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Clean Group is a cleaning company with the main goal to supply our clients with exceptional customer care and cleaning services, as well as the best value for money. We do this by simply being extremely flexible and adapting our services to their varying needs.

Our clients’ needs are at the top of our priorities. We carry out all our work bearing their needs in mind. Our staff deliver our services with the utmost professionalism and genuine care for our customers. From contract cleaning to carpet cleaning needs, they make sure to always meet the highest standards and exceed expectations.

Clean Group knows the significance of working in a clean, healthy and comfortable office. And so we make certain that our cleaning services, together with deep cleaning and other maintenance services, will give you exactly that. We guarantee the preservation of your office all throughout the year.

We work closely together in devising cleanup plans and schedules that’s perfect for our clients’ preferences. If we have to, we will work outside of regular business hours just to give them the quality of service they’re looking for. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Preston services you require.

For a Clean and Healthy Workplace

We at Clean Group knows the value of hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace. And so we have developed bespoke cleaning services that will suit the hygiene and cleanliness issues of our clients.

Our staff are extensively trained and can tackle huge and small workplaces alike. They have the expertise and dedication to ensure you will get excellent cleaning services. With them taking care of your office cleaning needs, you and your employees are sure to get a cleaner and healthier place to work and be productive in.

A Cut above the Rest

Clean Group is a cut above any other cleaning companies. That's because our cleaning solutions are at par with global standards. Also, the cleaning staff we employ are dedicated and systematic professionals. They follow cleaning guidelines and practices that ensure everyone’s safety.

Through time, we have built a wide client base in Melbourne through the exceptional cleaning service we provide. It also helps that we offer reasonable costs for our services. More clients trust also us because of the eco-friendly cleaning practices that deliver the maximum level of cleaning.

Try our services today and see the amazing results for yourself. Call us or reach out to us online.

Comprehensive and Flexible Cleaning

Our method of commercial cleaning is both flexible and comprehensive. The services we offer are suitable for all types of commercial spaces. Whether you need glass cleaning, furniture dusting, fixture and installation cleaning or other services, you can rely on Clean Group to deliver them to you wherever you are in the country.

As we’ve said, our services are available at reasonable costs. We also strive to fulfil cleaning requirements with minimal impact on your organisation. So regardless of the schedule, we’ll work around whatever time is suitable for you. Be it through the day, in the evening or during weekends.

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Preston VIC


Preston is a residential suburb in Melbourne, Victoria. It is located 9 kilometres north-east of the central business district of Melbourne. The area was first surveyed in 1837 by Robert Hoddle for subdivision. Its first European resident was Samuel Jeffrey and during his time the area was known as Irishtown.

Sometime in the 1850s, the members of the Ebenezer Church, Particular Baptist from Brighton, England convened to change the name of the suburb and name it after their home in Sussex. However, Brighton was already taken by another suburb. Instead, they agreed to name it after a small village nearby Brighton where church members used to have happy annual outings - Preston. Click here for more information about the city of Preston VIC

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