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Clean Group is a commercial and office cleaning company that cleans and maintains business properties in Brisbane.

Over the years we’ve built a wonderful reputation and a large client base through the client-focused cleaning solutions we provide. Our cleaning experts deliver our service without delay as they are available to work round the clock.

Our wide range of cleaning and maintenance services always exceed clients’ expectations. This is because they are delivered by highly trained staff, who are monitored by a supportive and keen management team. Even the company owner is actively involved with the cleaning projects, development and training of the staff.

As our company continue to expand, we constantly focus on improving our services further. And we make it a point to always have our fingers on the pulse as the landscape of cleaning business continues to evolve. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Underwood services you require.

We Offer Window Cleaning

As part of our comprehensive cleaning services, we also offer window cleaning. Although it may seem a one-size-fits-all approach can be used on all window cleaning jobs, there remain to be other alternative approaches that substantially decrease the cost involved in the process.

For the outer part of the window, we make use of the following methods and devices:

Using water-fed poles
If you have windows that are less than 12 metres high, our staff will utilise a water-fed pole cleaning system. This method allows the cleaner to reach the higher parts of the windows while keeping their feet on the ground. When used on the appropriate window type, the water-fed pole system can be both money and time-saving for the client.

Using elevated work platforms
For higher windows, we use elevated platforms like scissor lifts and cherry pickers. These devices are commonly used for buildings with up to 4 storeys.

We have qualified windows cleaners to perform this method of window cleaning. We make use of this method for windows located on the 5th floor and above.

Clean Group doesn’t only clean exterior windows. We also perform interior window cleaning. We’ll make sure that all the glass surfaces in your workplace will be clean and shiny.

Call us today to know more about our window cleaning, as well as the other cleaning services we offer.

We are Reliable and Trustworthy

It is our goal to provide consistently outstanding cleaning services. We never let ourselves lose sight of this goal and so we always strive to provide the best cleaning solutions to our clients.

From the onset of the project, we’ll immediately assign you an Account Manager who will directly oversee your cleaning requirements. The Account Manager will also provide immediate actions to any urgent issues or concerns that may arise down the line.

Moreover, the way we structure our costing is easy to understand. We make it a point to simplify everything to give our clients a fresh, healthy and clean workspace as quickly as possible.

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Underwood QLD


Underwood is a residential suburb in Logan City, Queensland. It is located 18 kilometres south-east of the Brisbane CBD. This suburb was named after a publican and postman who had a property in Rochdale Road.

Underwood houses the housing estates Arriva and Jacaranda. It also has other facilities, namely Homemakers shopping located on the Pacific Motorway, the Logan Aquatic Centre and Underwood shopping centre situated on the suburb's southern boundary, Compton Road. Click here for more information about the city of Underwood QLD

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