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Clean Group is an environment-friendly cleaning company in Coburg. We offer high-quality, safe and convenient cleaning services to businesses in the region and its surrounding areas.

With us, you can end your worries about less than what you’ve spent. We adequately train all our cleaning professionals to deliver the highest level of service. We also designed a cleaning system to help you save time and money. This system will also help save you from frustrations.

As an environment-friendly company, we are passionate about preserving the environment. We only make use of non-toxic and organic cleaning products. We have also taken great efforts to find eco-friendly products that can provide impeccable cleaning without toxic residues. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Coburg services you require.


What Makes Us Different

Our company always strive to meet our clients’ demands and exceed their expectations. We make wise use of our resources to develop and enhance the services that we deliver. Because of this, we have built a stellar reputation for delivering impeccable results.

Apart from these, here some other reasons why we aren’t like the cleaning companies you’ve partnered with:

We provide convenient services
The services we offer are easy to understand and avail. Starting from your initial enquiry, to creating cleaning plans and implementing them to invoicing and payment, we guarantee that everything will be smooth-sailing and hassle-free.

Our services are safe and eco-friendly
Our non-toxic cleaning methods will not only help improve the appearance of your office but also the health of your employees. The improvement of their health will, later on, translate to better attendance and an increased productivity rate.

We guarantee high-quality cleaning
With us, you don’t have to worry about the quality of service not matching the amount of money you’ve spent. Our staff are highly-skilled, and they will deliver impeccable cleaning that’ll surely impress you.

In addition these, we are fully covered and insured. We have liability insurance to protect both us and our clients in case of unfortunate circumstances.

You can also always rely on us for all your cleaning needs. Our staff are available 24/7 to accommodate your preferred cleaning schedule, as well as any urgent cleaning needs.

Clean Group’s 3-Step Promise

When you reach out to us, you are in for a hassle-free cleaning service. We aim to deliver this with our 3-step promise:

Inquire for a quote
We’ll provide you with a quick response to your inquiry. We’ll discuss your cleaning needs, as well as your budget. There will also be a free site inspection before we come up with a quote.

Create a cleaning plan
We’ll provide you with a quote for the services that you require. We’ll also devise a cleaning plan and schedule that’ll be subject for your approval.

Implement cleanup procedures
After approving the plan, we’ll immediately assign you a cleaning team of your own, together with a supervisor. You’ll be provided with the complete details of the staff, and they’ll be sent to your site to implement the cleaning plan.

If you’re ready to experience hassle-free commercial clean,
call us today and inquire for a quote.

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Coburg VIC


Coburg is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria. It is located 8 kilometres north of the Melbourne CBD. Prior to the arrival of the European colonisers, Coburg’s area was originally occupied by the Woiwurrung speaking Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. The tribe had a religious relationship to their land, participating in corroborees and sacred ceremonies on Merri Creek. This religious way of living was interrupted by the arrival of European explorers in 1837. The first contact with the latter occurred when Robert Hoddle surveyed the area between 1837 to 1838. Click here for more information about the city of Coburg VIC

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