Why a Clean School Equals a Happy & Productive School

Posted On April 29th, 2019

In this post, you will know why a clean school leads to happy and productive schooling by Clean Group. Let’s dive right in.


Thinking about all the factors that contribute to a happy and productive school, cleanliness is sure one of them. Research has enough evidence that cleanliness in schools affects student’s academic success and performance. Actually, school cleanliness is very important to its productivity in that it is among the key building elements for a learning environment. Besides productivity, a clean school makes everyone happy – starting with students, teachers, and parents to visitors.

Cleanliness in any educational facility touches the following areas:


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Health For All

A school is an institution that needs the utmost standards of cleanliness. Children frequently visit areas such as the toilets, classrooms, libraries, cafeteria, and playgrounds, etc. all these areas need to be cleaned continuously. In doing so, it will keep them free from germs and neat.

A school is a breeding ground for illness-causing germs. Unlike in the office, schools have lots of occupants per square foot. Hence, germs can indeed spread very quickly. To make matters worse is that children have a weaker immune system than adults. Thus, they are very susceptible to diseases.


Studying in an untidy environment can distract a student’s concentration. Students will have enough challenges trying to concentrate. Just spare the students this trouble and keep their school clean.

More so, a clean school implies that teachers too will have a hygienic workplace. Hence, their teaching productivity will increase as they will be able to engage and teach the students in tidy classes.


A clean school offers a good learning environment for the students. This means they are free from dirt and pollution. This will boost their productivity as they will fall sick less often. Hence, the children will attend school regularly.

When a student is regularly getting ill, it means they will spend more time away from school. Chronic absenteeism is very detrimental to the performance of a student. When a child misses lots of classes, they will certainly fall behind their agemates.


When a parent is sourcing for the best school to enrol their kids to, they consider several factors. Cleanliness is one of them. When a parent eventually finds that suitable school, they will always be happy. This is because they know that their kids are in a hygienic and safe environment.

How These Areas Affects Students’ Academic Performance

All these 4 areas can affect the academic performance of students. It is important to find your professional cleaners near you. Negative impacts on concentration, happiness, health, and attendance can truly hinder a student’s capability to perform successfully. When students learn in a clean school, they will comfortably perform with no effects on their concentration or health issue hindering them.

Apart from affecting the productivity and happiness for students, cleanliness also affects teachers. According to research, there is a direct relationship between teacher’s achievements and school cleanliness. A clean school provides a less stressful environment for teachers to work in. When a teacher performs well, students too will increase their performance.

To say the least, a clean learning environment equals a happy and productive school for all. Lots of evidence support that students do thrive in a tidy, clean and organised environment. All the floor, sanitary surfaces, cafeteria, and classrooms should be clean. If you hardly know how to keep all these areas clean, you can hire a professional.

Why Hire School Cleaning Professional?

If you desire to keep your school sparkling clean, then the time to call the pros is now. Engaging our services means the school facility will be healthy and neat. We will do regular maintenance and cleaning of the school labs, kitchen as well as other areas.

In the long run, you will note that the costs of purchasing cleaning supplies and equipment will reduce. Additionally, our cleaning team is trained enough to know what safe products to use. We acknowledge that a school is an area with kids. So we ensure we use children-friendly products to deep clean a school.

A clean school does not only contribute to a happy and productive environment, but it has positive first-impression on the visitors too. If you want a vibrant school with extraordinary learning outcomes, then you should hire our services.

We are professionals in school cleaning and loaded with years of experience on the same. With our expertise, we will offer a clean and safe learning environment. Hence, your school will always stay ahead of the competition.

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