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Clean Group has in its possession the most advanced cleaning infrastructure. This has put us in an enviable position to deliver our services at a personal level. Over the last 20 years, we’ve been operating by the belief that personal devotion to our trade guarantees the trust and loyalty of our clients. With our genuine care and commitment, our clients continue to trust our brand.

This trust has won us a partnership with large businesses in the country. In fact, our current portfolio of clients includes prestigious financial institutions, insurance companies, manufacturing, transportation offices. In this view, we aim to continuously build more long-term relationships with our clients – be it owners of small businesses or large corporations.

We also continuously strive to provide solutions not only for their cleaning concerns but also for other associated difficulties. That is how much Clean Group cares. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Rocklea services you require.

Clean Group’s Green Cleaning

As a fully functioning business, we don’t just aim to make profit. We also care about the environment. We do our part to protect and conserve our natural resources by conducting green cleaning.

Our team takes proactive measures to address ecological problems. We make sure that all the elements of our cleaning services foster the reduction of these environmental issues. One of our ways to do this is avoiding the use of cleaning chemicals that contain harmful elements and toxins.

In doing this, we achieve two important things. First is we help save the environment. Second is we ensure that both our staff, clients and their employees are safe from health hazards.

Unparalleled Cleaning Services

Clean Group promises to provide the right solutions to our client’s cleaning needs. We fulfil this promise through our bespoke approach on cleaning. This allows us to adapt our services to each of our clients’ requirements.

Because of this approach, our staff are able to provide services to all types of business facilities. It could be a small office, medium-sized business centre or a large building. Our staff can perform various cleaning functions such as

End-of-tenancy cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Office cleaning
Industrial cleaning

Management and Operation Structure

Our operation structure has been developed to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients. Its development is led by our director and supervisors. They ensure that appropriate procedures are implemented during the execution of our plans and services.

Moreover, our leaders also concern themselves with the implementation of green cleaning. They command our staff to follow the prescribed procedures to reduce our services’ ecological impact. In order to see this through, they conduct routine inspections during and after onsite work.

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Rocklea QLD


Rocklea is a residential and industrial suburb in Brisbane, Queensland. It is located 9 kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD. The suburb’s name was derived from a watercourse in the area, called The Rocky Waterholes. The word “lea” is an Old English term used to describe a meadow or a piece of land suitable for growing crops.

Rocklea used to be a dairying district. Experimental silk production once occupied the people in the mid-1870s. Today, the suburb is primarily an industrial area. It houses many large firms from a wide range of industries. Most of them are in the transport sector. Click here for more information about the city of Rocklea QLD

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