Complete Guide to Clean Windows Without Streaking

Complete Guide to Clean Windows Without Streaking

If you have ever tried cleaning glass windows or tables, you know how frustrating it can be when dust and streaks are left behind. It seems almost impossible to get a shiny streak-free surface, no matter how much you wipe and spray on the surface.

However, it’s vital to know that having a streak-free surface is possible. One of the great things about the proper method is that it will take you less time overall. You can have spotless glass surfaces every time by knowing the correct commercial cleaning method for no streaks.

Today’s article explores ways to clean your glass more efficiently and leave it without streaks or leftover residue. Without further ado, let’s begin this piece.

Try a Homemade Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning glass mirrors, you will find that most commercial glass cleaners do the trick; if you want a non-toxic and natural formula using a product like Method may be your best option. Many brands are on the market, but Windex glass cleaner is the most effective and popular option.

You can also try making your own and keeping your own spray bottle if you don’t want to keep purchasing glass cleaner. Distilled white vinegar and distilled water are two things you probably already have at home, so you are already one step closer to having streak-free windows.

Hard water could leave grime and streaks behind; that is why it is recommended to use distilled water instead. When it comes to spots, magnesium and calcium accumulation in hard water tend to be the primary cause of streaks.

If you want an antibacterial and non-toxic cleaner for a fraction of the price, pairing a 50/50 ratio of white vinegar and distilled water will do the trick.

Throw Away the Paper Towels

Do you know what may contribute to grime and streaks being left behind? Paper towels! There is lint left behind by the majority of paper towels, which leave apparent marks on shiny surfaces like glass tabletops and mirrors.

It would help if you opted to use a squeegee or microfibre cloth instead. Using a clean t-shirt or old newspaper lying around can be an even more affordable route. The newspaper doesn’t hold up very well to moisture, so while cleaning your glass, make sure to keep a small pile next to you. 

Start at the Top

Working your way down from the top of the mirror or glass surface is one of the best glass cleaning tips. You will be able to wipe it efficiently as you work your way down because even if the cleaner drips, you can still remove the excess liquid. 

Grime and dust may be dislodged when starting at the top because they will possibly stick to the mirror below when it floats its way down. 

Without having to spend extra time cleaning, you can clean this dislodge dirt during the process. 

The Correct Technique

Instead of on the glass, you can spray the cleaner directly on your t-shirt, newspaper, and microfibre cloth. That is a recommendation to help you avoid drips if you don’t wipe up the cleaning solution quick enough.

Windows and mirrors with wood frames are other stories, so you need to be more careful when dealing with them. The wood can be damaged or warped over time if the product is constantly dripping on it.

You use more than you need when spraying on the glass because you cannot judge how much is applied. While cleaning your mirror, you may be more prone to leaving behind streaks if you produce too many suds.

By considering this tip, you’ll find that you need less than you think for a streak-free shine.

Polish It Out

It’s important to remember that it’s not always going to come out perfect when cleaning glass the correct way. You might still notice that there are streaks left behind even if you use a small amount of product, distilled water, and a microfibre cloth. 

Those streaks can be buffed out by wiping a dry cloth over them. When you use fast, light strokes over the entire window, mirror, or table, you will find that those pesky marks disappear quickly. 

The best thing about this whole situation is that the process only takes a few seconds to perform. 

Scraping Substances

In some cases, you may find sticky substances or residue cohering with your glass tabletop. If you want to eliminate creating even more mess or smear the substance across the table, using a glass cleaner on these types of stains isn’t a great idea.

A plastic paint scraper, card, or plastic utensil can be used for this clean-up procedure; plastic is recommended because it won’t scratch glass surfaces. We recommend dabbing stubborn areas with a bit of liquid soap, especially if you have a hard time removing the grime. 

Let the cleaning solution sit before wiping away the substance and dish soap with warm water plus a cloth.

How to Clean Glass Without Streaks: Use the Correct Technique

It is all about the products and techniques you use to clean your glass without streaks. Try a combination of white vinegar and distilled water or a commercial glass cleaner.

Instead of paper towels, use a newspaper, t-shirt, or microfiber cloth once you have the product ready. In order to avoid drips that you’ll need to wipe up, you should spray the solution on your fabric instead of the mirror.

In most scenarios, you will need to perform minimal effort and will have a streak-free shine in a matter of minutes. Remember to use light and quick motions when performing the final buff with your dry microfiber cloth.

If streaks persist, it is recommended to start the process from over so that you can achieve the desired result.


We hope this article has been insightful and provided enough information to clean your glass without leaving streaks. By following the guidelines set out in the article, you can have a shiny and clean glass surface that is not only sanitary but streak-free too!

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