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Office Cleaning Melbourne Services For Businesses

Now Strata cleaning is not at all a worrisome task for the clients who get associated with us, as we at Office cleaning Sydney provides the best in class cleaning services for the luxurious and high-end apartments. Clients will not only get the shining panes and floors without dust particles but they will also enjoy the experienced services through which each and every foot of space will be taken care of by eco-friendly cleaning products.

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Trusted by thousands of businesses throughout Australia.

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Office Cleaning Melbourne - A One-stop Solution for Professional Office Cleaning

A clean office space is important not just to maintain your business reputation but also to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for your employees. We at Clean Group are committed to helping businesses around Melbourne to keep their offices clean and neat. Office cleaning Melbourne is not just our job, but it’s what we are passionate about! We can provide you with customised cleaning options for regular cleaning of your officers on a daily or weekly basis. Our cleaners team consists of certified and trained personnel who have the skills and resources to clean your work promises with 100% satisfaction.

Our professional team of cleaners can work before, during or even after your business hours to ensure not disturbing your office employees, but at the same time, keeping your premises neat and healthy to work at. Our commercial cleaning services include, but are not limited to, office cleaning Melbourne, health centre cleaning, hospital cleaning, strata cleaning, gym cleaning, school/college cleaning, etc. We can also tailor our cleaning package to suit your specific business needs and budget.

At Clean Group, we believe our success is directly related to the success of our clients and customers. With that in mind, we continue to provide the best quality services and value to your business by helping to keep your offices clean, your employees safe and your clients happy. We provide complete office cleaning in all the major suburbs in and around Melbourne, which means you can call us whether you need cleaning, washing, dusting, vacuuming, repairs or maintenance of your commercial workplace. We use only green cleaning products in accordance with the Health & Safety regulations of the Victoria state.

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Commercial Cleaning To Maintain A Healthy Working Environment

A neat, clean and organised workplace can do wonders in increasing the productivity and energy level of your company employees. When your workers arrive in the morning, they can either get a boost in energy or a breeze of disappointment, depending on how fresh, tidy and healthy your office environment is.

Office is one of the places which your workers use on a continuous basis, and therefore, it needs cleaning and proper maintenance more than anything else. Along with cleaning, you must also maintain proper hygiene standards in your office to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for your staff. This includes a thorough cleaning of the office premises, including the cleaning of office floors, windows, doors, couches, kitchens, canteens, toilets, carpets, furniture, among others.

When it comes to expert cleaning of your office, the most feasible option is outsourcing from a professional Office Cleaning Company Melbourne, as they can provide the best team along with all the cleaning resources, tools and machines for complete cleaning of your premises. Clean Group can even offer tailored cleaning packages for your specific office cleaning needs.

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Trusted Office Cleaning Services Melbourne

Hire professional and recommended office cleaning services in Melbourne to let your employees and clients experience a premium, clean and beautiful looking office space. Our office cleaning Melbourne packages are designed to cover everything that you need to be cleaned at your office, and more. From office floor cleaning to carpet cleaning, desk cleaning, and toilet cleaning, we do it all.

  • Carpet Cleaning We will thoroughly clean your office carpets for dirt, dust and debris. We will also remove any stains from the carpet and vacuum it.
  • Furniture Cleaning All your office desks, benches, sofas, chairs and other furniture and devices will be dry cleaned for dust and dirt and arranged properly.
  • Door, Window & Vent Cleaning Our Office Cleaners Melbourne team will also clean your office doors, windows and vents to give them a clean and neat look.
  • Graffiti Removal If you’ve any graffiti or art anywhere in your office that needs to be removed, we will do it using our special tools, given that you notify us before.
  • Pressure Cleaning For complete and thorough cleaning of your office floors, carpets, etc., we might also pressure clean your premises, if required.
  • Floor Sweeping and Washing For a complete cleaning of your office floors, we will do both dry sweeping and washing of the floors, tiles, stairs, etc.
  • Toilet/Bathroom Cleaning The in-depth cleaning of your office toilets, bathrooms and kitchen areas is also covered under our standard office cleaning package.
  • Canteen Cleaning If you’ve got a canteen on your premises, we will clean it as well for food residue and garbage and clean the desks, chairs, etc.
  • Car Park Cleaning Cleaning of your office car park is vital for the complete health of your staff. This is included in our Office Cleaning Services Melbourne.
  • Blind Cleaning and Repairs Besides cleaning your office blinds, we may also do minor repairs in order to make your blinds working again.

What you can expect from our office cleaners

At Clean Group, we are dedicated to keeping your offices neat and tidy, as we believe this can have a positive impact on your employees’ productivity. We will make your office clean and look great which will motivate your staff to give their best. When we work to clean your office, we try to cover all the aspects of the job, which include but are not limited to

  • Cleaning, washing and mopping of office floors
  • Cleaning of light switches and panels
  • Cleaning of office desks, chairs and other furniture and electronics
  • Dusting/washing of all windows and blinds
  • Vacuuming of desk draws, vents, etc.
  • Cleaning of glass for dirt and prints
  • Cleaning of kitchen utensils, microwave, fridge, etc.
  • Wiping/dusting of phones, keyboards as needed
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of toilets
  • Emptying and cleaning recycle bins
  • Cleaning of parking areas
  • Spot cleaning of doors and walls as needed

Why Choose Us

At Clean Group, we strive to do better than what you expect from us. We are a friendly, skilled and experienced team of cleaners who can offer you customised office cleaning Melbourne solutions for your business in Melbourne. Having over 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, we understand your needs and will work alongside you to keep your premises clean and safe for your workers.

Experienced Office Cleaners Melbourne

Our office cleaners are skilled and trained professionals who understand your business and will provide cleaning services as per your unique requirements. Hire expert Office Cleaners Melbourne to achieve desired results.

Customised Office Cleaning Solutions

We understand that your business may have different cleaning needs from that of others. So, we will do a free pre-inspection of your premises and offer a tailored office cleaning package accordingly.

State-of-the-art Cleaning Process

Besides offering tailored office cleaning packages, we also implement a highly advanced and certified cleaning process where only eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques are used to ensure complete safety of your staff and premises.

Refreshing Products

We only use eco-friendly cleaning detergents that are marked for high-quality, safety and comes with soothing fragrances to keep your office environment refreshing all day long.

Same Day Cleaning

Upon request, we may be able to arrange a same-day cleaning appointment for your office. We may still need a few hours’ time to assemble the best team and resources for the job.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us, this is why we are willing to offer tailored, on-demand office cleaning for you as per your availability and schedule to ensure complete satisfaction.

Steps to hire office cleaners with Clean Group

Hiring an office cleaning staff with Clean Group is as easy as booking a movie ticket online. All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial our number and tell our executive about your requirements. Here’s how to hire the best Office Cleaners Melbourne.

When we work to clean your office, we try to cover all the aspects of the job, which include but are not limited to

    • Visit the website https://www.clean-group.com.au/
    • Fill out the Enquiry form on the homepage for a free on-site quote
    • Our experts will visit your office for a free on-site inspection
    • Based on initial analysis, we will give you a quote for your office cleaning
    • You can then confirm the appointment with us

Upon receiving your appointment confirmation, we will assemble a team of our best cleaners for your job, instruct them with your requirements and prepare them with cleaning tools and supplies. They will visit your office as per the schedule and do the cleaning job as needed by you.

At Clean Group, we deliver the best-in-class, green strata cleaning services with complete health safety assurance. Give us a call today to discuss your needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. All our cleaners are police-verified and have been checked for backgrounds. Moreover, they are instructed to respect your privacy and handle sensitive documents, papers, etc. as per your instructions. You can always contact us back for any issues related to security or anything else.

We provide office cleaning in all the major suburbs of Melbourne, including Airport west, Aintree, Ashwood, Balaclava, Altona, Ardeer, Albert Park, Belgrave, Aurora, Armadale, Belfield, Black Rock, Box Hill, to name just a few. You can check our complete service locations in Melbourne here.

Yes, you can request to cancel or reschedule an office cleaning appointment with us by contacting us at least 24 hours before the schedule.

We can clean your office as often as you want. You can choose to hire our regular cleaning package where you can opt from daily, weekly or fortnight cleaning options, as per your requirements and budget.

Yes. Just make sure to book a cleaning appointment at least 24 hours in advance, so we can make the arrangements for you.

Yes, you can call us anytime to discuss your cleaning requirements with our experts and get an estimated quote. However, we prefer to pre-inspect your premises and can provide a better quote based on that.

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