New Star Rating System for Childcare Centres by NSW Government

Posted On: February 29th, 2020 Author: Stephen Matthews

The Government of New South Wales has recently introduced a new star rating system to rate the childcare centres in the state based on quality, cleanliness and other factors. The star rating system for childcare centres will enable parents to more easily and effectively assess the quality of a childcare centre for their children.

Under the new color-coded star rating system, childcare centres will be given rating or ranking based on how well they meet or exceed the national standard. For instance, the centres that manage to exceed the standard through efficient and quality services are likely to get higher ranks compared to the ones who just meet the standard, working towards it or lack far behind in the race.

Why is the new rating system introduced?

The new star-based rating system for childcare centres has been implemented from January 1, 2020. Before this, NSW childcare centres were subjected to a traditional rating system, which involved complex ratings based on a number of factors. Even though this was efficient, many parents and families used to find it highly confusing and were unable to assess the quality of a centre based on the rating system.

The new childcare centre rating system, on the other hand, follows a simpler, color-coded star rating system that aims to make the industry more transparent and enable parents to easily evaluate a centre. The new star ratings will make families more informed about the quality of different childcare centres and empower them with the knowledge to make the right choice.

What is the new star rating system for childcare centres?

Under the new rating system, childcare centres will be given a color-based star rating, as follows:

Blue Star – Exceeding National Quality Standard
Green Star – Meeting National Quality Standard
Yellow Star – Working Towards National Quality Standard
Pink Star – Significant Improvement Required

The Blue Star rating is the highest while the Pink star rating is the lowest. Each of the childcare centres in the NSW state will be required to put this rating certificate or star sticker at their entrance, thus allowing parents to see this the first thing when they visit the place.

The aim is to make it easier for parents and families to assess the quality of a childcare centre based on their star rating in an easier manner by simply looking at the star color.

Parents in New South Wales want only the best quality early childhood education and care for their children, which is why they are constantly looking for the highest-rated childcare centres that can deliver on their expectations. The new star rating system for childcare centres will help them with the goal.

The new star rating system will judge a childcare centre based on the following seven criteria:

  • Educational program;
  • Children’s health and safety (cleanliness);
  • Physical environment;
  • Staffing;
  • Relationships with children;
  • Collaboration with families; and
  • Leadership

Importance of Childcare Centre Cleaning for Higher Star Rating

Among other things, a common factor to the quality and efficiency of a childcare centre is the ability to keep the children safe and healthy from unwanted diseases, allergies, bacteria, dust, and similar things, which can only be achieved through regular and professional cleaning of the place.

As you can see, Children’s safety and health are among the criteria used by the government for rating the quality of a childcare centre in Sydney. To ensure the complete health safety of children at your centre, it is important to hire professional childcare cleaners in Sydney for regular cleaning of your place.

Why is it important to maintain regular and professional childcare cleaning?

Cleaning is an important part of any childcare centre, as it helps control infection and ensure the health and safety of the children.

Children are highly prone to infections caused by the sharing of items like toys, furniture, beddings, etc. and the use of dirty toilets, toilets and high touch surfaces like computer keywords, countertops and doorknobs. By sharing these things with other children or retouching the same surfaces, again and again, children contribute to spreading germs and bacteria among each other.

Keeping your child care facility clean and sanitized will ensure that your kids remain safe from infection-related diseases.

Children, by nature, are not very aware of the things they should keep in mind or the habit they should follow in order to avoid spreading infection-based diseases, which is why it is important for parents, teachers and childcare managers to take care of such things. Also, children have the habit of sharing their toys and even food with other kids, which is something we can’t control. But, we can always ensure that the things our child is using are safe and free from bacteria or viruses through regular and proper cleaning. Routine cleaning of your centre by expert childcare cleaners will reduce the existence and spreading of such infectious diseases.

Keeping your childcare facility clean will help protect the health of your staff and kids, ensure there are no germs or bacteria on the surfaces, floors, and furniture and get you more business by improving the value and reputation of your centre among the parents.

How can Clean Group’s Childcare Centre Cleaning Services help?

While it’s important for childcare centres to train their teachers and caregivers with the basics of hygiene maintenance for keeping the children safe from infections and diseases, not many centres have the time or expertise to do that. Also, the in-house cleaners and workers at your centre may not be very well equipped with child-safe cleaning practices. This is where a professional child care centre cleaning company like Clean Group can help.

Here at Clean Group, we offer high-quality childcare centre cleaning services in Sydney NSW, which include daily cleaning and sanitization of floors, toilets, toys & furniture, playgrounds, and other items at your childcare centre to ensure removal of any harmful bacteria and allergens that may affect the health of your children. We only use organic, eco-friendly and health-safe cleaning products for overall protection of your place.

We have a highly expert and trained team of childcare cleaners who understand what types of bacteria and germs may be found at your place and have access to the best tools and technologies to take care of dust, dirt, and diseases through efficient and safe cleaning of your centre. We will not only help you in achieving the maximum rating under the new star rating system for childcare centres but also create a fresh, safe and healthy environment for children at your childcare centre, that’s a promise.

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