NDIS Cleaning: 5 House Cleaning Hacks You Wish You’d Found Out Sooner

NDIS Cleaning 5 House Cleaning Hacks You Wish You’d Found Out Sooner

Cleaning may seem time-consuming in most cases. From pet hair and vomit stains to clogged and dust sinks, it seems like scrubbing is a daily task in your home. Most often, it happens in cases when you are expecting a guest or when performing spring cleaning. 

Do not worry, though. Although office cleaning in Sydney may be an actual bummer, there are many tricks and hacks you can apply to ease your chores. Here are the five cleaning hacks you wish you would found out:

1. Use a Vinegar Power Spray

At home, we use vinegar in cooking. However, many people do not realize that it can work as an effective cleaner due to its acidic, non-toxic, and natural nature. 

Vinegar can dissolve all kinds of stains, including hard water stains, sticker residues, and soap scum. White vinegar produces the best results when it comes to eliminating dirty particles in your house.

Nevertheless, if you find out that your white vinegar is too strong for cleaning, try using apple cider vinegar. Mix ten parts of water and one part of apple cider vinegar in a spraying bottle. This quantity is enough to clean the whole house. 

Notably, there are some surfaces that you ought not to clean with this vinegar cleaning spray. For instance, granite and marble countertops do not thrive well with vinegar on their surfaces. Also, avoid it when cleaning solid wood furniture, egg-based messes, and kitchen knives.

2. Fuss-free Oven Spring-cleaning

Usually, the oven is one of the most challenging kitchen appliances to spring-clean, making the task appear like an eternity. However, there is a more effective way in which you can wash this huge appliance easily. 

Fill an oven-secure pot or bowl with water. Then, put the mixture in the oven and heat to around two hundred and thirty degrees celsius for 15-20 minutes. By doing this, you will have created steam to loosen the dirt, grime, and grease that might have accumulated in the oven.

Then, allow the oven to cool down before you start wiping first. The dirty particles will start falling off. Next, make a paste of water and baking soda and apply it to the oven’s enamel countertops.

3. Use of Table Salt for Carpet Stains

Most people think that baking soda is one of the top cleaning hacks for eliminating carpet stains. Nevertheless, if the dirt is fresh, then the most efficient solution is using ordinary table salt.

Table salt has various moisture-drawing features to help get rid of the new liquid contamination on your carpet. The technique is also known as the capillary action by scientists. And most of us know it as a seeping activity.

When you notice some stains of coffee or any other type of fluids on the carpet, resist the thought of dabbing it with a piece of dry cloth. Pour some amounts of table salt into the dirty area instead.

When you see the table salt mound beginning to saturate, it means that it is already eliminating that fluid from your carpet. Allow it to dry off. Then, get the vacuum and start cleaning up the whole mess. Salt is also known to work best on mud stains.

4. Sanitize and Clean the Sponge

The sponge is the most used whenever you’re cleaning your house. With every scrub, this foam contraption tends to collect germs, grime, and dirt. You can dip it in hot water and wring out the excess amount of water.

However, you cannot tell if you have eliminated the germs sticking on the inside of your foam. If you’re about to use it to clean another surface, you will be transferring the contamination to your next appliance. It won’t help your cleaning activity.

You have to clean your sponge more frequently for an extra-clean and germ-free home. Dunk it in hot water and ensure to wring out the excess water. Ensure to keep it wet.

Pop it in your microwave and heat it for around 30 seconds. That will get rid of the grime and kill all the germs. Then, please wait for some time before taking it from the microwave since it can be hot. Be cautious in disinfecting your cleaning sponge.

5. Use a Vacuum Air Freshener

Cleaning does not only have to result in a neat home. It ought to also lead to a nice-smelling place. Sure, you can spray an air freshener immediately after the cleaning procedure. But there is always a better cleaning hack than this. 

Dunk a cotton ball in a scent of your choice, such as vanilla. Then, put the ball in a vacuum bag and begin spraying your home. It is an effective cleaning hack that not only cleans your home but also leaves it with a pleasant smell in just a sole pass. It is ideal for eliminating cooking smells, nasty pet odors, and other offensive smells in your home.

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Other Essential Cleaning Hacks You Should Try:

  • Unclog your sink– We know. It is one of the most annoying household chores. Place 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets and one cup of distilled white vinegar down your drainage system. Wait for ten minutes and use hot water to rinse out the mixture.
  • Ultimate mattress cleaner- You might think that cleaning your mattress is not necessary- that is wrong. Fill a power or spray bottle with vodka and spray it across your mattress bed. Allow it to dry. The mixture will get rid of all odors and germs.
  • Vomit picker-upper- Cleaning off vomit from your carpet is annoying, though there is an incredible option. Combine water and baking soda, so you get a pasty mixture. Smear the substance on the messed surface. Allow it to sit overnight and clean it off in the morning.

All these cleaning hacks will guide you in cleaning up your home. However, nothing compares to an expert clean from firm-leading cleaning specialists. We, Clean Group AU offers domestic and commercial cleaning services for a couple of decades now. From window cleaning to carpet cleaning, we will ensure your business or home scrubs up nicely, and we give tips about how to create a manageable NDIS cleaning roster also.

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