What Are The Most Effective Disinfectants for COVID-19

Any cleaning chemical that can remove the virus from a surface is very effective against COVID 19. A lot of commercial cleaning companies have their own choices of cleaning materials and fogging disinfectant solutions that they use during this pandemic.

We are here to talk about it and validate which ones work and which do not.

Many cleaning chemicals claim that they can help us fight the deadly Covid cleaning in Sydney that has been tormenting the world for so long now. But do they work? Are they effective? How do you ensure that your office is safe from COVID 19?

Join us as we go through the list that commercial cleaners and residential cleaners use for their daily grind.

Commonly Used Solution Against COVID 19

Soap and Water

The traditional use of soap and water is an effective way of eliminating the chances of contracting the deadly virus. This combination is not potent enough to kill the virus, but it can mechanically remove the virus from the surface.

It can remove the virus from the skin. By doing so, the virus will not get the chance of infecting your cells.

Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

Sixty per cent of alcohol can break through the protective layer of the CoronaVirus. COVID 19 is known to have a protective protein-layer coating. The virus is no longer harmful once this protective layer is destroyed. Surface cleaners and disinfectants with at least 60 per cent alcohol can be used to sanitize the surface.

Bleach and Bleach-Based Cleaner

These are proven to be very good with COVID -19 cleaning. For safety reasons, always read and follow the instructions on the label. As a golden rule, never mix bleach with other cleaning agents as it can create toxic fumes that can be harmful to health.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Cleaner

This chemical compound is milder than bleach and is also proven to be effective against CoronaVirus.

Cleaning Chemicals that have Quaternary Ammonium Compounds

These cleaning chemicals are also proven to break the protective layer of the virus. They can surely eliminate COVID 19 on any type of surface.

For these products, the first thing is that you always need to read the label for proper instructions and check the expiration date. Expired cleaning chemicals may have lost their effectiveness.

Most of the packaging of these cleaning chemicals claim that they can kill 99.9 per cent of germs. Studies have shown that other types of Corona Viruses can live on hard surfaces for a week, but we all know that the primary way for us to contract the virus is through droplets.

Apart from maintaining our offices and home clean and disinfected, we need to observe proper hand hygiene, cover the nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing, and stay home if we do not feel well.

Premise’s Disinfection Guide

In this section, we will explain the current guidance for cleaning surfaces and premises on how commercial cleaners in Sydney do the cleaning during this pandemic season.

There is not much research into surface cleaning for COVID 19. However, there is not so much information on other Coronaviruses.

Sodium Hypochlorite is effective against other forms of Corona Viruses. This chemical is present in most commercial and household bleach. Sodium Hypochlorite 0.1 per cent or a solution containing 70 per cent ethanol is found to be effective on small surfaces after a contact time of a minute.

For larger areas such as floors, 0.5% sodium hypochlorite is advised.

Commercial cleaners can dilute commercial or household bleach from a traditional 5 per cent to get the desired strength.

Similar results were obtained with standard disinfectants and detergents. They require contact time of up to five minutes to achieve the desired results.

  • Sodium lauryl ether sulphate, also known as sodium Laureth sulphate, is found in many soaps and cleaners.
  • Alkyl polyglycosides are a class of surfactants found in cleaning agents.
  • Coco-fatty acid diethanolamine, also known as cocamide DEA or cocamide diethanolamine, is found in soaps.
  • To disinfect high-touch point areas, use 0.5 per cent sodium hypochlorite solution

Ordinary household bleach is damaging to some surfaces. Disinfection can be done using a solution with 70 per cent ethanol.

What Commercial Cleaners Do While Cleaning?

  • They check the manufacturer’s label to make sure that the cleaning product will not harm the equipment or surface that they are about to clean. Whenever they are in doubt, they are instructed to call the manufacturer.
  • Commercial cleaners in Australia check the cleaning products to see if they are using the ones that have the required solution. Commonly, the use of a 70 per cent ethanol solution is observed to disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
  • You can also use antimicrobial wipes. When choosing this method, you need to be sure that they contain the active components in sufficient quantities and that you are following the prescribed contact time.
  • Wherever possible, use a disinfectant or detergent solution followed by either sodium hypochlorite 0.1 per cent solution or 70 per cent ethanol solution. However, in some circumstances, this is not practical.
  • Soft surfaces are more challenging to clean and disinfect.
  • While cleaning, commercial cleaners should wear the correct personal protective equipment.

We are talking about the Corona Virus because it is affecting the whole world. Everybody knows about it and is aware of its deadly doings. We want you to know that we are also mindful of the effects of COVID 19.

We are experienced commercial cleaners, and we have seen many different results of deadly viruses. We are aware of every disease that comes through. Every flu, every sniffle, pneumonia, they are antennas that go on high alert. We, the commercial cleaners, cannot afford to transfer germs to our customers.

We will not let our customers be sick. We, on the other hand, cannot afford to be ill and be contaminated with this virus. Our livelihood and our ability to put food on the table for our families depend on our health.

Share with us if you find these products useful in your opinion. Also, let us know how you keep yourself and your staff healthy while working on the frontline. Hit us a comment and let us encourage one another to be extra cautious in this time of the pandemic.

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