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Childcare Cleaning Brisbane Services For Businesses

Experience the elegance by hiring professional childcare centre cleaning services by Brisbane’s leading cleaning company. Request a free on-site quote and our team will call you! We’ll make your offices, warehouses and other commercial premises clean, neat and organised in a timely manner. Our prices are very affordable and our cleaners highly trained. We have fixed prices and no hidden fees. Enquire online now!









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CHILDCARE CLEANING BRISBANE - Professional & Expert Childcare Centre Cleaners

If you think that keeping your childcare centre clean, tidy and hygienic is not a difficult task, you’re probably not doing it right. If done right, maintaining the hygienic cleanliness of your centre can be a very challenging work, which not all cleaners are trained to do with perfection. Being a full-time owner, caretaker or manager of a care centre, you may not have the time or resources to personally manage the day-to-day cleaning operations of your daycare centre, which is why you need a cleaners’ team that can do a wonderful job of keeping your premises clean and safe without needing your personal management or guidance at each step. We’ve got just the right Childcare cleaners for you. Moreover, our cleaners are qualified to work with children and have Australian Federal police clearance, so you can be confident that we’re the right choice for you. Clean Group is a trusted and leading provider of professional office cleaning services to commercial properties in Brisbane. Our Childcare cleaners have great expertise in the cleaning of sensitive premises such as hospitals and childcare centres where it is equally important to maintain the health of people (patients, children, etc.) as it is to perform an adequate cleaning job. You can hire Clean Group office cleaning Brisbane for complete and regular cleaning of your premises with the highest quality standards and proper hygiene practices that will produce great results in terms of a safe and fresh environment for your centre kids & staff.

If you’re not yet sure about your cleaning needs or wondering whether you need to change your existing cleaners, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your current Childcare cleaners Brisbane doing an efficient job
  • Are you getting the best value for money spent on cleaning
  • Is your childcare centre safe for children
  • Is your centre environment fresh and hygienic
  • Are your clients happy with your services

If not, you need to change your cleaners. We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. We will offer you tailored cleaning services after analysing the cleaning needs of your centre, at a cost that fits your budget. You can try our cleaners for one week or so. If you are happy with the services, you can continue, otherwise, ask us to stop. Your satisfaction is very important to us. We will not force you into any long-term contracts. Stay with us only if you are completely happy with our services and are getting the best value for your money.

You search for ‘Childcare cleaning services near me’ ends here. To request a free cleaning quote, please call us now at 1300-073-089.

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Committed to making a positive change at your centre

Childcare centre cleaning is not just about regular sweeping and mopping of the floors. To ensure complete cleaning of the place and health safety of the children, you need to employ reliable and efficient Childcare cleaners who can do a perfect cleaning job, which includes, but is not limited to, scrubbing & mopping of floors, removal of marks, fingerprints, etc. from walls & other things, wiping of furniture, maintenance & cleaning of the play area, and most importantly, the use of human-safe cleaning products. When’s the last time you checked if your current cleaners are meeting all these criteria. Maybe it’s time to change your cleaners. Hire our expert childcare centre cleaners Brisbane for all your cleaning needs.

We offer affordable, reliable & result-driven cleaning solutions to all types of businesses in and around Brisbane. Fill up the form on our website for a free on-site inspection.

We offer a wide range of childcare cleaning services Brisbane…

We have a cleaner for all your cleaning needs. Whether you need someone to clean those dirty floors or remove stains from your carpets or clean your walls & furniture for prints left by children at your care centre, we’re your helping hand. We have diverse cleaning capabilities and our services and schedule are designed with you in mind. So, you can be assured of getting high standard cleaning results with each job by our cleaners. We offer a multitude of cleaning services for child care centres, family care homes, preschools, daycare centres, and more.

  • Regular Childcare Cleaning Brisbane For the daily or weekly cleaning of your childcare centre, find and hire the best cleaners with Clean Group Brisbane. All our cleaners are trained professionals, who are also police-verified and insured via proper channels.
  • Daycare Centre Cleaning Brisbane We also provide cleaning services to daycare centres, old care homes and family care facilities, where our Childcare cleaners will regularly clean your premises and ensure the safety of the members.
  • Floor, Tile & Grout Cleaning The cleaning of floors and tiles is important to get rid of any germs and dirt stuck on them. Our cleaners use high-end tools & machines for deep cleaning of your centre floors.
  • Wall Cleaning For Marks/Fingerprints Where there are children, there are also prints, colour marks, and a lot of shifting of things. We will take care of the unwanted marks on your floors, walls, etc. and arrange everything in place, every day.
  • Steam Carpet CleaningFor total cleaning of your carpets, we use both dry cleaning and steam (hot water) cleaning methods. If there are stains on your carpet, we will remove them as well as repair damaged/burnt carpets like new.
  • Windows/Vents CleaningCorners and concealed places like windows, panes & vents at your care centre need as much cleaning as any other place. Don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered.
  • Kitchen, Bathroom & Toilets CleaningA dirty kitchen or toilet can be the main source of diseases at your centre. We will make sure to get the toilets, bathrooms and kitchens at your place cleaned & sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Car Park CleaningIf you’ve got a car park or common area at your childcare centre, we will clean that as well. This covers the sweeping, scrubbing and washing/mopping of your car park on a regular basis.
  • Lawn Cleaning & Maintenance If you are looking for someone to take care of the cleaning and maintenance needs of the lawn/garden at your care centre, we can provide lawn mowing, cleaning, trimming, watering and related services.
  • Play Area CleaningChildren’s play area should be clean, hygienic and safe to play at, which is why our cleaners will regularly clean & sanitise the area, including toys, furniture, desks, tables, chairs, wardrobes, etc.
  • Bin EmptyingWe will also take care of emptying & cleaning your bins, re-stocking of supplies in toilets, and removal of garbage from your premises in order to keep your place safe and hygienic.
  • One-time Cleaning With Clean Group Childcare Cleaning Company Brisbane, you can hire professional childcare cleaners Brisbane for occasional, regular as well as one-off cleaning of your premises. We offer customised cleaning packages as per your needs and budget.
  • Same-day Cleaning If you’re on a tight schedule and need your centre cleaned the same day, we may be able to arrange the cleaners, depending on the availability. Contact us at least 24-hour in advance, if possible.

Why we are the best for childcare centre cleaning in Brisbane

Having served hundreds of businesses of all sizes & scale over the course of the past 20 years, we have accumulated brilliant expertise in the cleaning of delicate premises like hospitals & childcare centres while keeping complete care of the people, especially kids, there. We are equipped with a very talented and humble team of cleaners, who are efficient managers and perfectly capable of building strategic plans for the tailored cleaning of your care centre. It’s one thing to hire in-house cleaners for your childcare centre, but it’s a complete relief to outsource the entire cleaning job to our team of expert childcare cleaners Brisbane who will do the job efficiently and correctly.

We care

We understand the importance of keeping your childcare facility clean and protecting the health of your kids. We use high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning solutions that will leave your premises clean, fresh & germ-free and are perfectly safe for your children.

We listen

We are here to listen to your queries, complaints and suggestions and provide a timely resolution to ensure complete satisfaction. We perform regular quality checks to make sure that our cleaners are doing a good job and the clients are happy.

We serve

We are here to serve you, with whatever your cleaning needs are. Whether you own a small care centre or a multi-story building that needs regular cleaning, we will do the job without complaints through our team of 50+ skilled cleaners.

We’re an expert

Yes, we are. Having over 20 years of experience in the professional cleaning of childcare centres, daycare centres, hospitals and schools, we are the right fit for whatever cleaning needs you may have. We have over 100 clients in our portfolio.

We’re committed

We’re dedicated to clean pretty much anything to make you happy with our services. With our vast team of talented & trained childcare cleaners, no cleaning job is too big or difficult for us. We can make the best cleaners available for you on a regular or occasional basis.

We’re thorough

There is a very fine line between cleaning and thorough cleaning service. Our cleaners are trained to offer thorough and consistent cleaning results for every job with the desired efficiency at a low cost. We know it’s a fragile thing, but we do accept the challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

For cleaning of childcare centres & schools, we have a special team of cleaners who are verified to work with children. Our cleaners are trained to follow standard children safety precautions, such as the use of non-toxic cleaning products, proper drying of floors after cleaning, removal of germs & bacteria, sanitisation of toilets, and more.

We can arrange the most suitable team for your cleaning needs with a 24-hour notice. However, if you need same day cleaning Brisbane, make sure to notify us as soon as possible.

Clean Group is a recognised cleaning company with over 20-years of industry experience. Our cleaners are professional people who have an extensive background in the industry. They are verified by police, licensed to work with children and insured via proper means. You can trust them as much as you trust your regular cleaners.

No. Our cleaners are able to manage their work and do it as and how you want it. They will still do their job efficiently, whether you are present there or not. Just make sure to be reachable in case if the cleaners have a query or need to ask something.

We have standard cleaning packages, including one-time and regular cleaning. Based on your cleaning needs and budget, you can choose an appropriate package. If you have any other cleaning needs, feel free to ask for a tailored cleaning program.

Yes, we bring all the resources and equipment we may need for the cleaning job. Our cleaning detergents & supplies are non-toxic and safe for children as well as pets.

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