3 Reasons to Clean with Microfibres

3 Reasons to Clean with Microfibres

In this post, I am going to show you the 3 reasons to clean with microfibres by Clean Group. Keep reading.

Microfibre technology is changing the cleaning game for good. So, throw away your cotton cleaning cloths ‘cause microfibres are here for the taking.

What is Microfibre?

Microfibres are synthetic materials made from polyester and nylon. They are woven together to create fibres that are 200 times thinner than human hair.

Microfibres are 1.0 denier or smaller. According to the Field Research and Consultation Group of the University of Washington, the most effective type of microfibres are those that are 0.13 denier.

How Does Microfibres Work?

Microfibres have a net-like surface that creates millions of spaces to trap dirt and moisture. When a microfibre cloth moves across a surface, its nylon component produces static electricity that attracts dust. This electricity is strong enough to attract even the smallest dirt particles.

Microfibres’ efficiency in collecting dirt and dust makes it the ideal tool for cleaning. That’s why Office cleaning Sydney team takes advantage of this innovative cleaning technology.

Want to learn more about the three greatest benefits of cleaning with microfibres? Find out below:

Why Clean with Microfibres?

Microfibres are great for deep cleaning

Unlike cotton materials, microfibre cloths are made up of tiny fibres. It is able to reach even the tiniest crevices making it more effective in cleaning hard-to-reach places.

It Reduces the Use of Water and Chemicals

Microfibres are super absorbent. Due to its wide surface area, it can hold water six times more than its own weight.

Also, the static electricity it produces allows it to collect dirt and dust even without the use of chemicals. In cases where you can’t avoid using chemicals, you’ll be able to cover a larger area with a small amount of a product.

Microfibres Are Durable and Reusable

Microfibres are washable cloth. It also dries quickly so bacteria don’t get to stay and grow. And because it is washable, you can reuse it many times before it needs replacement. When given proper care, clean with microfibres can last for several years.

Care Instructions

1) When washing microfibre cloths, the water temperature should not exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

2) You may use mild detergents, but avoid using bleach and fabric softener.

3) Also, avoid using chemicals in cleaning microfibre cloths. Chemicals that harm plastics typically can also microfibres.

4) Microfibres should not be dried outdoors for too long. High temperature can breakdown its fibres making it less effective. It should be dried in places that are hotter than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

5) When you’re unsure about what to do, you can always check the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.

Using microfibres gives us a lot of benefits. It is easy to use and it makes clean fast for better your Business Productivity. Caring for it also doesn’t take too much effort.

If you follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, it will help you maximise the benefits that microfibre technology offers.

We at Clean Group Sydney invests in microfibre technology. Our professional commercial cleaners make use of it in order to deliver impeccable results. Talk to us about all your cleaning needs.

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