trust and depend on your friendly commercial cleaners to do the job for you while you are away on a holiday.

For a worry-free yuletide season, please feel free to share this article and leave comments for additional tips on how you can keep your office clean and serene during this festive season.

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