How To Keep Inside and Outside Windows Spotless and Clean (10 Tips)

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Windows add beauty to both the interior and exterior facade of a property. It adds a certain class to the surroundings, and at the same time, it gives highlights to a home or a business. Ever wonder how to keep your windows clean and sparkling in the flu season? How do professional cleaners make wonders in cutting through dirt, debris, and watermarks that build up over time? Window cleaning services in Sydney are not as easy as it looks. This job requires professional knowledge of commercial cleaners in your area.

Clean Group Sydney has been in business for more than two decades. We have dealt with different kinds of windows. This article is written in the hopes that we share our knowledge and expertise with you.

We want to encourage many aspiring cleaners and cleaning companies not to be afraid and test the water of the Sydney commercial cleaning business.

Many businesses, offices, and stores use glass to showcase their products. They give this executive feeling to their customers the moment that they step into the office or your business.

Glasses are affordable but classy. You can use these as doors and office dividers. By nature, glasses are easier to clean as compared to concrete or wooden walls.

Now, for someone who runs a business, taking care of these glasses can be easy if you know a professional cleaner who is knowledgeable in taking care of them. Window cleaners have their techniques, tools, and equipment that makes this job more manageable.

Window cleaning comes at different prices. Most commercial cleaners determine the price based on the size of the surface that they need to clean—some, based on the estimated working hours.

Top 10 Useful Tips for Streak-free Window Cleaning

We have been cleaning windows for over two decades, and we feel that we have enough experience to be able to teach you how to clean your windows at home or start a career as a window cleaner. This article is for homeowners and for beginner window cleaners who may not understand how to get those streak-free results.

1. We choose our cleaning solution carefully. If you look it up on Google, you will see that a lot has been talking about cleaning vinegar. We do half and half vinegar solution and half tap water.

With this method, we will spray on the window and use a microfibre cloth to wash that out, and then use another microfibre to wipe that out again until you see a streak-free result.

2. You can also use a glass cleaner. Make sure to follow the label. For best results, polish the glass surface with a lint-free cloth.

3. For best streak-free results, get a bucket with dish soap, a squeegee with a good microfibre sleeve, and a squeegee rubber. We will also use microfibre cloth for detailing. The only way for you to get a streak-free window is by using a squeegee and microfibre cloth with a window cleaning detergent.

4. Scrub down the windows while getting the edges and give it a good scrub, especially if the surface is dirty. If the window is extra dirty, you can use steel wool, but you cannot use this on tinted glass.

5. Wipe the side of the windowpane. Dry off the squeegee and from the top, go all the way across. On the second go, get the tip of the squeegee and slightly angle it so that when you go, your squeegee will not leave the water at the top.

Get a new and dry microfibre cloth and detail the sides, top, and bottom parts of the window to get rid of the remaining water and soap.

6. For more advanced techniques, you may also use a fan method. This will give you the best possible clean when using the squeegee—start by scrubbing down your glass on the left side.

First, wipe the squeegee blade and from the left upper corner, move across the glass, as you reach the right side, start dipping the squeegee down and come back and grab where you started.

7. It is good to start with a smaller squeegee if you are new to this industry.

8. Cleaning the interior of the windows is the same as how you do it from the outside. We suggest you wring your mop a little more to clean the insides for you not to leave so much water. You can apply the S Technique and the Straight Pull Technique with a good squeegee.

9. You can also try replacing the squeegee rubber with a softer rubber if you feel like the squeegee is not doing what it is supposed to do.

10. Most importantly, make sure that the windows are tightly shut before you start cleaning.

Effective High-Rise Window Cleaning Techniques

During the busy season, storefront cleaning is highly in demand. Probably the top technique for storefront window cleaning when using a pole is from basic to advance. For window cleaning companies, the straight pull technique is your best bet to train people on.

1. Straight Pulls – It is straightforward. This is one of the most basic techniques and the easiest to do. Feather a little bit to the top and just pull down.

Lift a little bit at the bottom of the pane to close out nicely so there will be no streaks at the bottom. With this technique, once you get done, you will just have to take a microfibre towel and detail the top. You do not have to detail the corners if you do not have to.

2. Side Pulls – We do not suggest this technique because we do not like it. It is not as simple as it looks. You need to start from the upper left going to the right.

3. Cut-in Straight Pulls – You can either start from your left or your right. Cut in and eliminate some of the water from the top. You have to tap your pole once in a while because it leaves some of water on the pane.

The window cleaner has to detail the corner with this technique to eliminate the water that had piled up on the edges of the frame.

Tools Required for Easy Window Cleaning

If you want to start a window cleaning business, you need to identify what are the tools that you need to invest in. You need to have these tools with you every day.

  • Tool Belt – this is where you will put all of the tools that you need to have to get the work done. You can also use a carpenter belt as an alternative.
  • Squeegees – it is best that you have both 10″ and 14″ squeegees. These sizes are suitable for residential window cleaning in Sydney. You can get an 18″ if you want to venture into commercial cleaning. The squeegee has to have an excellent guide to it, and it is best if you take the ones that have the standard, round rubber. You can also choose different squeegee handles. There are stationary ones and the type that swivels.
  • Mops – get a mop that has microfibre sleeves. Look for a brand that has excellent water absorption.
  • A bronze wool pad – is used to remove stubborn fingerprints from the glass. It is better abrasive as compared to mops. You just have to remember not to use this on tinted glass.
  • Backflip – This is the tool where the mop and the squeegee are put together, side by side. This is the best tool for residential glass cleaning. You can also attach this to poles to reach high windows.
  • Double-bend ledger – This tool makes closing out super easy.
  • Swivel ledger – this tool will help you reach unique corners of the glasses.
  • Glass Razor – is used to remove stickers and other sticky components that can be stuck on the glass surface.
  • Putty Knife – a tool that you need to use to scrape off hard components that are stuck in the glass.
  • Microfibre Cloths – they are absorbent and leave the glass streak-free.
  • Bath Towels – are best used to detail frames on commercial jobs.
  • Rectangle Buckets – makes it easier for the microfiber sleeves to fit in it.
  • Regular Buckets – suitable for tool storage
  • Extension Poles – helps you reach hard-to-reach corners. You can purchase this online and at other home improvement stores.
  • Ladders, Extension Ladders, and Stacked Ladders – will help you to reach high windows and glasses. Be extra careful when using ladders. Make sure that ladder is placed securely on an even surface.

We hope that this article helps you in understanding what methods work best for cleaning windows and having streak-free results. There are different products that you can use, which are readily available at any store and online.

You can also use simple things like vinegar, dishwashing soap, and water. Microfibre towels can be purchased at any grocery store nationwide.

Please help us spread the knowledge and good practices that will help our fellow office cleaners in Sydney. Share this article and let us know what is your unique and effective way of doing the job right.

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