9 Office Cleaning Hacks Every Employee Should Know

Posted On: July 26th, 2017 Author: Stephen Matthews

In this post, I am going to show you the 9 office cleaning hacks every employee should know by Clean Group. Keep reading.

An office space is indeed a second home for people working in it. And if you work in an office you already know that an office space can turn into a cluttered mess from time to time. But what if the mess that surrounds you and your desk actually hinder you from doing your work properly?

The untidiness around your desk might not look like a too big deal but indirectly can affect your work based on the kind of person you are. The untidiness at your place work can have a negative impact on your motivation or concentration level. However, maintaining the cleanliness of an office is not a complicated task. In the event that your professional commercial cleaners visit only thrice a week or your space needs a quick cleanup, you can follow the below-mentioned office cleaning hacks to help you clean your workplace effectively.

9 Office Cleaning Hacks Every Employee Should Know

1. If you happen to eat your meal on your desk, you might leave several crumbs on your keyboard throughout the whole working day. They can be easily removed with sticky notes. Use the adhesive side of the note to pick up the crumbs. This tip comes handy for reaching chunks and dust stuck between the keys of your keyboard.

2. Be it books, computers, bookshelves and almost everything in an office space are likely to harbour dust. And dusting each one individually might take forever. Thus, in order to save time, consider investing in a handheld vacuum, and assign vacuuming duties in rotation. By vacuuming regularly, you will be able to keep your office clean at all times.

3. Along with many other things, chairs can also accumulate dirt and dust. You can easily clean them by mixing up a solution of dishwashing liquid and a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide. Clean the office chairs on the last working day and you will find them as new as a new pin.

4. Carpets and timber wood flooring can get abraded with the constant footfall of employees. Consider placing chair mats under office chairs to keep the floor area near desk clean and orderly.

5. Gadgets like phone and tablets have the potential to harbour more germs than a toilet seat. Clean them on a frequent basis with a solution of 70% alcohol and water.

6. If you are using trash bags, you can get rid of the odour by sprinkling some baking soda at the bottom of the trash can. Also, to keep the dampness at bay, place some wads of paper at the bottom of the trash bags.

7. To keep your washroom smelling good, use an essential oil diffuser or add few drops of essential oil to the inside of the toilet roll paper. And every time you roll it, the essential oil will work its magic. Not only just washroom, but you can also even place an essential diffuser near the workstation to keep the space free from any unpleasant odour.

8. If your scissors need a cleanup or have a sticky residue to it, you can use white vinegar to clean the blades. This would keep the scissors rust free and you can also use the vinegar to clean other office metal tools.

9. Use microfiber cloths for a quick clean up. As microfiber cloths are lint free and non-abrasive you can clean your desk, computer screen and other furnishings of the office clean without having to worry about leaving any scratches or lint behind. Never use antibacterial wipes to clean your equipment or other office tools.

Thus, keep this easy office cleaning tips in mind so that you can keep your workplace cleaner and fresher all the time. And remember that a neat and tidy office place is an essential part of driving productivity and determination.

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