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Childcare Cleaning Melbourne

If you are in search of a reputable and expert school cleaner in Australia, your search ends here. Clean Group takes pride in being one of the best and most popular school cleaning service providers in and around Melbourne. We are here to assist with all your school/college cleaning needs. We at Clean Group provide professional school cleaning services to educational institutions of all shapes & sizes.









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Childcare Cleaning Melbourne - Safer and Healthier Childcare Centre & Kindergartens For Your Children

Clean Group is a reputable cleaning company based in Australia and providing premium childcare cleaning services across all suburbs of Melbourne. We are known for offering best-in-class childcare cleaning Melbourne at the most competitive prices that will fit every budget. Safety of children at your daycare centre is very important, which is why it is vital that you get your premises cleaned on a regular basis. Now, you can either employ a full-time cleaning staff, which will be a costly and time-consuming option, or you can outsource our professional office cleaning services at a great price.

We understand that you care about the health and safety of the children at your care centre and want to give them only the best office cleaning Melbourne services. You don’t want to risk your children with unwanted diseases by keeping your place dirty or unhygienic, which is why you need a good, reliable and professional childcare cleaning company Melbourne that understands your concerns and can provide the highest standard cleaning for your centre. This is where Clean Group comes in. Your search for an efficient childcare centre cleaning service near me ends here.

We at Clean Group Melbourne care about the health of your children and will keep them safe from any harmful bacteria, allergens and germs by regularly and thoroughly cleaning your childcare centre. Our vast experience and expertise in the cleaning of childcare centres, hospitals and schools give us a unique ability to properly deal with germs and microorganisms who might be responsible for spreading diseases among your children. Our special cleaning approach will ensure that your childcare centre not only becomes clean of such unwanted guests but also remains protected against such intrusions for a long time. We use high-quality cleaning products that are safe for your kids, but not so safe for hidden bacteria, germs and viruses at your place.

We provide ultimate childcare cleaning and strive to exceed your expectations, every time. Contact us for more information or to discuss your cleaning requirements with our expert.

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Professional & Affordable Childcare Cleaning Services Melbourne

When you are being entrusted by parents for something as delicate as the safety and care of their children/kids, you cannot afford to make silly mistakes like not cleaning your place regularly or hiring unprofessional, inexperienced cleaners for the job. What you need is a professional childcare cleaning company that can take care of regular cleaning and maintenance of your place to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for the children. Thankfully, you don’t have to look very far in order to find one. Clean Group Melbourne is at your service.

With extensive experience in the cleaning of child care centre, daycare centre and kindergartens, we understand the mechanism involved, or to say, we know where we can find dirt, fingerprints and other things left by kids at your centre. This gives us the ability to clean all such places in order to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for your children. Our cleaners will clean every nook and corner of your childcare centre and use premium, eco-friendly products to provide you with the same standards of cleanliness as we do with our hospital cleaning and medical cleaning services.

We Value Your Business

Childcare Cleaning Melbourne

We value our customers and their business very much and strive to provide only the best quality services to them. For us, client satisfaction is very important, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will not make promises we can’t keep. And unlike other cleaning companies, we always keep our promises.

We offer a simple and clear commitment to making your place clean, strictly as per your requirements and instructions. No excuses, only results!

Why Your School Needs Regular Cleaning

Childcare Cleaners Melbourne
  • Children are more vulnerable to common diseases, both direct and indirect, than adults. If there are bacteria and other harmful viruses in your campus, chances are that your students are not safe and may get infected by them. This is why regular cleaning of your school/college is vital to make sure that there are no germs or bacteria on the desks, chairs, floors and in the toilets. Keeping your school clean and neat is vital to ensure the health of your students as well as the staff. Not cleaning your campus on a regular basis may give birth to unsanitary conditions which will cause many allergens, bacteria and pollutants in and around the place. It will not only reflect a poor impression of your school but also impact the health and productivity of your students. You don’t want that.
  • At Clean Group Melbourne, we understand how difficult it can be for schools to achieve significant cleaning standards on a tight budget. That’s why we offer our top-quality school cleaning Melbourne services at a cost-effective rate to help you meet proper cleaning obligations for your school without making a hole in the management’s pocket.

School Cleaning Services by Clean Group Melbourne

At Clean Group Melbourne, we offer complete school cleaning services. By school cleaning Melbourne, we mean the cleaning of schools, coaching centres, colleges and any other institutions. We understand the unique cleaning requirements of educational premises and follow specific cleaning processes to provide the best results.

  • School floor cleaningsweeping, washing and scrubbing of your floors for complete cleaning
  • Carpets/rugs cleaningregular dusting and dry/steam cleaning of carpets and rugs at your school
  • Desks/chairs cleaning regular wiping and occasional washing of chairs, desks and other school furniture
  • Water tank cleaning daily or weekly cleaning of water tanks to ensure complete hygiene
  • Toilets cleaning deep cleaning & sanitisation/disinfection of toilets and bathrooms and re-stocking of supplies
  • Common area cleaning sweeping and washing of halls, corridors and other open places
  • Canteen/Cafeteria cleaning regularly cleaning of your school cafeteria for hygiene maintenance
  • Cleaning of offices We will clean the principal’s office and other staff rooms on a regular basis
  • Playground cleaning effective cleaning of playgrounds, basketball courts and gymnasium
  • Library cleaning cleaning and maintenance of library and books
  • Auditorium Cleaning keeping your school auditoriums and halls clean and neat
  • Windows/Doors/Vents cleaning to remove dust and deal with bacteria and other viruses
  • Same-day school cleaning Melbourne we also offer same-day cleaning for schools and universities, subject to availability
  • Parking area cleaning Got a parking area at your school? We’ll clean it as well.

Why Clean Group School Cleaning Company Melbourne

Wondering why hire professional services of a cleaning agency when you can always hire full-time cleaning staff for your school? Well, regular cleaners might not have the experience required to clean the school premises while ensuring the health and safety of the children. They may also require constant guidance in order to work properly and give results. Our team, on the other hand, consists of school cleaning experts who know how to clean a school for desired results whilst keeping your staff and students safe from unwanted diseases.

Quality Service

We strive to become your cleaning agency of choice through high-quality school cleaning services in your budget. All our cleaning jobs are handled by our experienced team of cleaners and our prices are extremely competitive.

Responsive Cleaners

At Clean Group Melbourne, we have highly trained and experienced school cleaners Melbourne, who are friendly in nature, very responsive in communication and expert in the cleaning of your school premises.

Refreshing Products

Our school cleaners are trained to deliver a high standard of quality cleaning while maintaining the safety and health of your school environment. They use only eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe cleaning products to ensure overall safety.

Result-driven Process

Clean Group Melbourne’s school cleaning services are designed with a special focus on using proper cleaning practices, which include avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and maintaining high health standards for students and teachers.

Highly Flexible

We are ready to make an appointment as per your schedule and preference. Our cleaners are flexible enough to work around your school timings. We also allow you to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

On-demand, Tailored Services

Having many years of experience in the cleaning of schools and education institutions, we understand that every business needs are different and therefore offer custom, on-demand services to suit your needs and budget.

Easy Steps To Hire Us

Hiring the right cleaning team for your smart school cleaning is easy with us. Get the perfect cleaning staff for your school in 3 simple steps


Schedule On-site Inspection

Call us, send an email or fill in the enquiry form on our website to schedule a free on-site inspection of your place.


Discuss Your Requirements with Our Expert

Our expert will visit your school for inspection, you can tell your requirements to them and get the best price quote.


Book An Appointment

If you like our price and want to hire our school cleaners, proceed with making an appointment as per your preferred time.

Work without any worries. Melbourne Commercial Cleaning knows that clutter can affect your staff’s performance. So, we’ll take the liberty to deal with this kind of problem so you can focus on your job. You no longer need to stress yourself with all dirt, dust, and grimes. With our help, working in a clean office space is possible.

For a free on-site inspection and quote, please call us at 1300073089 or send an email to [email protected] Our team will contact you immediately and arrange a pre-inspection of your place.

Rest assured, we will only give the best price quote to fit your budget and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our childcare cleaning services Melbourne include, but are limited to, cleaning of rooms, kitchens, furniture, cabinets, blinds & curtains, walls, toys, carpets, etc. at your childcare centre. If you have any special cleaning request, feel free to convey it at the time of booking.

At Clean Group, we only employ professional cleaners who have been verified by police for background and work history. Each of our cleaners has a minimum experience of two years in commercial/childcare cleaning. Moreover, all our cleaners are insured under public liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Our childcare cleaning packages are very competitive and designed to meet the needs and budget of all types of businesses. We can give you a quote only after knowing your specific requirements, so please call us today!

Our cleaners are trained to follow proper security measures while cleaning sensitive places like care centres and hospitals. They use only natural and eco-friendly products that are harmless for kids. For the better safety of the kids, we prefer to do our cleaning after work hours.

Of course, we are a reputable cleaning company with a long tradition of safe and client-centric cleaning services. Our cleaners are verified and insured by proper authorities and are completely safe to work with. Each cleaner has the company identity card which you can check for assurance.

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