Everything You Need to Know About Sydney NSW

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales, Australia and is one of the most iconic locations on the globe. It is the most populated city in all of Australia and continues to be a hotspot for tourists and travellers due to the beautiful sights that are to be seen here.

Sydney is a great place to live and work due to the range of cultures, sights, and services that you can have access to. It also has fine weather, which makes it a popular holiday destination as well as a great place to live.

Based in New South Wales, which is on the east coast of Australia, Sydney encompasses the very best things about being an Australian. It has a lot to offer to both residents and tourists alike, and you must try to see everything it has on offer in the days that you spend here. Many people choose to live in Sydney, NSW and make it their home because of how much it has to offer – with many of the sights being free to enjoy.

In this article, we are going to be sharing everything you need to know about this amazing city. Please note that there are current Covid restrictions still in place in many locations, as outlined by the NSW government, for the safety of visitors and residents, which may impact your stay. Make sure to keep up to date with the news on the days that you are in the area.

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Where Is Sydney?

If you are looking to visit this beautiful city and want to discover everything it has to offer, you first need to know where you will be heading. Check out the video of an aerial view of Sydney, NSW.

Sydney is in New South Wales, which is based on the east coast of Australia. The city surrounds Port Jackson and extends towards the Blue Mountains on the west, Hawkesbury in the north, and the Royal National Park at the south. The main language of people here is English, but there are also aboriginal ties that are important to those who live here.

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia as a whole, which is why you must see it at some point on your travels. It is one of the most popular locations for both tourists and emigration from other locations due to the amazing cultures and sights it has to offer, as well as the constantly fine weather.

While there are still covid restrictions in place (see live updates in video or text through the news menu), as outlined by the NSW government, Sydney continues to be a popular destination, and many Australians have decided to holiday here, as opposed to travelling beyond their home country during this time.

What Is Sydney Known For?

Sydney, NSW, is the most populous city in Australia and Oceania, so it is a popular destination to live in or travel to. As it is the capital city of NSW, Sydney is close to a range of hotspots in Australia and is a must see if you are wanting to see the very best of what the country has to offer as both a home and a travel destination.

It is a globally famous area and one that continues to be at the top of many travellers’ bucket lists for countless reasons; from the stores to the art to the ongoing live events, there is something for everyone when you enter Sydney. If you are new to the regional area, then you may not yet understand what a wonderful opportunity you have on your hands and why you must see this place we call home.

The city is home to a range of cultures and religions. A sign of how old and well-established Sydney includes the remains of aboriginal engravings, which are a must see when visiting New South Wales.

It is reported that around 29 clan groups of the aboriginal Eora Nation were present in the region at the time of European contact and a lot of their presence is still noticeable across the region, with many ancestors still choosing to call this place home.

Sydney, NSW is reported to have the third-largest foreign-born population coming in after London, England, and New York City, which is a good sign for those who are considering making this city their home or are looking to spend several days in a new city.

Over the years, many of Sydney’s population have moved to other locations across Australia, of course, but the city continues to be a bustling city that is popular with people across the globe. The population of Sydney continues to grow due to immigration, which is one of the largest markets in the region, close to tourism, health, and retail.

Many people are attracted to the city due to the amazing sights that it hosts. Sydney is home to one of the world’s most famous and distinctive buildings, which is the Sydney Opera House on the Sydney Harbour.

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire New South Wales regional area of Australia, and it is something we will look into further throughout this blog post, yet it is perhaps one of the main reasons why you are interested in the city.

While many tourist attractions and locations across the city are under covid restrictions, as of August 2021, things are starting to lift, meaning that Sydney’s culture can be enjoyed once more by residents and tourists. The times that many locations close may be earlier than usual due to these new rules, but this will be displayed in a sign on the premises or online.

As well as being known as a great city to explore, due to the range of shops, restaurants, art museums, and sights – which can take days to explore on their own – Sydney is also renowned globally for several other important factors.
Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, due to the high population and attraction, Sydney is still considered to be a liveable area and is a great one for people to consider from within Australia and if emigrating from other locations across the world.

It continues to be ranked as one of the top ten liveable locations in the world, which is why the population of the Greater Sydney NSW region is always increasing, even if Australians are choosing to move to quieter locations. The fine weather is another factor of why many people choose to enter the country and live here, calling it their home no matter where they were from originally.

Sydney is also a hub for art and education as it is where the first university to be founded in Australia is. The first Australian university, the University of Sydney, was founded in 1850 and was the first establishment of its kind in the country.

Today, as of August 2021, the University of Sydney continues to be one of the world’s leading universities. Of course, Sydney is home to many students and is also home to six public universities, which you must consider if you are looking to further your education.

Universities may close their applications earlier due to current restrictions in place, but you may still be able to enter. Check out their websites for more information regarding their applications and when they close.

For those interested in this kind of culture and history, Sydney is also home to Australia’s oldest library, which is the State Library of NSW and was opened in 1826.

All of the locations mentioned in this section continue to be open for visitors and are great to add to a travel bucket list. However, as of August 2021, there are still some regional restrictions in place due to covid, so you must consider these before you choose to travel in person to these locations as the opening days and hours may vary. Many stores within the city will close earlier than expected to protect the health of their staff and customers if a case is found.

To find the working days, you can search on the tourist board website and enter the days that you will be visiting the city to see what is available to you. There is also a video tutorial on how to search for this information, and it is something you must do before travelling so you can plan your trip well.

Sydney is one of Australia’s greatest locations, and it is an excellent place to visit due to everything there is to see and do here. There is so much to explore, which is why Sydney is one of the best cities in the world to live in and travel to, and it is one that we are very proud to represent.

Things To Do In Sydney

As we have mentioned, there are so many things to see and do when you travel to Sydney. This is a large city that hosts much of Australia’s history while also being a hub for new businesses such as restaurants, shopping malls, and other locations to discover.

While there are rules to be followed in August and September 2021 due to the covid 19 restrictions, in terms of when shops or bars close and what days they are open, there are still many places you can travel to and explore during this time.

We are going to provide a small travel guide to Sydney and Greater Sydney, highlighting some of the best things to see and do within the city limits, even during this time of changing rules and restrictions. The following are things you must see when visiting the city:

1) Sydney Opera House

This is perhaps the most famous landmark in Greater Sydney, and it continues to be one of the most popular sites in the world to visit. While there are still rules in place due to covid 19 restrictions, this venue is still is a great place to visit as both a local or a tourist in the city.

Located on the iconic and beautiful Sydney Harbour, Sydney’s Opera House was formally opened in 1973 and is considered to be one of the most iconic buildings of the 20th Century. It is a multi-venue performing arts centre that hosts a range of art performances, including world-famous bands and singers along with other kinds of performers.

While you may want to visit the iconic venue to see some kind of art performance, many of the visitors simply want to marvel at the design. It is Sydney’s most distinctive building and one of the most recognisable locations in the world due to its modern expressionist design. This means that even if you cannot enter the Opera House due to covid 19 rules, it is still worth a visit and it will blow you away.

Those who are visiting Sydney for the first time need to make the Opera House a priority on their travel list, and it is something that you can experience outdoors, even though a lot of events are taking place within the building. If you are going to stay in Greater Sydney for a while, then it is certainly somewhere to return to where you can see what is within the walls and perhaps enjoy an art performance of some kind.

You can keep up to date with the Covid 19 rules for this destination on their website or through their social media places. Be the first to know at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.

As this can be an outdoor sight, you do not necessarily have to worry about when it will close unless you are going to enter the venue for an event. Whether you are going to see an event or not, this is a must see to all visitors of the city.

Check out the tourist video for the city to see the sights in action.

2) Sydney Harbour Bridge

Right next to the Sydney Opera House is the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is the second most popular location to visit in the city. Like the previous entry on this list, the Harbour Bridge is something you can enjoy outdoors, which makes it suitable during these times of Covid 19 rules, and it is also free to see.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, as the name suggests, is located on the Sydney Harbour, which is a great free spot to visit if you choose to stay in the city. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an Australian heritage-listed steel bridge that was opened in 1932. It is a multi-use bridge that carries pedestrians, bicycles, vehicular, and rail traffic across the harbour.

This is a key part of the city and experiences high traffic at all times in the year due to the fact it connects the Sydney central business district (also known as the CBD if you are a local) and the North Shore.

This is one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, and it is instantly recognisable across the globe. If you are lucky enough to see it in person, the iconic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and the harbour itself is a breath-taking view and one that is iconic to Australia as a whole.

As an iconic destination, the Sydney Harbour Bridge commonly sees a lot of tourists, and it is a great place to live by due to the views you will get.
The bridge was designed and built by the British firm Dorman Long, based in Middlesbrough in the North East, under the direction of John Bradfield of the New South Wales Department of Public Works.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge design, which is known as the ‘Coathanger’ due to its arch, is highly popular and an iconic feature of the British firm that designed it.

In fact, the design is so popular that it was used once again in the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, by the firm as a form of transport over the river Tyne which runs through the city.

Both bridges are currently still iconic sights, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge continues to be a landmark of the history of Australia, as it indicates the start of high traffic levels over the river. It is a great destination to visit if you are in the Greater Sydney area, and it is something that can be done for free.

While there may currently be, as of August/September 2021, restrictions on many of the restaurants and shops across the city, the Harbour Bridge is something you can visit at all times because it is outside.

3) Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, based in Greater Sydney NSW, is one of the most famous Australian beaches, and it continues to be one of Sydney’s best-loved destinations for both locals and tourists. Again, as there are still rules in place due to covid 19 during August and September 2021, outdoor destinations like beaches are some of the best spots to check out at this time.

While there are many Australian beaches you can check out during your visit, no trip will be complete without a day spent at Bondi Beach, NSW. This is considered to be not only Sydney’s best beach but also one of the best beaches in Australia.

It is the perfect destination for surfers, and it is a regional hotspot for this sport. The white sands are also perfect for those who want to lie back and enjoy the Australian sunshine, which is something you can do for hours at a time.

Bondi Beach, NSW, is a great holiday destination for locals and tourists as there is lots to do in this part of Sydney. Bondi Beach is not only the name of the beach but also the surrounding region in Greater Sydney, and there is a lot to enjoy when you visit. It is a tourist hotspot that, as of August 2021, is open to the public.

The name, Bondi, is a key aspect of Sydney’s aboriginal history as it translates to ‘surf’ in modern-day English. This is a clear indicator of what is to be expected in this Australian tourist destination, and it is a must see if you have several hours to spare during your visit to the region.

If you are interested in some of the most commercial aspects of Sydney, NSW, then Bondi Beach is an excellent destination. There are various restaurants, bars, and shopping locations across the Campbell Parade and the surrounding side streets.

This is one of the biggest shopping and recreational hubs in the NSW regions, and it is a great place for both tourists and locals to enjoy, as there is a great mix of local and world-renowned brands to explore.

While the beach does not close, there will be times when it is open for visitors. You can see when the beach will close its tourist visiting hours on the website. This is another must see spot, so make sure to plan ahead.

4) Luna Park

Even if you have never seen Sydney in person, this will be a familiar sight to you as it is a common location for television shows and movies based in the region. It is one of Sydney’s most popular destinations, and the theme park is also an Australian Heritage site.

Luna Park is based on the northern shore of the Sydney Harbour and is such an iconic location that it was added to the NSW Heritage Register in 2010. It is one of only two amusement parks in the world that is protected by government legislation since the NSW Government named Luna Park a heritage site.

The park has been an iconic landmark in Australia since the 1930s, as it was constructed in 1935. Originally, Luna Park was based on the northern approaches of the Sydney Harbour and ran for select seasons in the year. In 1972, the park was opened daily, and the opening hours allow for visitors at all times, which is why it is a great destination to visit in Australia.

For Health and Safety, the park is fully regulated and is suitable for visitors of all ages, which is why it is one of Sydney’s best tourist destinations.
You can keep up to date with the opening hours of Luna Park and any changes that may be made due to Covid 19 on their website. The park does not close until late, and it is possible to enter the park at night with the right tickets, which you must buy before attending.

5) Parramatta

Parramatta is Sydney’s second CBD and is also considered to be the heart of west Sydney due to the hub of activity it hosts. This region provides a complete range of things to do in Sydney, NSW, as it has a range of restaurants, bars, cafes, and shopping facilities within the business district.

If you are looking for the best of Sydney’s food and entertainment, this district has a complete range of things to do that will please everyone. Within this area includes the Riverside Theatre, which hosts over 100 events a year and has something for everyone, as well as the stunning Parramatta Park, which is a heritage-listed site in Australia.

For the complete guide to art and culture in Sydney, NSW, check out what this region has to offer as it provides the best of regional talent, along with excellent food and drink options for all the family to enjoy. You can keep up to date with art and culture news through the tourist board.

Sydney’s Regions

Sydney, NSW is split into six official regions, and each has something unique to offer to travellers and residents alike. To ensure you get a good understanding of this amazing city and everything it has to offer, we are going to provide a complete breakdown of the regional parts of Sydney and offer a travel guide to all readers.

Inner Suburbs

The inner suburbs are made of a CBD which extends south from Sydney Cove and is covered by the City of Sydney, which is the government for this region. If you are going to travel to Sydney, NSW and want to explore the very best of the city, this is likely to be the region that you will start your search in.

As the main city district and close to the centre, this regional part of Sydney has a host of food, drink, and art facilities within the suburbs which is why you must visit it. What once used to be a run-down area of standard terrace housing is now one of the most popular spots in the city, and new stores, restaurants, and other facilities are constantly being added to this area to make it more attractive to family holidaymakers and new families who are looking for somewhere to live within the state.

Important areas to take notice of in this state are Chinatown, Darling Harbour and Kings Cross. These are the best locations for stores, restaurants, and other facilities both indoors and outdoors that the whole family can enjoy if you travel to NSW. They are not close together but easy to travel to using public transport services.

Inner West

The Inner West of Sydney’s city limits is made up of the Inner West Council, the Municipality of Burwood, the Municipality of Strathfield, and the City of Canada Bay, which is located west of the central business district within the inner suburbs. This is the part of Sydney that holds Australia’s first university, the University of Sydney, as well as the Parramatta river which we mentioned earlier in this guide.

In this region, the travel services are excellent, and there are a lot of options for those within the area who want to travel to other parts of Australia. The travel service within this region includes the Central and Circular Quay, which host ferry, rail and bus interchanges. The operating hours for the travel services may vary as of August 2021 due to Covid 19 restrictions, so please use the travel service website to learn more.

If you are looking to travel to this part of Australia, it is an excellent spot for nightlife and culture with a range of restaurants, food, and drink facilities within the region which do not close until late. This is also what makes the University of Sydney a highly sought-after educational facility, as it has a lot to offer students who enter it and want to move to the city for their education.
As of August 2021, the opening hours for the nightlife and restaurants within this region have changed to accommodate the Covid 19 restrictions. Enter the website of the tourist board for this region to learn more about opening hours and how local businesses may be affected.

Eastern Suburbs

This is one of the most populous parts of Sydney and is also considered to be one of the most expensive places to live in all of Australia. In this region of Sydney, NSW, which encompasses the Municipality of Woollahra, the City of Randwick, the Waverley Municipal Council, and some of the Bayside Council, some of the most affluent people and housing resides.

Wolseley Road, which is located in Point Piper within the Eastern Suburbs, is the ninth-most expensive street in the world, with an average of $20,900 being paid per square metre in this location.

As one of the most privileged and affluent Australian regions, it is reported that this area will soon have beyond 1 million residents in the next decade.
The Eastern Suburbs are also home to some of the tourist destinations we mentioned early, which is why the local budget goes beyond the average across the country.

In this region lies Bondi Beach, which is part of the Australian Heritage List as of 2008, and a large shopping centre. The Westfield shopping centre is a great location to travel to if you are interested in shopping, businesses and restaurants and it is one of the biggest employers in the city.

This is also a great part of the city for those with health concerns, as it is host to multiple hospitals which give renowned health care to all patients. These health facilities include the Royal Hospital for Women, the Prince of Wales Hospital, and the Sydney Children’s Hospital, all of which provide an excellent health service to the Australian public.

Southern Sydney

Compared to other regions of Sydney, on the surface, it may not seem as though there is a lot to discover in this area, but it is a great spot for Sydney’s history.

Within this region, the Kurnell Peninsula, which is near Botany Bay, is where the first landfall was made by Capitan James Cook in 1770. This is located on the eastern coastline and is a good travel location for those who are interested in Australian history.

This region is also close to the Royal National Park, which is Australia’s oldest park.

Northern Sydney

Northern Sydney is a great travel hotspot that has a lot to offer in terms of food, drink, and culture, as well as a good range of accommodation to suit all budgets. This is a travel location for everyone to consider as it has some of the city’s best landmarks, such as Macquarie University, Ryde Bridge, and Curzon Hall, to name but a few.

There are several suburbs currently considered to be within this NSW region, including the Upper North Shore, Lower North Shore, and the Northern Beaches. The Northern Beaches includes Manly Beach, which is one of the most popular travel destinations within Sydney and has a good variety of accommodation as well as things to do for everyone to enjoy.

The Northern Beaches area also extends to the entrance of Port Jackson, which is Sydney Harbour, and is another key destination in the city.
The North Shore is a largely commercial area that has a lot to explore, such as shopping and restaurants. It is worth a trip and contains the second-largest concentration of high rise buildings in Sydney, coming second only to the CBD.

The Lower North Shore is used to address the suburbs, which are adjacent to Sydney Harbour, making it another must see travel destination and a great hub of activity.

Hills District

The Hills District of Sydney, NSW is an area of north-western suburbs in the city, which includes the local government of The Hills Shire. It is usually pretty easy to determine whether an area of Sydney, NSW is within the Hills District as many of the locations contain the word ‘Hills’ as well.
For example, travel locations just beyond this region include Castle Hill, Pendle Hill, Baulkham Hill, and Seven Hills.

Western Suburbs

This region of Sydney, NSW, encompasses Parramatta, which is the sixth-largest CBD in Australia and is an area we have mentioned earlier in this blog post. This part of the country was settled at the same time as the harbour-side colony of NSW, and Toongabbie, within the region, is considered to be the third mainland settlement made during the British Colonisation.

In this region, there are good options for accommodation due to travel hotspots such as the Featherdale Wildlife Park, which is based in the northwest, and the Raging Waters, which is a family water park that attracts a lot of visitors to the area. These are great areas to enter and explore, although currently, the service hours can vary based on local restrictions.

You can check out what is on offer at both of these locations through video sharing platforms and on a video at their websites. This is a great way to see whether these areas are worth exploring with the family when you come to Sydney, NSW.

This is also a great hub for retail, with Australia’s busiest shopping mall being located in the area. The Westfield Parramatta is a large shopping mall and one of the busiest areas of the region to enter, so our advice is to go in the early hours when the retail centre has just opened if you are interested.

The Western Suburbs of NSW are also a great place to explore if you are interested in history, as well as being a great location for food and shopping. This is because, in this region, there is the Old Government House which was established in 1799. It is now a historic house museum and a great travel location to explore. The house is also part of the Australian Heritage List due to its age and the preservation of the building.

Times of service for these locations can vary based on local restrictions currently operating in the region. Before you travel to any of these locations in NSW, please check the times of service on the relevant websites or social media pages to avoid disappointment.

Advice For Travelling To Sydney, NSW

Australia, and in particular Sydney, NSW, is a great travel destination for people of all ages. It is a wonderful country to travel to, as well as being a wonderful place to live and work. Many people are proud to call Sydney their home due to how much it has to offer and the fact it is a globally renowned state.

While there is a lot to see and do in NSW, many of the services mentioned in this blog post may not be currently available or may be working to a limited capacity due to the current pandemic.

This is why, in our guide to Sydney, NSW, we are including advice on how to stay safe and healthy when exploring this amazing city. We are currently living in a difficult time, not just in Australia but around the globe, and while things may be opening up once more, it is still our responsibility to take care of our health for the benefit of everyone else.

Check Local Services Before Travelling

As readers will be aware, many services and locations are operating at a reduced rate due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This is to protect the health of both customers and staff, which is why we advise all visitors to plan ahead before they travel into the city. Before travelling into Sydney, NSW and going beyond your local area, make sure that where you want to visit is open and available to visit.

You can keep up to date with local news at our home page or by following the relevant pages on social media, which is a good way to stay ahead of the game and be aware of what is happening within the city. You can keep track of the news and notice what is going on for the number of days you will be staying in Sydney, which will make it easier for you to plan out your adventure.

Book Accommodation In Advance

As you can see from this guide, there is a lot to be explored in Sydney, and there are hundreds of events every week, which makes it a very busy place to stay. This is why if you are planning on staying in Sydney, even for a couple of days, you will need to book your accommodation in advance.

You can view the best accommodation spots based on your travel preferences in the menu, simply enter your location details to find which hotels are available in your area.

When planning a trip to Sydney, NSW, the last thing you want to have to do is go home early because there is nowhere you can stay. There are many options for accommodation based on which NSW region you are staying in.

The NSW travel services also make it easier for you to find suitable accommodation for your budget, as NSW is heavily linked with the bus, rail, and even ferry services across the region, allowing you to stay beyond city limits if this is what your budget allows.

As well as booking while you are at home for places to stay, due to the current circumstances it is also recommended for you to book ahead for all other services too. This includes booking restaurants for food during your trip, as well as booking events such as an art show, a live concert or a day at the water park before you leave your home and come to visit Sydney.

In many cases, you can make a reservation for free at some locations, or there may be free cancellations which makes it easier to plan ahead. This is the best advice we can give to anyone who wants to come to Sydney during these days of Covid 19.

Book For Several Days

In this complete guide to Sydney, NSW, we have tried to include all of the events, locations, and sights that you will want to see when you come to this part of Australia. As you can see, there is a lot to do which is why you should book a trip for several days when planning to see Sydney to its fullest potential.

It is our advice to book a trip into the city for at least three days, but the more days that you spend in the city means the more you will be able to do. There is so much to enjoy in NSW, and you can spend your days watching live events, seeing art installations, eating wonderful food, and being outdoors to see some of the best sights on the globe.

You can determine how much it will cost for you to visit Sydney for several days before leaving your home. Simply enter your intended number of days into the travel agent menu to see how much it will cost to stay in local hotels.
While it is possible to have a great time in Sydney, NSW, even if you are only here for a day, we recommend at least three days to fully explore everything this amazing city has to offer.

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