How to Reduce Plastic Waste in the Office

How to Reduce Plastic Waste in the Office

This guide will show you exactly how to reduce plastic waste in the office by Clean Group. Let’s get started.

It is our responsibility to ensure that we reduce not only plastic waste, but also other kinds of waste. Failure to do so, waste will clog up our landfill sites, destroy our ecosystems and oceans.

Given the devastation these excessive plastic use causes, more businesses urgently need to set up this worthy challenge.

As a company, your duty is to lead your employees to adjust the mindset of throwing-away habit that has emerged. Reducing plastic waste in the office is not rocket science.

It simply needs investing effort and time to review the amount of plastic waste you generate at the moment. Then make a commitment to rethinking the changes you can make to minimise your business’s plastic footprint.Your local office cleaning company can help you with solutions for reducing waste.

Inspire Every Employee

Just as with any other change, the first step to reducing plastic waste in the workplace is education. Every employee needs to know why it is important to take this action.

Currently, most of the high-profile media do cover this environmental issue. So, many employees might care much about the situation. As for the clueless, they will need more information or inspirations to persuade them to make such changes.

For instance, you can hold a discussion about ocean plastic. Here you can invite an expert at your workplace to share first-hand stories on the effects of plastic waste on the environment.

Alternatively, you can get a colleague who is very passionate about the issue to share their concerns. You can encourage employees to start a recycling environment to reduce plastic waste in the office.

Once done, you can come up with practical strategies your business can use to reduce plastic waste in the workplace.Our guide for office cleaning will help you with all your questions about office cleaning.

Carry Out An Audit On Waste

To come up with suitable strategies for cutting down on plastic waste, you must first understand what plastic you throw away and the volume of that waste.

The waste audit is easy to conduct. Just wear some gloves and dig into the trash can. Check the label on these plastics to know what plastic can be recycled.

In most cases, you will note that lots of plastics are drinks bottles. These are among the worst offending disposable plastics.

In such a case, you can ban the single-use of water bottles. For this ban to be effective, you can provide access to clean water for drinking in the office. You can invest in water coolers or refrigerated filtered water.

Plan For A Beach, River Or Park Clean Up

Besides carrying out an audit, you can organise a cleanup with your colleagues. You can decide to clean a beach, river or park. This is a great way to get an employee to interact with the issue once they see the scale of the issue.

There is nothing that has greater impacts than the first-hand experience. You will see that the plastic you use daily spills out into oceans, parks, and rivers. Most people hardly think about this because they think they have disposed of the plastic responsibly.

Have Re-Usables In Canteens And Kitchens

A single-use utensil is only useful for a minute yet it will stay in the environment for centuries. As it stays there, it damages our ecosystems, pollutes our oceans and harms or kills wildlife.

Opting for washable and reusable silverware is a much brilliant idea. You can even request employees to carry their own (lunchboxes, bowls, plates, cups, etc.). You can as well provide a facility where they can wash these items once used.

Reduce Plastic Waste In Workplace Coffee And Tea

Though it is challenging to completely do away with plastic from the workplace coffee and tea making, there are strategies you can use to reduce plastic waste in the office.

In the long run, you will note the amount of plastic waste you have reduced by doing so. Here are 5 tips on how you can reduce waste in the office.

For instance, you can source milk in returnable and reusable glass bottles. As for sugar that comes in paper packets, you can decant into refillable containers. Surprisingly, lots of tea bags contain plastic in them. Instead, you can buy tea-bag brands or loose leaf tea that does not use plastics.

More so, you can provide freshly roasted coffee beans in no-plastic packaging. You can go for “less plastic” choices such as glass tins or jars of coffee. You can invest in reusable stainless steel pods to store coffee/tea.

Using less plastic in the office is not about attaining zero waste perfection. Rather it is about acknowledging that you cannot continue as you are.

We treat indestructible items as disposable waste. We must urgently change our mind about plastics and come up with strategies to reduce waste.

If you require office cleaning duties to be carried out for your office space or someone to properly dispose of your plastic waste, Clean Group are here for you.

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