Bank Cleaning Guide – Read Before Hiring A Cleaning Company in Sydney

Bank Cleaning – Read Before Hiring A Bank Cleaner Company in Sydney

In this article, A “Sydney bank cleaning company” Clean Group Sydney will share with you how it was able to close a bank bid successfully. Clean Group effectively incorporated eco-friendly cleaning to banks all across the greater Sydney area.

Due to security concerns, banks follow strict parameters when choosing bank cleaning services.

A lot of office cleaners aim to close a bid for major banks in the area.

Lucrative profits potentially await the chosen office cleaning services. How will you venture with commercial banks and financial institutions?

Unique Concerns in Bank Cleaning

Modern banking is getting more competitive, and it now goes beyond financial services. Your most trusted bank and financial institutions have to be in mint condition from the airconditioning to the bank cleaning solutions.

Everything has to be perfect to build the credibility that you need to be trusted. Let us help you with being in the top business form by sharing our trade secrets.

We cannot deny the fact that when we think of bank cleaning requirements, we automatically assume that it is similar to or close to office cleaning. Let us not be tricked by this kind of belief. Bank has its unique requirements which make them hire a professional bank cleaning company.

Floor Cleaning – as many of us in the cleaning industry knows, the floor condition speaks about the overall cleanliness of a business. For banks where people are always coming and going, floors are more stressed in this business set-up. Marks and dirt are the usual culprits.

People’s reaction – when there are a lot of people coming and going, your business is also susceptible to comments. Psychology had tested and proven that most people only comment about the bad things that they observed. Bad comments go a long way, and people will generally remember that. In able for you to maintain your bank’s reputation, you should trust bank cleaning services like Clean Group.

Different Floor Materials – for interior and aesthetic purposes, banks generally use different floor materials in one space. The bank cleaning provider needs to have in-depth knowledge about the floor care intended for each element. Our workplace cleaning guide got info on everything you need to know about office cleaning.

Common Requirements for Bank Cleaning

  • Floor Care
  • Disposal of trash
  • High-dusting
  • Furniture dusting
  • Toilet cleaning
  • ATM cleaning
  • Keeping cleanliness within a 25-meter foot perimeter of the bank.

How is Clean Group the best fit for your bank cleaning requirements?

  • Clean Group Sydney has specialized in an extensive range of cleaning options. Our bank cleaners are all trained and knowledgeable about how the business works and what is required from them. They had in-depth training, and they are confident with how they carry themselves onsite.
  • Clean Group Sydney only uses top of the line cleaning materials and chemicals. This will ensure that your floor will endure all kinds of foot traffic that are thrown at it.
  • Clean Group Sydney invests in unique cleaning standard programs to gauge the performance of the bank cleaners assigned to your premises. We make sure that all our cleaners deliver exceptional work.
  • Clean Group Sydney bank cleaners report to their respective cleaning supervisors when they reach and leave the sites. You can easily spot our cleaners because they always come to work in uniforms and with proper identification. Following unique security measures and procedures required by the banks are easy for us because we are great with what we do.

Must-Have Qualities in Bank Cleaning Services

Servicing a bank or a financial institution is one of the most sensitive tasks a cleaning company can have. A lot of safekeeping is placed in your hands and will eventually become your cleaner’s responsibility. Trust will come into play and security will hold the number one spot in the list of your priorities.

Potential customers need to see that your cleaning company is someone that they cannot rely on cleaning but someone who can be trusted with all the secured information and properties that are available inside the bank.

Security is our priority – we cannot stress more how sensitive it is in working for a bank. Any cleaning who chose to venture with banks needs to have secure cleaning standard procedures and protocols.

Insurances and bonds should always be in place. These securities will make the bank trusts your business more.

Clean Group Sydney bank cleaners always report to their workplaces in proper uniforms and identifications.

Clean Group Sydney bank cleaners are confident in communicating with bank security staff
Clean Group Sydney had devised a cleaning pattern and steps that incorporate effective cleaning and safeguard.

Clean Group Sydney is also big with security. We make sure that all our staff are equipped with proper knowledge and they understood the importance of adhering to security protocols. They respect the sensitivity that is involved in bank cleaning.

Familiarity with Banking Technologies being used inside the bank.
There are a lot of touchpoints inside a bank. We all know that touchpoints are susceptible to germs and bacteria. Clean Group Sydney understands that these machines and technologies have special needs and handling when it comes to cleaning.

We follow the standard procedure on how to effectively disinfects, ATMs, touchpads for a PIN, computer, phones, security systems, and other technologies being used inside a bank.

Clean Group Sydney assures the highest cleaning standard
Banks hire professional bank cleaning companies because they cannot handle the cleaning on their own. A bank needs to maintain a particular reputation to be trusted by consumers. Their status can also be judged by how effective the cleaning is being done.

We ensure that all areas that are exposed to the customers are dealt with more rigorous cleaning. We use state of the art equipment and cleaning chemicals that will surely make your cleaning desire a possibility.

Clean Group Sydney will make your bank shine.
In addition to item number 3, you can rest assured that Clean Group Sydney does not need reminders on how we will do our job. We are 100% confident that we know what we are doing and we can make your bank as immaculate as possible.

Clean Group Sydney understands how it is essential for your business to be trusted. We make sure that common areas, offices, and toilets are kept fresh for your consumers.

The Ultimate Bank Cleaning Checklist

The first impression lasts. This saying is always true regardless of what cleaning industry you choose to venture in. It is crucial to create a welcoming atmosphere of security.

When a customer walks into your bank, there should be pride in your eyes when it is apparent that they appreciate how your institution looks and feel. You know that you had employed a bank cleaner who works tirelessly to have this result. If you are looking to hire a cleaner in Sydney, please check the detailed list that is available below:

A checklist is designed to achieve a certain cleaning standard that a cleaning company aims for. Successful cleaning is a fruit of a systematic, step-by-step procedure on how the bank cleaners get to do all the tasks that are assigned to them on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, and even annually. This list of tasks will ensure that everything is covered and nothing was missed out.

Daily Routines

These are the things that the bank cleaners do regularly. These are the basic cleaning methods that are needed to maintain the acceptable appearance of a bank. These frequently involve vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning with microfibres.

Always check the bathroom for cleanliness. Refill soap and other toiletries like toilet paper and hand towels. When cleaning the toilet, always pay attention to the bowl, sink, and counter during and after working hours.

Cleaner’s Cupboard or Storage Area
This area is the primary responsibility of the bank cleaner. As a cleaner, you need to make sure that all supplies and cleaning materials are placed in each proper place. You are also responsible for storing cleaning chemicals following safety and health hazards.

Doors and other entryways
Clean Group Sydney makes doors spotless and free from fingermarks. Sanitized door handles as frequent as possible. Always check if floor mats are being appropriately laid to avoid tipping and slipping hazards.

Load the dirty dishes and utensils into the dishwasher immediately after use. The cleaner must keep an eye for flies that may be hovering over trash cans with food debris on them. It is better if the cleaner can keep the food debris away. Sanitize the counter as often as possible.

Offices and Waiting Area
Always check the condition of cushions. Look for possible wear and tear. It is an excellent practice to flip back cushions when possible. Wipe and clean all furniture used in the waiting area and offices.

Weekly Routines

These are the tasks that you will not be able to perform with employees and customers being around. Clean Group Sydney suggests that you do these during the weekend so that you are free in accessing and moving around the place.

Do a deep clean and scrub the hard to reach areas in the bathroom and under sinks. Check and report if plumbing issues are observed. Polish all chromes on the counter.

Cleaner’s Cupboard or Storage Area
Bank cleaners are asked to do a weekly inventory of supplies and cleaning materials that they need every week. In this way, they can replenish and restock as needed. This will also ensure that the operation during the working days will not be disrupted because of these things lacking.

Doors and other entryways
Vacuum the accumulated dust on both corners of floors and ceilings. Flip the floormats to see if there are signs of wear and tear.

It is best to have the fridge to be cleaned inside-out. The cleaner is advised to wipe the kitchen cupboard’s interior too. When cleaning the refrigerator, bank cleaners can check the expiration date on food labels and discard it as needed. Signs of insects and rodents should be reported immediately.

Offices and Waiting Area
Dry vacuum upholstery and cushion. Brush window drapes to get rid of cobwebs. Dust window blinds. Wipe both sides of the wooden doors.

Teller Stations
We all know that money has a lot of germs on it. Make sure to sanitize the teller’s counter. Bank cleaners are also tasked to inspect the counter for scratches and imperfections. Check if the signages are at the right angles.

Monthly Routine

Monthly cleaning tasks are being performed to ensure overall safety and a healthy work environment. This may include testing of smoke detectors and security systems. Air vent cleaning is also part of this Group.

Flush a bucket of water into the water drain. This process will ensure that bad odours will be flushed away. This also ensures that all drains are working and free from clogs. It is advised to check and inspect for mildew behind the toilet, under the sink, and inside of the cabinets.

Cleaner’s Cupboard or Storage Room
Empty the shelves from top to bottom, wipe the shelves to get rid of dust, and reorganize.

Doors and Entryways
Pressure wash walkways, steps, and landings. Check if all the doors and locks are working. Inspect wear and tear on signages.

Deep clean all the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and refrigerators. Check all power cords of appliances for possible wear and tear.

Offices and Waiting Area
High dust on all fixtures and fans. Polish all wooden surfaces. Cleaners can also perform floor stripping and carpet steam cleaning.

Teller Stations
Empty shelves, dust, and reorganize. Straighten out filing cabinet contents, filing cabinets, and storage areas.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services for Banks and Financial Institutions

As a bank, Clean Group Sydney understands your need to project a crisp image of competence. We will be there for you to make you stand out and capture that perfect first impression. Clean Group has been in business for more than 20 years, and we are known for commercial cleaning throughout Sydney.

We employ nothing but the best cleaners in town. We provide unparalleled training and equipped our commercial cleaners with comprehensive knowledge about our business.

Do you want a bank cleaner that will work with you towards your success?

You may put a big check on each line if your answer is yes!

  • Insured and bonded
  • Performs comprehensive background checks on all employees
  • Pressure-washing of walkways and parking lot cleaning
  • Steam cleaning for carpets and upholstery
  • Strip and seal of hardwood floorings
  • Floorcare for other flooring materials apart from carpet, vinyl, and hardwood
  • Internal and external fridge and microwave cleaning
  • Toilet deep cleaning
  • Toilet consumables supply like hand soap, toilet paper, and hand towels.
  • ATM cleaning
  • High dusting of ceiling and signages
  • Internal and external window and glass cleaning

Clean Group Sydney is your one-stop solution to all your bank cleaning needs. Apart from the routine cleaning, we also do specialized cleanings that were listed above.

We are deep in our commitment that we do not cut corners when cleaning. Clean Group Sydney maintains 24/7 customer relations support that you can communicate with should you encounter emergencies or want to be heard.

This whole article says that the Clean Group Sydney is not just your ordinary commercial cleaner.

The fact that banks had hired us means that we are credible enough to accept small and big jobs. If you find this article comprehensive and would wish to add more tips and feedback on how you effectively manage your bank cleaning business, please feel free to drop a line below.

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